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Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2023

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a time to learn how to better recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to support those fighting the brave battle against it.

Around 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime – a shockingly high figure. With so many people in the UK affected, it is important to do what we can to help.

What month is for breast cancer awareness 2023?

In October every year, breast cancer charities come together to raise awareness of the main signs of breast cancer (and those that are often missed or dismissed).

Is October pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Pink is the main colour associated with breast cancer awareness and breast cancer charities. The pink ribbon is often sold to raise money to help fight against breast cancer and fund research into curing this awful disease.

What is Wear it Pink day?

Wear It Pink Day happens on the 20th October every year and is a fun way to raise money for breast cancer charities.

On October 20th, you can wear pink clothes, accessories and more to your workplace or school/college to raise awareness for breast cancer. The main charity associated with this fundraising day is Breast Cancer Now who can also supply useful resources to help you with your fundraising mission.

More information – Breast Cancer Now – Wear It Pink

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What are the 5 warning signs of breast cancer?The 5 main warning signs of breast cancer are:  

A change in size of one or both breasts
Discharge from your nipple(s)
A lump or swelling in your armpit(s)
Dimpled skin on one or both breasts
A rash on or around the nipple or other changes with your nipple such as it being sunken in
What are the 4 stages of breast cancer?There are 4 stages of breast cancer, and you will be told what stage you have when you are diagnosed:  

Stage 1 – the tumour is less than 2cm and the cancer hasn’t affected your lymph nodes  
Stage 2 – the tumour is 2cm-5cm or your armpit lymph nodes are affected (or both)  
Stage 3 – the tumour is 2cm-5cm and your armpit lymph nodes are affected. The tumour may also be attached to other structures in the breast  
Stage 4 – the tumour is any size and the cancer is metastatic (it has spread to other areas of your body)
Where does breast cancer first start?Breast cancer will usually begin within the ducts of the breasts or lobules.  
It may then spread further through the breast or outside the breast using blood vessels and lymph vessels.
How quickly does breast cancer spread?On average, breast cancers double in size around every 6 months but each person is different.

If you notice any changes to your breasts, chest or pecs you should see your doctor or GP immediately. Your doctor will then examine you to see if you need further tests or treatments.

If you have a policy like private health insurance, you may be able to access specialist support during diagnosis and treatment through your insurance provider. Some of the best health insurance providers with cancer cover include:

Our Health Insurance Partners .

Private health insurance can be a great way to protect yourself and your health if you have a family history of breast cancer with top quality private cancer care. The benefits on offer include things like cover for at home chemotherapy, monitoring, faster diagnosis and more.

It will be a scary time for anyone if they are diagnosed with breast cancer but luckily there are many great charities and services in the UK that can provide resources and support. This include support for the person who has been diagnosed as well as supporting their family members and loved ones during this difficult time.

You can contact organisations like:

Top UK Breast Cancer Charities

Any one of these charities will be able to offer support and resources that may be useful for someone fighting cancer or their family members. They will usually also have contact details on their websites for if you wanted to speak to someone directly for extra advice.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Being diagnosed breast cancer can make you re-evaluate what’s important and how best to protect the people that you love. Life insurance is a great way to provide financial security for the people you care about the most. A life insurance policy will pay out a cash lump sum in the event of your death, which your family can use for important expenses like funeral costs and mortgage repayments.

If you currently have breast cancer, your choice of cover may be more limited but there can still be some great options to protect your loved ones. You may also be worried about playing life insurance if you’ve had cancer in the past or you have a strong family history of cancer.

The best thing to do is to speak to a breast cancer life insurance specialist for free and friendly advice. Our skilled team of advisors have over 20 years of expertise I know which providers and policies will work best in this situation.

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