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Charity partnership scheme

We believe that a partnership should be a long lasting and meaningful relationship for us and our partners.

What is the true meaning of ‘Partnership’?

There are several different ways to define the word ‘partnership’, but ultimately it comes down to this: a partnership is two or more people being in a relationship that is more than just transactional. One person cares about, supports, and provides true value to the other and vice versa.

Oxford English Dictionary – ‘Partnership (noun)’

The fact or condition of being a partner; association or participation; companionship.

Similar: Association, collaboration, coalition, alliance, union, affiliation, relationship.

Over the past 25 years, our team has been extremely fortunate to be able to work closely with some of the UK’s leading health and medical charities.

Charities we’ve worked with

The National Kidney Federation Logo The Teenage Cancer Trust Logo The Brain Charity Logo The diabetes.co.uk Logo The MS-UK logo The PKD charity Logo The Epilepsy Action Logo

It’s important to make sure that we prove our commitment to your charity and ensure that you understand how much we care. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been proud and fortunate to be able to participate in numerous amazing fundraising events.

Our previous fundraising events

The RideLondon logo The 3 Peaks Challenge logo The Great Manchester Run Logo TCS London Marathon Logo The Wilmslow Half Marathon Logo The Great North Run logo The Tough Mudder logo The London to Paris bike ride logo

We’ve decided to step up a gear and take our charity partnerships to another level to add vital additional support, especially given the current economic climate. We aim to:

  • Build longstanding partnerships
  • Provide meaningful services to members
  • Financial support and fundraising for our partners
  • Promote fairness and equality within financial services
  • Build a better future

Our mission is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship for our charity partners by providing information, resources, support and fundraising. We offer the very best life insurance products for people with pre-existing medical conditions to help provide vital financial protection to our customers families.

We believe that by building meaningful relationships with our charity partners that it provides a strong link between us, you and our customers.

Daniel Sharpe-Szunko

Daniel Sharpe-Szunko (Founder):

“We’re 100% committed to making sure that we give something back and provide vital funding for our charity partners. It’s too easy to pay thousands of pounds in marketing costs and avoid the effort that it takes to build meaningful partnerships. By giving back to our charity partners, we feel that we’re giving back to our customers and their families”

We want to make sure that we give something back to you and give you something that has a true value. Our website (iaminsured.co.uk) is by far the biggest and most visited specialist life insurance site in the United Kingdom.

It’s important to make sure that your charity reaches the right people and can support those who need you the most.

Your FREE charity listing

  • Links (Domain Authority)
  • Bio to explain who you are and what you do
  • Contact details
  • Useful information

Running a charity is extremely difficult and we understand the issues that you face in partnerships and affiliations.

With this in mind, we’ve built a number of options that help you to give your members access to our services without causing issues for your organisation.

Signposting life insurance

We’re extremely passionate about giving people access to life insurance who might otherwise struggle to get cover to protect their family.

By signposting your members to iam|INSURED, this gives them access to a specialist service that helps empower people to make the right decisions about protecting their loved ones. Consumers are often put off taking out life insurance because of the health or medical history which leaves them and their family exposed financially.

We understand that you want to provide your members with useful information to help them to make the best decisions about lifestyle, health, finances and well-being. Modern life insurance can be a lot more than an insurance policy as it can now provide medical support, health benefits as well as vital financial support for your family.

Signposting members to iam|INSURED is a simple option to give your members information about life insurance without any conflicts of interest.

CLICK HERE to register your charity or find out more.

Full iam|INSURED partnerships

Over the years we have partnered with some of the UK’s biggest and best medical charities to help their members to get access to life insurance as well as offer extensive financial support to the charities.

With this particular level of the scheme we offer some amazing benefits which includes:

  • Automatic donations
  • Links and information for charity websites
  • Telephone support services to help members
  • Website banners
  • Fundraising events
  • Editorial guides and interview opportunities

You can select the level that works best for your charity and that you’re most comfortable with for your members. It’s important to us that you are confident in how we work with you and that you are looking for a long-term relationship.

