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Personal accident insurance for motorcyclists

Personal accident insurance is designed to protect you if you were to be seriously injured in an accident. For as little as £9 a month, you are able to claim funds to support yourself and your family whilst recovering from significant injuries.

With an activity like motorcycling, the likelihood of injury is slightly higher than with other hobbies and activities. This means it is a great idea to put a personal accident policy in place as a safety net, in case you are hurt.

In 2020, 4,429 motorcyclists in the UK were reported to have suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, with a further 8,890 being less seriously injured*.

With statistics like that, it makes perfect sense to consider putting personal accident insurance in place, if you want to continue enjoying your motorbike worry free.

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Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

A lot of our team enjoy taking part in extreme sports and activities. Our managing director (Dan Sharpe-Szunko) is an avid motorbike rider, with a wealth of experience riding on and off-road.

With his expert knowledge of the sport, we have been able to source the best insurance companies to cover motorcyclists – from 50cc right up to 1,000cc.

We are specialists in cover for motorcyclists, able to help in finding cover for:

  • Touring
  • Sports
  • Supersports
  • Racing
  • Naked
  • Chopper
  • Moped or scooter
  • Learners
  • Classics
  • Motocross
  • Enduro

Why do motorcyclists need personal accident insurance?

Riding motorbikes is a thrilling experience and one loved by many across the UK.

As exciting as the sport can be, it unfortunately can also be dangerous in some situations. With roads becoming busier and busier, it can make riding a motorcycle riskier than ever before.

Compare personal accident insurance for motorcyclists

The best process for putting any form of life cover in place is to compare prices and policies across providers. This is the most efficient way of ensuring the accident cover you have in place is the best possible policy for you.

If you don’t know where to begin with this process, speak to one of our personal accident insurance specialists.

We are able to compare a vast panel of insurance providers to find the perfect one for the price and level of protection you are looking for.

Personal accident insurance is a type of income protection policy designed to pay out if you are seriously injured as the result of an accident.

It is also important to remember you can usually claim on your personal accident policy more than once, with 21% of our customers making multiple personal injury claims.

With motorcycling being an extreme sport, it is a great idea to put this type of policy in place, to protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury. Personal accident insurance covers a variety of different injuries including leg and arm injuries, broken bones and more.

With core personal accident cover, you will be covered for:

  • Broken bones: you can claim for up to £3,750 for each bone you break, even covering multiple bones
  • Accidental death: your loved ones can claim up to £200,000 in the event of your accidental death
  • Funeral benefit: your loved ones can receive up to £10,000 to cover funeral expenses
  • UK hospital stays: will pay out up to £250 for every 24 hours spent in a UK hospital due to injury
  • Accidental permanent injury: will cover a wide range of permanent, life changing injuries up to the value of £250,000

You can also add optional extras to your policy including:

Children’s cover

Children’s cover will provide cover for things:

  • Broken bones: will pay out up to £1,250 for every broken bone, covers multiple breaks
  • Hospitalisation: will pay out up to £100 for every 24 hour hospital stay due to injury or sickness
  • Accidental permanent injury: will provide cover of up to £25,000 for life-changing, permanent accidental injuries
  • Cancer cover: pays out up to £25,000if your child is diagnosed with cancer (more advanced cases excluded)
  • Accidental death: you will receive up to £20,000 if your child was to pass away due to an accident

Active lifestyle cover

  • Active injuries: pays out up to £5,000 for ligament tears, tendon ruptures and a large range of other activity-based injuries

Healthcare cover

  • Healthcare illnesses: will pay out up to £50,000 for certain illnesses contracted through working in the healthcare sector

Well-being support benefit

You can also access free well-being support through a support center provided by Health Assured – a leading well-being provider in the UK.

Their well-being support online portal and phone line provides confidential, independent access to experts 24/7. It covers issues such as:

  • General well-being
  • Family problems
  • Bereavement
  • Probate
  • Childcare and eldercare
  • Emotional support
  • Serious and traumatic incidents

YES – personal accident insurance should pay out for motorbike accidents in the majority of cases.

Personal accident insurance is intended as a means of financial support, paying out a sum to you if you were to be seriously injured in an accident. This is useful to help pay for any medical expenses or other bills caused by your accident.

Your insurance pay out can even be used to cover some of your household bills, if you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to your injuries.

There may be some exclusions on policies with certain providers, accidents caused by drugs or alcohol consumption for example.

Is personal accident insurance for motorcyclists more expensive?

