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Breast cancer travel insurance

Breast cancer patients can be at higher risk of claiming on travel insurance, which can make many insurers reluctant to offer cover. This is where specialist breast cancer travel insurance can be most useful, offering comprehensive cover at a fair price.

Travel insurance can protect you from big financial losses if something were to go wrong while you are away. You are covered in the event of unexpected situations such as losing your luggage, or your flight being cancelled.

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60-Second Summary – Breast cancer travel insurance 2024

It can be harder to find a suitable and affordable travel insurance policy if you are breast cancer patient or survivor. A breast cancer travel insurance expert can help in this situation, as they will know which provider will work best for you.

  • Specialist medical travel insurance will help to protect you financially if anything goes wrong while you are on holiday. These policies can save you a significant amount of money, by helping to cover the cost of things like lost baggage or delayed flights.
  • It is important to declare your cancer diagnosis when you apply for travel insurance. Failure to notify your insurer could lead to your policy being invalid, so it wouldn’t pay out when you need it to.
  • A medical travel insurance specialist will be able to quickly compare the best and cheapest quotes from across the market to get you the lowest price.

Can you get travel insurance with breast cancer?

It can be possible to get travel insurance for breast cancer patients. Travel insurance won’t automatically cover medical conditions such as cancer though, and a standard policy isn’t likely to offer enough cover for what you need.

Having cancer can make it harder to get travel insurance but it can be much easier with the help of a medical travel insurance specialist. Someone who understands travel insurance and breast cancer will be able to compare available policies, to make sure you don’t pay more than you should.

You will usually need to provide the insurer with a note from your doctor or GP stating you are fit to travel before cover can be approved.

Our excellent travel insurance partners can help with many forms of breast cancer and travel insurance including:

  • Invasive breast cancer travel insurance
  • Metastatic breast cancer travel insurance
  • Secondary breast cancer travel insurance

Can I get travel insurance after breast cancer UK?

It can be easier to get travel insurance for breast cancer survivors compared to current patients receiving treatment. However, you might still face some difficulty finding cover when in remission due your risk of claiming.

All insurers will have different views and policies about travel insurance for post breast cancer patients. Some insurers will be happy to provide cover for patients who have been in remission for at least 3 months. Others will prefer it to have been years since you were given the all-clear.

It is best to speak to a travel insurance expert if you have or have previously had breast cancer. This helps you get the right amount of cover and the fairest possible price.

Types of travel insurance following breast cancer that our insurance partners can help with:

  • Travel insurance after breast cancer
  • Travel insurance after breast cancer surgery
  • Travel insurance after breast cancer treatment e.g chemotherapy or radiotherapy

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Does breast cancer affect travel insurance?

If you need travel insurance for someone with breast cancer, there are a few things to remember before applying.

You always need to declare cancer when you apply for travel cover, even if you are in remission. Breast cancer will be classed as a pre-existing for travel insurance, and pre-existing conditions are not covered as standard.

Cancer can increase the risk of future medical issues. Current cancer treatments such as chemotherapy will also lower the immune system, making it easier to get ill. If you were to fall ill and need medical treatment overseas, this could be very costly without travel insurance in place.

What does breast cancer travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you if something unexpected happens while you are on holiday. It will protect you against unforeseen events such as:

  • Lost luggage
  • Loss of valuable items
  • Cancellation cover
  • Flight delays or missed departures

Breast cancer travel insurance will also offer a higher level of protection:

  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Cancellation or curtailment due to ill health
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation (Up to £15million)

Having travel insurance allows you to relax knowing you are well protected while you are away. With medical bills being extremely high in some countries, medical cover is very important to shield yourself from losing hundreds or even thousands of £s in medical bills.

How much is breast cancer travel insurance UK?

When working out the cost of your policy, insurance underwriters will usually ask some questions about your cancer diagnosis and current health. This will include questions about:

  • The grade and stage of your cancer
  • Your prognosis (is your cancer terminal?)
  • How long ago you were diagnosed
  • Are you currently having treatment/have treatment planned?
  • Are you in remission?
  • Have you had surgery related to your cancer?
  • Will you need to take medication or medical equipment on your trip?

All insurers have different underwriting policies so the questions asked can vary slightly. You should always answer any questions asked as honestly as you can, or you risk ending up with cover that is insufficient or invalid.

Other things that will affect the cost of your travel cover include:

  • How much cover you need (sum assured £s)
  • Term of cover (years)
  • Destination (e.g. Europe or Worldwide)
  • Duration of trip
  • Type of cover (single trip vs annual cover)
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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Cheaper travel insurance for breast cancer sufferers UK

The best way to save money on travel insurance for breast cancer is to get qualified advice before you choose your policy. A medical travel insurance specialist can tell you which insurers are best for someone with cancer and where you are likely to find the lowest price.

Remember, though budget is a concern for most people you shouldn’t just choose the lowest cost policy. It is always better to pay slightly more for the right level of cover rather than need to claim and realise your cover amount is too low.

Exclusions for travel insurance for breast cancer patients

It can be possible when applying for travel insurance with breast cancer you might get offered cover with an ‘exclusion’. This is when you will be offered cover, but you will not be allowed to claim for certain activities or conditions.

In this case, you would be able to claim for various reasons but not anything relating to breast cancer. If you needed to cancel your trip or cut it short due to cancer, you wouldn’t be able to claim for this.

