Track Your Activity

Make every step count with an activity tracker

Get yourself some big savings on a wide range of activity trackers and begin to see all your rewards adding up by keeping track of your activity.

Earn points for tracking your activity

Our partners will offer you points by tracking your activity and working out at selected gyms, joining a parkrun, walking cycling or swimming by using an activity tracking device.

Earn 8 activity points

  • 12,500 steps tracked in a day
  • 30 minutes at 70% maximum heart rate
  • 60 minutes at 60% maximum heart rate
  • 30+ minutes at 600kcal burned per hour (300kcal)
  • 60+ minutes at 300kcal burned per hour (300kcal)
  • Parkrun

Earn 5 activity points

  • 10,000 steps tracked in a day
  • Partner gym visit
  • 30 – 59 minutes at 60% maximum heart rate
  • 30 – 59 minutes at 300 kcals burned per hour (150kcal)
  • parkrun volunteer

Earn 2 activity points

  • 7,000 steps tracked in a day

How do I track my fitness?

Apple Health app

If you link the Apple Health app on your iPhone or Apple Watch to our provider using their membership app, you will be able to earn points for tracking your activity. Please note, you will need an iPhone 5s or later model with at least iOS8 to use the membership app.



You will be eligible for up to 40% off a wide range of Garmin devices designed for running and cycling. They also have a full range of activity trackers in order to measure your daily steps (Post and packaging will apply).



With 40% off a selection of Polar devices devices, their web-enabled heart-rate trackers are perfect for more committed athletes to monitor their training intensity and track their activity, when worn with a chest strap (Post and Packaging will apply).



Fitbit offer a range of wrist, belt and pocket web-enabled devices designed to track your steps or heart rate. Prices start from £50 but you can also track your steps for free with the Fitbit app for iPhone 5s or above.



This range of devices helps you track your steps. They have options for your wrist, belt and pocket and all have wireless sync. Prices start from around £40.



You will get 40% off one of three of Nokia’s activity trackers range – Nokia Go, Nokia Steel and Nokia Steel HR. Linking your device to our provider will allow you to track your activity and steps in order to earn points (Postage and Packaging will apply).

You can buy a Garmin or Polar activity tracking device for a discount via our provider’s member zone. With Fitbit, Misfit and Nokia devices, you need to buy them directly from the manufacturer’s websites. These devices are not eligible for the provider’s discount.

You can get up to 40% off one eligible Garmin or Polar device per adult member each plan year.

If it is not one of their recognised brands, you will not be able to get their points. But their list of eligible manufacturers is constantly growing, so your activity tracking device may soon be compatible with our provider.

Yes. You can earn a maximum of 8 activity points a day per member and a maximum of 40 activity points a week per member.

Please upload your device data regularly to make sure you get your points in time to earn Active Rewards.

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