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Motorbike Racing Life Insurance

Our insurance specialists can provide expert life insurance & health insurance advice, and we specialise in finding cover for people who are classed as higher risk, including Motorbike Racing life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

Most of our team of directors are also very keen Motorcyclists with a history in the motorbike trade and we are passionate about helping our fellow motorcyclists to find the best life insurance cover to protect themselves, their families and their homes.

Our team of extreme sports life insurance experts will search for cover from the UK’s top insurance providers to find you the lowest premiums and the best cover.

In this section (motorbike racing life insurance):

Five Stars

Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

How much does Motorbike Racing life insurance cost?

When applying for Motorbike Racing life insurance, generally you will be able to get cover instantly with most insurance providers which is positive. Some of the key factors that will have an impact on your Motorbike Racing life insurance premiums include:

  • How often do you take part in Motorbike Racing?
  • Do you have a full race license?
  • What CC (engine capacity) motorbike do you race?
  • Are you an amateur/professional/semi-professional Motorbike Racer?
  • Have you had any accidents/injuries recently?

Our life insurance experts can offer FREE, FRIENDLY advice on how you can protect yourself and your family. You can put the protection you need in place at a great price and continue to race motorbikes regularly.

You can also check out our LIFE INSURANCE page to learn more about how our team can help you save.

Compare the best Motorbike Racing life insurance premiums

The key factors that will determine how much you will pay for Motorbike Racing life insurance include:

  • Level of cover (£’s)
  • Length of policy (years)
  • Type of cover (e.g. Family, Mortgage, Critical Illness, Income Protection etc.)

All of these factors and more can affect how much you pay every month for your life insurance policy. Our expert advisors can compare the best deals available to find you the right cover at a price to suit any budget.

This means you can continue competing in motorbike racing events, knowing your family is well protected. Our insurance specialists are rated #1 in the UK for life insurance for dangerous hobbies, high risk occupations and pre-existing medical conditions.

How to get best life insurance rates for motorbike racing UK

The vast majority of Motorbike Racing life insurance applications will be accepted at ‘standard rates’ which is the same premium as someone not classed as high risk so you shouldn’t have to pay higher premiums.

Motorbike Racing Life insurance is genuinely more important than life insurance for someone who doesn’t race or ride a motorbike because of the extra risks related to motorcycle racing.

Protecting your family, home or business should be top of your priorities for someone who is at risk of accident or injury which could have an impact on your loved ones financially. The key to finding the best life insurance for motorbike racing will be to speak to a qualified expert who understands all the factors that can affect your policy price.

Motorbike Racing Life insurance can protect you for all sorts of things and premiums can vary depending on your health and your occupations.

Some of the key areas of underwriting for Motorbike Racing life insurance:

  • Smoker status (have you smoked in the last 12 months?)
  • BMI (Height and Weight)
  • Occupation
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Medical history
  • Family medical history

You can enjoy motorbike race days, knowing you have the right protection in place to safeguard your family’s future. Life insurance is the #1 way to protect your family, providing much needed financial support in a difficult situation.

Motorbike Racing life insurance percentage loadings

It is possible that if your application for life insurance could be considered to be high risk then your premium could increase slightly.

The level of increase on your premium will depend on how much the ‘percentage loading’ is that is applied and which insurance provider that you apply to (depending on underwriting criteria).

The level of the % loading will vary depending on your activities, health, occupation and any other non-standard risk factors which you have disclosed on your application.

There are some insurance companies who are much more suitable when applying for Motorbike Racing life insurance than others and our team of expert advisors will only apply to the best insurers for you.

Our expert team knows which insurance providers are best for Motorbike Racing life insurance which is how we know how to get the best cover and the cheapest premiums.

Can some types of cover have exclusions for people who race motorbikes?

It is also possible that there may be instances where your application for Motorbike Racing life insurance may incur exclusions based on your sport, lifestyle or health.

The main policies where exclusions may be applied are Motorbike Racing critical illness cover or income protection. Some of the main exclusions which might be applied to a Motorbike Racing life insurance policy can include:

  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Guaranteed insurability
  • Motorbike racing (Track/Events)

Motorbike Racing Life insurance cover will depend on your motorbike racing activities and your health or lifestyle.

