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Our team of life insurance experts will search the UK's top insurance companies

About Us

Compare Life Insurance from the TOP providers in minutes

Our team of friendly life insurance experts will help you to find the BEST cover to protect your family and SAVE you money. Our insurance partners include ALL of the biggest brands and best insurers.

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We're RATED the UK's #1 Life Insurance EXPERTS for people with pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous jobs and extreme sports

What extra benefits could I get with my life insurance?

At iam|INSURED, we are proud to be different and we are always looking for the best policies with the best rewards to help our customers to get more back. Some of the benefits that we offer include:

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    Therapies & Counselling

    Personal counselling and access to confidential nurse support services

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    24/7 GP Services

    Get a second opinion from an online GP or via your app to get medical advice 365 days a year

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    Discounts & Rewards

    Get BIG discounts on major high street brands, gyms, travel, coffee and cinema tickets

Who is iam|INSURED?

iam|INSURED is the UK’s #1 and TOP RATED life insurance expert, helping thousands of people to protect their families every year. We’re rated EXCELLENT by our customers on FEEFO, the UK’s number 1 independent review site.

We’re a team of skilled experts with over 20 years of experience in specialist financial services. During the past two decades, we have helped thousands of people in the UK to get life insurance at a fair price to protect their loved ones.

Our main areas of expertise include

Pre-existing medical conditions

Life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection can be difficult to get or frustrating if you’re not classed as ‘normal’. It’s been our mission to make sure that people who have specific needs because of their health get a fair price for coverage.

Some of the main medical conditions that we have helped to get people cover for include:

One of the most important things, when someone with a medical condition is applying for life insurance, is speaking to a person who understands them. We know how difficult it can be to discuss your medical history, especially over the telephone to an advisor you don’t know.

Our mission is to get our customers a ‘FAIR PRICE’ and make the process as painless as possible.

Dangerous occupations

People with dangerous jobs can often find it slightly more difficult to get life insurance, critical illness cover, and especially income protection. It’s important to know which insurers are best for your type of occupation and which insurers offer the best terms which aren’t always as easy as it appears.

Some of the different types of dangerous occupations that we work with:

Getting the best cover at the right price can be tricky if you work in industries that are classed as being ‘high risk’. Some insurers are better than others for certain types of jobs and we’re here to help you find the right cover to protect yourself and your family.

Hazardous activities

iam|INSURED was founded by a team of people who understands extreme sports and hazardous activities more than most. Our team of Directors is motorbike riders, motorsports enthusiasts, skiers, snowboarders, surfers, mountaineers, and loads of other crazy stuff.

We know what it means to take part in extreme sports and dangerous activities so we want to make sure that you get the right cover to protect yourself and your family.

Taking part in hazardous activities is about adrenaline and feeling the rush for most of us, which is a big buzz. But these types of sports and hobbies come with certain risks so make sure you’re properly protected.

Non-standard mortgages

Over the past 20 years, iam|MORTGAGES has also developed a detailed understanding of mortgage underwriting for people who don’t fit the ‘usual’ mold. We know that it can be extremely frustrating to get a mortgage in certain situations, such as:

  • Adverse credit or poor credit history
  • Self-employed and contractors
  • Company directors
  • Temporary workers and zero-hours contracts
  • Furlough pay (COVID-19 related)
  • Equity Release / Lifetime mortgages
  • First-time buyers
  • Buy-to-let landlords / Limited company landlords

iam|MORTGAGES is part of the ‘same family and will make sure that you get the best mortgage as quickly and easily as possible. Sometimes it’s not as simple as talking to your bank, giving them some payslips, and getting your amazing new home!

If you want to speak to a company that understands your needs and your situation better than anyone else… then you need to speak to ‘iam’.

Our mission

We believe in a fair price and a simple process for everyone!

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest insurers in the UK to help improve things for our customers. Our team of experts has linked up with some of the most senior underwriters and product development experts to make your life easier.

It’s important to us that we understand your needs and the challenges that you face helping make things better.

iam|INSURED is the leading FAMILY insurance experts

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