CLICK HERE to register your charity or find out more.

MoneyPeopleOnline logo

Free access to Money People Online

We also offer FREE and impartial financial guidance to millions of households across the United Kingdom through our partner website called MoneyPeopleOnline.co.uk.

This site offers fantastic financial information to your members to help support their day to day financial needs.

We’ve explained how the partnership scheme works and what we aim to do in great detail. So now let’s explain a bit about iam|INSURED and why we believe that we’re so different to every other life insurance business out there.

The life insurance industry is extremely competitive and there are literally hundreds of different companies, specialists and experts in the UK. Our team is extremely proud to be the oldest medical life insurance experts, with over 25 years of industry expertise.

Our Founder, Daniel Sharpe-Szunko established the first non-standard life insurance company in 2004 to help people with pre-existing medical conditions to find the very best and cheapest cover.

We are a small family run business and we remain true to our values that protecting your family is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. People with pre-existing medical conditions should not be unfairly penalised because of their health!

Why iam|INSURED is different

  • OVER 25 YEARS EXPERTISE as the first non-standard life insurance specialists in the United Kingdom so we understand our customer’s needs more than anyone
  • FREE TRUST SERVICE so that you know that your life insurance will pay out quickly to whoever you wish and benefits will be Tax Efficient
  • DISCOUNTS AND REWARDS for our customers from the UK’s biggest and most established insurance providers
  • NO MARKETING COSTS means that we can pass on discounts to our customers and pay our partners properly for working with us
  • PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE in the unlikely event that our quote is higher than an insurance offer from another life insurance company
  • WHOLE OF MARKET which means that we can offer cover from ALL of the UK’s top insurance brands as well as some specialist products and providers
  • FREE ANNUAL REVIEW because we know how important it is to make sure that your cover is up to date and that our customers have the best price, especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions
  • AUTHORISED BY THE FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY to give you peace of mind that your members are dealing with a full regulated business, including protection from the Financial Ombudsman
  • PLATINUM AWARD WINNING by our customers from over 1,000 independent reviews on Feefo (2024 Platinum Trusted Customer Service Award)
  • NO PRESSURE SALES AND NO HASSLE to make sure that our customers make a proper informed decision that is right for them and their family

How to register

For more information or to register your interest in joining our CHARITY SUPPORT SCHEME simply complete the following steps.

1. SUBMIT FORM – Fill in our simple & quick registration form OR call 0800 009 6559

2. SPEAK TO OUR PARTNERSHIP TEAM – One of our Charity Partnership specialists will talk to you about how the scheme works

3. UPLOAD YOUR UNIQUE LINK – Add your unique and free URL link to your website

4. CONTENT AND EDITORIALS – Let us know what else you need in terms of website content or editorial details

5. PARTNERSHIP PORTAL ACCESS – You will also receive login details for your very own Partnership Portal to track your performance

Find out more today and register with us to help support your charity and your members financial needs.

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Can I get life insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Yes, you will be able to get life insurance with almost any pre-existing medical condition, as long as it is not terminal. If traditional life insurance is not available due to the severity of your symptoms, then there are other guaranteed and specialist life insurance options, such as:

  • Accidental death
  • Over 50s life insurance
  • Guaranteed life insurance

Some of the most common examples of life insurance with pre-existing conditions are:

  • Overweight or High BMI life insurance
  • Diabetes life insurance (e.g. Type 2 or Type 1 diabetes)
  • Cancer life insurance
  • Heart attack or heart disease life insurance
  • Mental health life insurance
  • Multiple Sclerosis life insurance
  • Autoimmune disorders life insurance
  • HIV life insurance

There are literally thousands of types and variations of pre-exisiting medical conditions and so your situation is likely to be different to someone else. Life insurance with pre-existing conditions will take a number of elements in to account:

  • Severity and type of symptoms
  • Dates of diagnosis, episodes or attacks, and treatments
  • Any ongoing treatment and medications

Your life insurance premiums will be based on your own individual circumstances and how much cover you need. You should be able to adjust the levels of cover to suit your budget and it’s just as important to make sure that you at least have some cover in place.

