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Budget travel tips to save money in 2023

Most of us wait excitedly all year for our summer holidays. We might even have winter breaks booked in, to get away from the cold weather back home.

With the UK in a cost-of-living crisis, many of us will be trying to work out if a holiday is still affordable this year. In this blog, we’re explaining some of our top budget travel tips to help you save money on your holidays in 2023.

In this section (Budget travel tips to save money in 2023):

Some of our best advice for keep costs down when travelling with kids are:

  • Go all-inclusive to keep your food budget to a minimum, especially good for big families
  • Pre-book day trips before you go, as often you will pay more on the day
  • If your children are under two, you will pay less for things such as flights and accommodation for them
  • Consider a staycation or road trip in the UK, if foreign travel is a bit too pricey for the time of year you want to go away
  • Travel outside of school holidays if you can, to avoid higher prices for flights and hotels

If you have decided to travel solo, there are a few key things that can help you when travelling on a budget that is tighter. Here are some of our top travel tips for solo travellers:

  • Booking early (or last minute) can often equal lower prices when booking flights, trains, hotel rooms and more
  • Do some research and choose your hotel/travel provider carefully to avoid ‘single supplement’ fees for solo trips
  • Think about travelling to destinations outside of peak holiday season for lower prices of flights and accommodation
  • Seek out free activities such as guided free walking tours to see everything your destination has to offer for less (a lot of cities will have calendars available online with free activities and events)
  • Don’t be afraid to stay in hostels as this will cost far less than hotels each night, and give you a great opportunity to meet people and make friends

1.    Make sure you are booking at the best time: Travelling outside of peak travel times such as school holidays can be far more cost-effective (and booking last minute can be even cheaper!)

2.    Don’t forget to turn off the TV before you leave: With the rising energy prices in the last year, it is more important than ever to try and avoid being charged for leaving electrical items and appliances on while you are away.

3.    Don’t get caught out if you get ill: Our best advice would be to apply for a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) before you travel. This card was previously known as an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). It can help you receive medical treatment at a lower cost if you are unwell while on holiday.

4.    Check your mobile plan: Some phone providers will have a roaming allowance allowing you to use your mobile data and texts/calls as normal – but not all will. It is best to check if you might be charged for using your phone while you’re away and stick to Wi-fi if this is the case.

5.    Don’t overpack and get charged: If you are planning on buying souvenirs while you’re away, try not to reach the weight limit for your luggage on the way out. You risk being charged by the airline if your bag is heavier when you are flying back.

6.    Sharing suitcases might not be the best idea: Though sharing a case might seem cost-effective compared to paying for two or more, what happens if the case gets lost? You might then be stuck having to pay for replacement essentials and clothes for the whole group. Luckily, certain Travel Insurance companies will offer benefits such as Smart Luggage, which will pay out £550 if your luggage gets lost.

7.    Be cautious when applying for permits and visas: Make sure to use official websites for important documents such as visas where you can. You don’t want to waste money getting to your destination to find your visa isn’t valid. Check the Gov.uk website for the official websites you can use.

8.    Double check the country’s entry requirements: Many countries have removed or reduced covid restrictions but some countries will still have stricter rules for entry. Check carefully before you leave to be certain you won’t face issues when you arrive.

9.    Check your passport is still valid: The UK’s exit from the EU has meant some changes to passport and travel rules. Learn more in our passport blog – your passport may need renewing before your next holiday.

10. Make sure you are covered in case anything goes wrong: Travel Insurance is a small expense that can save you a lot of money if anything unexpected happens. You can buy your cover up to 18 months before you travel, if you have a big trip planned.

Our main advice would be to make sure you have travel insurance in place before your holiday. The last thing you want is to be left with big expenses for replacing lost luggage for example.

Travel insurance can cover you in several different circumstances including cancelled flights, lost passports or luggage and more.

Our partners at Just Travel Cover can compare the best prices across all the main travel insurance providers, so you never pay too much for the cover you need. Unlike many other companies, they also offer:

  • Travel insurance for people with MEDICAL CONDITIONS
  • NO AGE LIMIT on their travel insurance cover
  • SMART LUGGAGE benefit that pays you £550 if your luggage is lost or delayed for 48 hours or more (and you can keep the money even if it is found!)


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