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Our team of friendly life insurance experts will help you to find the BEST cover to protect your family and SAVE you money. Our insurance partners include ALL of the biggest brands and best insurers.

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We're RATED the UK's #1 Life Insurance EXPERTS for people with pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous jobs and extreme sports

What extra benefits could I get with my life insurance?

At iam|INSURED, we are proud to be different and we are always looking for the best policies with the best rewards to help our customers to get more back. Some of the benefits that we offer include:

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    Therapies & Counselling

    Personal counselling and access to confidential nurse support services

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    24/7 GP Services

    Get a second opinion from an online GP or via your app to get medical advice 365 days a year

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    Discounts & Rewards

    Get BIG discounts on major high street brands, gyms, travel, coffee and cinema tickets

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Relevant Life

Relevant Life

SAVE up to 50% on personal Life Insurance by paying through your Limited Co.

Income Cover

Income Cover

Get paid if you can't work because of sickness or an accident

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Get the BEST care FAST and earn AMAZING rewards for your team

Relevant Life

SAVE up to 50% in tax benefits over personal life insurance by paying your premiums through your Limited Company. You could be missing out on

  • Tax relief of up to 50%
  • Flexible business life insurance
  • Cover from the UK's top insurers

Key Person Insurance

Protect your business if a key member of your team becomes seriously ill or possibly worse. Make sure you don't suffer if you lose a key person in your business.

  • Benefit paid directly to your company
  • Replace lost revenue quickly
  • Find a replacement to continue trading

Shareholder Protection

Protect your business against potentially fatal issues if a shareholder dies. Most companies and business owners don't consider the risks of losing a shareholder.

  • Purchase deceased shareholder shares
  • Funds paid to shareholders family
  • Prevent a potentially difficult problem

Health Insurance

Health insurance can provide FAST treatment from the UK's leading experts. Your could also earn AMAZING rewards for you and your staff.

  • Fast access to the best care
  • Earn AMAZING discounts and rewards
  • Fantastic benefit for you and key staff

Income Protection

You can protect yourself and your income if you are employed or self-employed. Protection for loss of earnings against sickness and accidents.

  • Protect up to 80% of your Gross income
  • Low cost options for affordable cover
  • The UK's best insurance providers

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