Best travel insurance for breast cancer

There are several different types of travel insurance to choose from. The main types of travel insurance are:

  • Single trip cover: provides you with cover for one specific trip.
  • Annual travel cover: covers you for multiple trips within 12 months (1 year)

The type of cover that will work best for you will depend on how often you travel and the level of cover you need.

Single trip cover can be better and cheaper for those who don’t travel often. Annual cover can be useful for people with multiple trips booking, saving the hassle of multiple applications and policies.

Can you get travel insurance for terminal cancer?

You might be surprised to learn that is still possible to get travel insurance with a terminal cancer diagnosis. If your doctor agrees you are well enough to travel, there will still be options available for travel cover.

It can be helpful to get proper advice from an expert advisor with the right experience in how breast cancer and travel insurance works.

You will be better speaking to insurance providers with experience in medical travel insurance. This will be the best way to get the cover you need for an affordable price.

Compare breast cancer travel insurance

Cancer Research UK states there are around 55, 920 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year. Breast cancer has a 76% survival rate (survival for 10 or more years following breast cancer).

Our specialist travel partners can find the best and most affordable travel insurance for people with breast cancer. Here is how you can receive specially tailored quotes for breast cancer travel insurance.

1.Call and speak to a travel insurance expert or get and online quote

Whether you currently have breast cancer or are in remission, it is helpful to get proper advice before choosing your travel cover. We also advise getting cover soon after booking your holiday, so you are fully protected.

CLICK HERE to get your quotes online

2. Answer some quick questions about your trip

You will have to answer some simple questions about your breast cancer (medical screening) and your trip (destination and trip duration). This helps insurers find you suitable cover at the right price.

3. Get your breast cancer travel insurance quotes

Other insurance products for breast cancer

What are the top 3 signs of breast cancer?

The top 3 signs of breast cancer are:

  • A lump or swelling in the breast or armpit
  • Thickening of part of the breast
  • Dimpling of the skin on the breast

What are the symptoms of breast cancer (NHS)?

These are the main symptoms of breast cancer stated by the NHS:

  • A lump or thickened breast tissue
  • A change of shape or size of one or both breasts
  • Fluid discharges from one of the nipples
  • A lump or swelling in either armpit
  • Dimpling skin, rash or redness
  • Itchy skin, redness or scaly skin around the nipple
  • Sunken nipple

At what age does breast cancer occur?

The older you are the higher your risk of developing breast cancer is. Breast cancer is most common in women over age 50 (8 in 10 cases) but can occur at any age.

Useful resources

Cancer Research UK – Travelling with cancer

Cancer Research UK – Travelling abroad

NHS Inform – Travel and cancer

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What does Martin Lewis say about travel insurance?

Martin Lewis provides lots of guidance for holidaymakers who are searching for the best deals on their travel insurance. One of the biggest recommendations from Martin Lewis travel insurance advice is ‘ASAB’ (As Soon As you Book), which basically translates to suggesting that you should buy your travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday.

In an interview on This Morning talking to Martin Lewis about travel insurance, he claims that he is constantly being asked by consumers, “what can I do if I’ve been diagnosed with a medical problem and I can’t go on holiday because my travel company won’t give me a refund?”. According to Martin Lewis travel insurance recommendations, 50% of the value of your travel insurance cover is before you are due to travel.

Top reasons for holiday cancellations before travelling:

  • Sickness or illness
  • Accidents causing an injury
  • Emergency at home
  • Family emergency
  • Work commitments
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Martin Lewis Travel Insurance - iam|INSURED

Is it worth taking out travel insurance?

Almost all financial experts such as Martin Lewis and citizensadvice.org.uk, strongly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy and that you do it quickly. The financial and emotional impact of not having travel insurance while overseas can be catastrophic if you require medical treatment or if you are victim of a crime.

The cost of travel insurance is generally affordable for most holidaymakers and you should factor this in to the cost of your holiday. Risking not having travel insurance and then having a medical emergency when you are overseas, especially in certain destinations, can cost you thousands.

What does travel insurance cover?

Most travel insurance policies will provide the same core elements such as medical emergencies, repatriation, legal expenses, loss, theft or damage to personal belongings, and cancellation or curtailment of your trip. The types and levels of cover can vary dramatically from one policy to another so you should make sure that you’re getting the cover that you want and that you need.

Also, some travel insurance policies won’t cover you for certain destinations, activities or types of holidays, such as:

  • Cruise holidays
  • Winter sports
  • Worldwide travel
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

Note: Travel insurance will generally exclude any accident or injury that has happened whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What is classed as a pre-existing medical condition for travel insurance?

According to one of the UK’s top travel insurance providers, Staysure clearly states that ‘you must declare ALL pre-existing medical conditions when your take out a travel insurance policy’. Witholding any information about your health or medical history could expose you to the risks of rendering your cover invalid and therefore class any claims as ‘null and void’.

Any of the following pre-existing conditions must always be disclosed on your travel insurance application:

  • Cardiovascular conditions (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease etc.)
  • Cancer(s)
  • Any Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

You should also let your travel insurance provider know about any of the following medical investigations, tests or treatments in the past two years:

  • Symptoms (whether or not you have consulted a doctor)
  • Medication or treatments
  • Scans or investigations
  • Medical appointments and check-ups
  • Surgery
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Martin Lewis pre-existing medical conditions - iam|INSURED

How much should I spend on travel insurance?

According to a recent travel insurance survey carried out by Forbes Advisor’s Analysis (Average cost of travel insurance 2023), the average cost of travel insurance is between 5% and 6% of the cost of your trip.

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