Life insurance FAQ’s

How much cover do I need?There are several things to consider when looking at how much life insurance you will need such as:

Mortgage amount/Rent
Outstanding debts
Dependants (Ages)
Income Expenditure

The amount of cover you want can also be affected by your budget. Our specialists can find a range of policies with different prices and levels of cover to suit your individual needs.
How long should I take out cover for?Amazingly, you can now be covered up until age 90 for life insurance (this will vary for critical illness cover and income protection). Some many factors to consider when deciding your policy term include:

Estimated retirement age
Age of dependants
– Amount of savings
– Other investments

Our specialist Motorbike Racing life insurance advisors will discuss which options are available and will help you find the most suitable cover term based on your circumstances and priorities.

Our experts can answer any other questions you may have, offering FREE, FRIENDLY advice. We have years of expertise in finding the best life insurance for people with dangerous occupations and hobbies, including motorcyclists. Speak to our team to compare policies and providers to find the right life cover for your needs.

Which insurance companies offer Motorbike Racing life insurance?

Most of the UK’s biggest insurance providers can offer Motorbike Racing life insurance if you are amateur or semi-professional, and some will offer cover at the same rates as standard insurance cover.

Insurance companies will now ask whether you ride a motorbike on the road on the application form for life insurance, and most will ask whether you take part in any motorsports.

Some of the best insurance providers for Motorbike Racing life insurance are:

  • Aegon
  • Aviva
  • Legal & General
  • Vitality
  • Zurich

Our team of extreme sports experts will find the best insurance provider for Motorbike Racing life insurance based on the information that you disclose.

Other types of cover for people who race motorbikes

Motorbike Racing critical illness cover

Motorbike Racing Critical illness cover is more important now than it has ever been in the past because of how long we are living and the ever increasing survival rates for most serious illnesses.

It is even more important to consider Motorbike Racing critical illness cover because of the fact that risks of serious injury are higher when racing a motorbike. There are certain risks relating to Motorbike racing which a critical illness policy will protect against such as:

  • Loss of limb
  • 3rd degree burns
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Permanent disability

Some of the other main serious illnesses that are generally covered include:

Some companies offer a standard critical illness cover policy which will offer core cover for around 40 conditions and other providers offer more comprehensive cover for up to 175 conditions.

Find out more about CRITICAL ILLNESS COVER.

Motorbike Racing Income protection

Another very important type of cover is a policy that can protect your income to pay your monthly outgoings such as Mortgage, Rent, Bills and general cost of living if you are unable to work due to accident, injury or sickness.

Motorbike Racing Income protection can be more difficult to get hold of because of the risks relating to professional sports so may only be available to amateur or semi-professional riders.

Income protection is also more important for individuals with no support from their employer if they weren’t able to work or for people who are self-employed. You can select the right level of Motorbike Racing income protection cover for you based on your circumstances and your budget.

Some of the main options available for income protection are:

  • Term of cover (Years/To Age)
  • Benefit payment (£’s per month)
  • Deferred period (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months)
  • Short term or long term cover

Income protection is more flexible than other types of cover which means that you should be able to find premiums to suit your needs and budget.

Our team of Motorbike Racing income protection experts will help you to find the best cover and the cheapest premiums.


Motorbike Racing Private medical insurance

NHS waiting times are gradually increasing and quality of care is getting worse for most of us so it is more important than ever to make sure that you have access to the best care if you become ill or if you are injured.

Some fortunate individuals will have private medical insurance with their job which is an amazing benefit, however the majority of people will have to pay for their own cover.

Some of the main options for private medical insurance s:

  • In-patient and day-patient treatment: Cover your hospital fees, any specialist consultancy fees and you diagnostic tests as well as out-patient care, including surgical procedures.
  • Advanced Cancer Cover: Comprehensive Cancer Cover is included as part of the core options cover which includes limitless use of biological, hormone and bisphosphate therapies.
  • GP referral service: You will have access to a GP service via an app which offers a helpline, video consultations within 48 hours, plus up to £100 towards private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests.
  • Worldwide Travel Cover
  • Dental Cover (Major or Minor procedures)
  • Therapies Cover
  • Mental Health Cover

Currently there are issues in the NHS with access to care so it is important to consider Private Medical Insurance to get you back to fitness quicker – and with better specialist care.

Motorbike Racing life insurance advice

Competing in motorbike races can be very exciting, but it does come with risks. Whether you take part in road racing or bike track days, our team can get you covered.

Many of our top rated advisors have years of expertise with both road bikes and sports bikes, and have attended many motorcycle events themselves. This means we know the risks better than most, and know how important protection such as life insurance can be.

Our highly skilled experts will compare policies across providers to make sure you put the right policy in place to protect your loved ones – and at a reasonable price.

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