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Guardian launches income protection insurance

UK insurance provider Guardian 1821 have revealed they will be launching a new income protection policy. This is exciting news in the UK insurance market with a brand-new option for cover available to customers moving forwards.

Guardian previously only offered life insurance and critical illness cover policies and have worked with a team of insurance advisors to ensure their income protection products appeal to UK residents.

Who are Guardian 1821?

Guardian 1821 are a UK based insurance provider that launched back in 2018 and though they are a fairly new provider they have a lot to offer.

They work as appointed representatives of the Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited.

They have a range of policies available including various Guardian life insurance policies:

What will Guardian income protection insurance cover?

Guardian have been keen to expand their range of products, and this now allows them to offer a ‘full menu’ of products. This means you can combine multiple policies together e.g. life insurance and income protection or life insurance and critical illness cover.

Income protection covers between 50%-70% of your usual monthly income. These policies pay out if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Guardian have stated their policy will cover up to 65% of the policyholder’s annual income (up to £60,000). This is helpful for if you cannot access sick pay or after your eligibility for sick pay expires.

They also have decided to offer ‘own job’ cover rather than cover for an overall occupation. This means that whether you are viewed as unable to work is based on your exact job role rather than your profession as a whole. This should in theory make the claim process easier and give a bit more clarity to if you will be eligible to claim on your policy.

Key policy features of Guardian income protection insurance

Here we have some of the key features of the new Guardian income protection insurance product, so you can see exactly how it works and what you are covered for:

Guardian 1821Income Protection Insurance
Policy optionsShort term income protection insurance (will pay out for a maximum of 2 years) Long term income protection insurance (will pay out for the entire policy term if needed)
Maximum amount of cover availableWill cover up to 65% of your annual income (up to £60,000 at most)
Is waiver of premium included?YES – waiver of premium is included as standard with these policies (pays out after 28 days regardless of deferred period)
Can I choose when I receive payouts from my policy?YES – you can specify what day of the week/month you would receive payments if you claim, to work around your regular monthly outgoings
Can I add on extra cover/policies?YES – you will be able to add on children’s critical illness cover alongside your own income protection policy. You can also combine your cover with other policies for yourself including life and critical illness cover.
Is there any other additional benefits?YES – you will have access to HALO, which is a support service designed to help you get back to working as soon as possible (even before your payouts have begun!)

Income protection is an incredibly useful policy to have, providing extra financial support and security if your health prevents you from working. Following on from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, these policies have become more and more popular due to the peace of mind they provide.

There are some clear benefits to Guardian 1821’s income protection policy, and of course there are many other great options available with other insurers too.

Our team of EXPERT advisors will be able to search the market for you, an affordable income protection policy best suited to the level of cover you need. Get in touch for FREE advice and support in finding the perfect income protection to protect you and your loved ones from financial struggles.

Useful resources

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