Personal accident insurance will not be automatically more expensive for motorcyclists. Extreme sports such as motorcycling are the exact sort of activity this policy type was intended to cover.

In fact, the pricing for personal accident insurance starts from as little as £9 per month. With prices that low, there is no reason not to protect yourself with a personal accident policy. This is especially true with a sport like motorcycling which, whilst exhilarating is also risky in certain circumstances.

How much does personal accident insurance cost for motorcyclists?

The pricing for a personal accident cover policy will vary due to several factors. Some of the things that can affect the pricing of your policy include:

  • How much cover you want (do you want extras such as children’s cover?)
  • The amount you would like to pay per month (what is the maximum budget?)

There are a range of policies and products to suit all budgets. Our personal accident and sickness insurance products follow the below pricing structure:

 1 unit2 units3 units4 units5 units
Core cover£9 per month£18 per month£27 per month£36 per month£45 per month
Child cover+£1 per month+£2 per month+£3 per month+£4 per month+£5 per month
Active lifestyle cover+£1 per month+£2 per month+£3 per month+£4 per month+£5 per month
Healthcare cover+£1 per month+£2 per month+£3 per month+£4 per month+£5 per month

Learn further information about our PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND SICKNESS POLICIES.

When applying for personal accident insurance, there will be certain questions you will be asked during the application process. These include questions about your occupation, health, hobbies and general lifestyle.

As a motorcyclist, you will have to disclose this activity during the application process. The insurer will most likely ask questions about the type of motorcycle you ride, how often you ride etc.

This just helps the provider to get a clearer picture of your lifestyle and any potential risk factors before confirming or declining cover.

It is important to be 100% honest in any insurance application. Failure to disclose information that could lead to a motorbike accident claim can cause your policy to be invalidated. This could cause you to lose out on a payment right when it would have been vital to receive the additional support.

Cheaper personal accident insurance for motorcyclists

There are always ways to lower the price you pay for insurance policies. The best first step for this would be to speak to an expert insurance adviser. They will be able to help you work out how much cover you need and what you can access within your budget.

There are actions you can take such as limiting the amount of cover, removing optional extras from the policy etc. This can help lower pricing significantly.

Frequently asked questions about personal accident insurance

Below we have the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about personal accident insurance:

Can I add to/remove family members from my personal accident policy after it is already in place?

YES – it should be possible to remove people from your policy if you have taken out cover for multiple people and circumstances have now changed. Get in touch with your provider for information on this process.

How do I claim on my personal accident insurance policy?

The process for a personal accident claim is straightforward. You simply:

  • Get in touch with your provider
  • Fill in a claim form (usually online)
  • Provide medical information (if needed)

Once the claim is approved, you should receive a payment to the personal bank account linked to your policy

What kind of accidents are covered by personal accident insurance?

Some examples of accidents covered by personal accident insurance include:

  • Trips and falls
  • A workplace accident/injury
  • Injury from being the victim of a crime
  • A car accident
  • A motorcycle accident
  • Accidental loss of limbs

Are there instances I will be unable to claim on my policy or my claim will be denied?

There will be some exclusions to personal accident claims, depending on the insurance provider. These can include circumstances such as:

  • Injuries caused by symptoms or effects of pre-existing conditions
  • Injuries caused by drug or alcohol usage
  • Self-inflicted injuries (e.g. self-harm or suicide attempts)

There are also other types of cover that can be useful for motorcyclists if they can’t work for an extended time period due to serious injuries. These include:

  • Short-term income protection insurance which is designed to allow for monthly payments for up to 12 or 24 months from the point of claim.
  • This is to replace a percentage of the policy holder’s usual income and works out slightly cheaper some other income protection policies. This policy is good for periods of absence that are long term but not permanent.
  • Long-term income protection insurance is designed to pay out monthly right up until the end of the policy term.
  • This cover is especially useful for very long-term absences caused by illness or injury. This policy is extremely comprehensive and so is usually the most expensive in terms of monthly premiums.
  • Guaranteed sick pay is generally cheaper than a full income protection policy because it excludes pre-existing conditions as reasons to claim. This policy type will normally pay out for up to 6 months from the point of claim. 


*according to the UK Department for Transport

Useful resources

Below we have linked some useful resources for motorcyclists:

Iam|INSURED – Motorcyclists life insurance

Gov.uk – The Highway Code – Rules for motorcyclists (83 to 88)

British Motorcyclists Federation – About us

The British Motorcycle Racing Club – Info centre

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