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Motor sports life insurance

Are you involved in activities such as motor sports? If so, what support do you have in place in the event of an injury?

Injuries can be anything from a few scratches to life limiting fractures, causing a permanent disability. This is where motor sports life insurance can support you, your future and finances.

Whether this is a pastime, or you are classed as semi-professional, ensuring you have reliable life insurance, income protection, critical illness cover or travel insurance is a necessity.

We are sure you’d like many more track days with the knowledge that you are protected in the event of a serious accident. Our skilled advisors can compare hundreds of available life insurance policies, to find you the best cover at the right price.

In this section (motor sports life insurance):

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Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

How much does motor sports life insurance cost?

When applying for motor sports life insurance, insurance providers will want to know the type of activity, type of vehicle you drive, along with the regularity of your hobby. All these factors will influence the cost of your motorsport insurance and is important information that your insurer will need to know.

If taking part in motor sport activities is a hobby for you, it is highly likely that standard rates will be offered when applying for motor sports life insurance. However, if your activity is classified as a hazardous pastime, either an increase of premiums or exclusions related to motorsports may be added to your policy.

The decision will be offered to you and based off your individual circumstances, such as budget, when applying for motor sports life insurance.

We highly recommend running through your personal requirements with our team today! They will be able to guide you in the right direction when applying for motor sports life insurance.

Compare the best motor sports life insurance policies

Taking part in motor sports shouldn’t prevent you from getting life insurance cover, and there are some excellent policies available. Our team are specialists when it comes to motor sports life insurance and know which providers will offer the best terms and pricing.

Comparison can be key to getting the best deal, and our specialists have a carefully chosen panel of top UK insurers to choose from. With access to hundreds of policies, we make sure every customer puts the life insurance policy in place that best suits their needs and budget.

Motor sports life insurance percentage loadings

When applying for motor sports life insurance, insurance companies will use a percentage loading strategy when calculating the risk of your motorsport activity.

This is where an additional percentage will be added onto your premiums. Please be aware that percentages will vary depending on your selected provider when applying for motor sports life insurance.

A further strategy used by providers which you may experience when applying for motor sports life insurance is ‘per mille loading’. This is where an additional cost will be added onto your premiums based on the amount of cover you apply for.

For more advice about this, it is worth speaking to one of our insurance experts. We can offer FREE, FRIENDLY advice about anything that could affect the cost of your policy – and how you can save.

Can some types of cover have exclusions for motor sports UK?

When applying for motor sports life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection or travel insurance, you may also experience ‘exclusions’.

Exclusions will be conditions or injuries which are linked to your motor sport involvement. Depending on your individual circumstances, providers may include exclusions to your policy.

The exclusions will only apply to anything to do with motor sports, and you will still be covered if you were to be injured, become ill, or pass away (depending on the policy type) for unrelated reasons.

How much life insurance cover do I need?

If you are looking for motor sports life insurance, the required amount of cover will depend on your personal circumstances, including budget. If this activity is a general hobby for you, life insurance will be offered under standard rates.

However, if your activity is classified as a hazardous pastime, either increased premiums or exclusions will be applied to your life insurance policy. Here are some factors to consider prior to applying for motor sports life insurance:

  • Mortgage amount (£’s)
  • Outstanding debt (e.g. Loans, second charge, credit cards and other)
  • Dependents
  • Spouse or Partner
  • Income (after Tax)
  • Assets (e.g. car, house, business etc.)

Other types of cover may have other factors that will influence the amount of cover you need, the price and which provider will be best. We have highlighted this in the table below:

Critical illness cover for motor sportsApplying for critical illness cover is usually straightforward. Due to the risk attached to motor sports, you may find that providers include exclusions of permanent disability factors on your critical illness cover.
However, this will depend on the type of vehicle you drive, along with factors such as your average speed.
Some factors to consider are:
Income (after tax)
Mortgage payments (annual)
Cost of living (annual)
Any other possible costs (e.g. medical expenses, treatment or adaptions)
Income protection insurance for motor sportsWhen applying for motor sports income protection, standard rates may be offered. Within the application process, insurance providers will request your previous history of related injuries.
If you have experienced previous injures linked to your motorsport activities, it is possible that exclusions will be applied to your income protection policy. If this policy is suitable for your requirements, consider the following factors:
Monthly income (after tax)
Mortgage/rent payments
Other debts
Cost of living
Travel insurance for motor sportsIf you’re looking to drive and get involved with motor sport activities abroad, we recommend contacting our expert team to discuss suitable travel insurance. 
There are some great options available for motor sports travel insurance if you know where to look and our team can help you compare available policies.

Life insurance FAQs

How much cover do I need?There are several things to consider when looking at how much life insurance you will need such as:

Mortgage amount/Rent
Outstanding debts
Dependants (Ages)
Income Expenditure

The amount of cover you want can also be affected by your budget. Our specialists can find a range of policies with different prices and levels of cover to suit your individual needs.  
How long should I take out cover for?Amazingly, you can now be covered up until age 90 for life insurance (this will vary for critical illness cover and income protection). Some many factors to consider when deciding your policy term include:

Estimated retirement age
Age of dependants
– Amount of savings
– Other investments

Our specialist Motor sports life insurance advisors will discuss which options are available and will help you find the most suitable cover term based on your circumstances and priorities.  

Other types of cover for people who take part in motor sports

Life insurance is a brilliant safeguard to have in place to secure your family’s future, but there are also other extremely useful policies available. These can be used as additional cover alongside your life insurance policy, or as standalone insurance products.

Motor sports critical illness cover

Critical illness cover can be very useful for people who take part in motor sports, as there can be increased risk of serious injury if involved in an accident. Critical illness cover will provide a tax-free lump sum if diagnosed with a serious medical issue during the policy term.

Risks associated with motor sports include:

  • Loss of limb
  • 3rd degree burns
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Permanent disability

Some of the other main serious illnesses that are generally covered include:

There are at least 36 main critical illnesses that will be covered by insurers, with some comprehensive policies covering as many as 175 conditions.

Find out more about CRITICAL ILLNESS COVER.

Motor sports income protection

If involved in an accident, this may leave you unable to work for an extended time period and lead to financial difficulties as a result. An income protection policy can provide taz-free monthly payments of between 50%-70% of your usual salary amount.

This can provide vital financial support, particularly if you are self employed or running your own business where you don’t have access to sick pay.

With the higher risk of injury associated with motor sports, this is a sensible policy to have in place. Certain providers may view motor sports as too much of a risk and place an exclusion on claims relating to this, but this wont be the case with every insurer.

Some of the main options available for income protection are:

  • Term of cover (Years/To Age)
  • Benefit payment (£’s per month)
  • Deferred period (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months)
  • Short term or long term cover

Our income protection insurance specialists can help you find the right provider to give you the level of cover you need at a fair price.


Expert advice for motor sports life insurance

Do you take part in hazardous pastimes such as motor sports? If so, we recommend purchasing cover that is suitable to protect you if the inevitable happens.

We work with a database of top UK life insurers who offer affordable policies taking your personal circumstances into consideration. We can compare the best available policies, to make sure you get the protection you need at the right price.

Our insurance specialist are rated #1 in the UK for life insurance for dangerous hobbies, high risk occupations and pre-existing medical conditions. No matter your circumstances we can help you find the cover you need.

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