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Get active for a free Starbucks

Get active with our insurance partners and be rewarded with a Starbucks every week.

At Iam Insured, our insurance partner’s members are given the chance to have their favourite drink every week from Starbucks if you take out a policy and get yourself active. This offer is included on all Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plans.

So, come join Iam Insured, get yourself active and stay healthy. Link your Starbucks rewards to our insurance partner’s website and they will add a drink to your Starbucks rewards the following week.

You will need to earn 12 points on our insurance partner’s activity tracking system each week in order to be rewarded with your Starbucks drink for the proceeding week.

You are able to collect your Starbucks drink from every Thursday at any participating Starbucks shop.

If you are aged 70 or older, or your body mass index (BMI) is 35 or over, which will be verified by our insurance partner’s health check, then you will only need to earn 9 points each week to be able to receive this reward.

Your Starbucks drink will need to be redeemed within seven days once it has been credited to your account. If you do not redeem it within this period, you will lose that drink.

The premiums for family life insurance are based on several major factors to determine the levels of cover you are looking for.

  • Track your activity with an activity tracker
  • Work out at a partnered gym
  • Participate in a parkrun

Your Starbucks reward can only be used for a drink made specifically for you, like a pot of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

If you cannot use our insurance partner’s app, then you can use a Starbucks card (available from participating Starbucks shops) once you have registered the card on the Starbucks website, loaded it with £5 credit and linked it with our insurance partner’s own website.

Our insurance partners rightly encourage people from all walks of life to get active and stay healthy, but that is a harder challenge for some than it is for others. Our partners do not wish to exclude anyone from getting healthy and have chosen to lower the threshold for anyone with a high BMI or those aged 70 or over. This is to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to improve their health. If a member can reduce their BMI to below 35, their weekly target will increase to 12.

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