iam|INSURED Customer Charter

iam|INSURED Customer Charter
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What extra benefits could I get with my life insurance?

At iam|INSURED, we are proud to be different and we are always looking for the best policies with the best rewards to help our customers to get more back. Some of the benefits that we offer include:

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    Therapies & Counselling

    Personal counselling and access to confidential nurse support services

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    24/7 GP Services

    Get a second opinion from an online GP or via your app to get medical advice 365 days a year

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    Discounts & Rewards

    Get BIG discounts on major high street brands, gyms, travel, coffee and cinema tickets

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iam|INSURED customer charter – ‘FAIRNESS FOR FAMILIES’

We’re passionate about what we do and we hope that it shows for everyone we that help. iam|INSURED is built on over 20 years of knowledge and expertise from helping thousands of customers to protect their families, homes and businesses.

We are focused on promoting fairness for our customers, regardless of their health or circumstances. We’ve dedicated the past 20 years to helping people who are classed as different such as:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Hazardous occupations
  • Dangerous activities

Our mission: Fair life insurance for everyone

Our team has been part of several big projects in the insurance industry to help promote fairer pricing and better outcomes. One of our company motto’s is “why accept it just because everyone else does”. Our senior management team has also worked with some of the UK’s biggest insurers and charities to help build better products for people with medical conditions, such as diabetes, MS, HIV and Cancer.

We think “what’s normal anyway and what’s wrong with different?”

Protecting you and your family is at the very heart of what we do and we’re 100% committed to campaigning for:

  • Choice
  • Fair pricing
  • Great service
  • NO barriers
  • NO jargon

Our team of independent insurance experts are highly skilled and totally focused on making your life easier. We believe in ‘inclusivity’ for life insurance and we want to stop ‘exclusivity’ for people who don’t fit the standard mould. Everyone is different and we should all be transparent, open and honest to customers.

Some of the reasons why we’re different:

  • Absolutely NO FEES
  • 5* customer rating [REVIEWS]
  • Totally independent (we work for you!)
  • Complete transparency
  • Dedicated insurance experts
  • Free basic will (with every life insurance policy)
  • TOP insurance partners
  • Customer care team
  • NO jargon…!

If you’re not happy with how you’ve been treated by an insurance company in the past then we want to know about it and we want to help. One of the most frustrating things for us and our team is speaking to people who’ve been badly treated by other insurance companies.

Some of the things that we want to change in life insurance:

  • Terminology / Jargon… this is how insurance companies communicate with customers with terms like non-standard, impaired lives, high risk, specialists, loadings or ratings
  • Fair pricing… Many of our customers who are classed as ‘non-standard’ are better at managing their health than people who are classed as ‘standard’. An example is a person with diabetes who visits their GP for a diabetic review every 12 months and is helped to manage their health versus a person who never visits their GP, has a poor diet, potentially has multiple undiagnosed medical conditions (how is this fair?)
  • Transparency… we want to see more transparency and clarity from insurance providers to help to promote fairness in the industry. Insurance companies currently do not have to give any justification or reason for any decisions which we think is wrong so we want to see that change
  • More choice… there have been lots of developments in the insurance market over the past 20 years giving our customers greater choice. We don’t feel that it’s anywhere near enough so we want to more and will keep pushing for that

If you want to see more about iam|INSURED then you can check our 5* Reviews our on Feefo [REVIEWS]

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