What does Martin Lewis say about life insurance with pre-existing conditions?

MoneySavingExpert.com suggests that life insurance will ‘cost a lot more’ with a pre-existing medical condition. This is not true and it really does depend on your own individual circumstances so don’t be put off by this as they are not experts in this area.

It is true that some circumstances where the pre-existing medical condition is serious or severe, premiums can be higher to reflect the additional mortality risks. Ultimately, your life insurance premiums are unfortunately based on how likely you are to claim or if you have a higher chance of death within the policy term.

Martin Lewis doesn’t provide any real substance to his comment about pre-existing conditions life insurance and that’s not good enough. You should speak to a medical life insurance specialist to get a fully underwritten quote before you make any final decisions about whether or not you can afford to protect your family.

How much is life insurance with pre-existing conditions?

Most traditional life insurance providers will accept applications for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Often, you will have a number of potential options from several different insurance providers so you can usually save money as well by shopping around.

Historically you might have had less offers when you apply for life insurance with pre-existing conditions, but fortunately that is changing. Most of the more well-known high street life insurance brands are now offering more competitive rates and more flexible underwriting.

Top tips to save money on life insurance with pre-existing conditions:

  • Speak to pre-existing medical conditions specialist (these companies will understand the market better and should know which insurers will be cheapest for you)
  • Shop around and get different quotes (same as everything else, by shopping around you’ll get a better idea of what a good price is and what different companies offer)
  • Apply at the best time (timing can be important when applying for life insurance with pre-existing conditions, usually when symptoms are stable and not before or after treatment)

There are also other things to take into consideration, such as if you’re a smoker or if your weight is higher than normal. Can you do anything to improve your situation that might help to reduce your life insurance premiums.

Best life insurance for pre-existing conditions?

The best life insurance for pre-existing conditions will be different for each individual, based on their circumstances and the details of their health or medical history. There are certainly some insurance providers who are better for people with pre-existing medical conditions than others, such as:

  • The Exeter (better for people with more severe symptoms and serious health problems)
  • Legal & General (can sometimes be good for certain pre-existing medical conditions, especially mild to moderate symptoms)
  • Royal London (offers a number of specialist products and policies for certain pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes and mental health)
  • Scottish Widows (sometimes good for moderate medical conditions and offers flexible underwriting for certain conditions)
  • The Guardian (also offers flexible underwriting towards some pre-existing medical conditions)
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Our Mission

At iaminsured.co.uk, we believe in much more than just insurance policies; we believe that everyone is unique and should be treated with the fairness that they deserve. We also believe in providing the very best financial protection, and giving you peace of mind to continue with your busy life without the stress or worry of what might happen.

We are dedicated to providing the best outcomes that we can and access to the best insurance solutions in the way that our customers want or need. We understand that everyone is totally unique in how they want things done and their own individual circumstances, which is where our totally unique approach to financial protection is driven from.

  • 100% online protection solutions
  • Top rated advice from the UK’s leading experts
  • Unique specialist protection services for all medical conditions, occupations and activities
  • Lowest prices and affordable cover options guaranteed
  • Dedicated to providing the best protection products for all your needs

With nearly three decades of expertise and established with a commitment to excellence in everything that we do. We have been a trusted partner for thousands of families, individuals and businesses, all with one common goal of looking for the best protection solutions.

Our Mission: To provide easy access to fair pricing, affordable protection and the very best financial security to families and individuals. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive insurance solutions that safeguard the well-being of our policyholders. Guided by integrity, transparency, and a commitment to excellence, we strive to empower consumers and families to face the future with confidence. Our mission is not just about policies; it's about protecting dreams, ensuring legacies, and being a trusted partner on life's journey.

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