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Overweight travel insurance

Looking for the UK’s top rated overweight insurance experts? You’ve found us! We’re proud to be able to help overweight people across the UK with all their travel insurance needs.

We know that sometimes being overweight can unfairly make finding travel insurance a little more complicated. We’re here to make all your worries disappear – and hopefully save you some money along the way!

Being overweight or obese shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy holidays like anyone else. Travel insurance lets you focus on making memories on your trip and not how much it might cost you if anything goes wrong.

Can I get travel insurance if I’m overweight?

YES – there are some great options available for overweight travel insurance. Specialist overweight travel insurance policies will be able to offer the right level of cover and often at a lower price.

Of course, you can apply for standard travel insurance, though this might not provide enough cover for what you need. Being seriously overweight can increase the risk of medical complications when you’re away e.g. heart attack or stroke.

Is being overweight a pre-existing condition for travel insurance?

YES – with most insurance policies, the insurer will class being overweight as being a pre-existing condition. This is because being overweight can increase your risk of other medical issues.

Often having a high BMI can also be linked to other conditions like:

Being overweight or obese doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get travel insurance. Specialist medical conditions travel insurance can simply be more suitable and able to offer the cover you need.

Do I need to declare obesity when applying for travel insurance?

YES – if you have a high BMI (25 or over), this is something travel insurance providers will want to know about. This is especially true if your BMI is in the obese range (30 or more).

If you aren’t honest when asked about your weight, there’s a chance the insurer will refuse to pay out for any medical related claim. This could be an absolute nightmare, leaving you stuck with massive bills and struggling to find the funds. In our opinion, it really isn’t worth the risk.

How does overweight travel insurance work?

Everyone will be asked some basic health and lifestyle questions when they apply for travel insurance e.g. your age. You will most likely also be asked for details about your trip e.g. where you’re going, how long for etc.

If you are overweight and applying travel insurance, you might be asked a few extra questions – but that’s OK. It’s totally normal and just helps the insurer get a better idea of your overall health.

You could be asked things such as:

  • What is your BMI (Body Mass Index), height and weight?
  • Is your mobility restricted due to your weight?
  • Do you have any other medical conditions?
  • Do you smoke?

What does overweight travel insurance cover?

Specialist overweight travel insurance will have you covered in a variety of situations that could happen while you’re away. This should help prevent you from losing any money if something unexpected happens on your holiday.

Your policy will cover events such as:

  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation (up to £15million)
  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Lost baggage
  • Missed departures
  • Cancellation cover
  • Personal liability (up to £2million)

How much is travel insurance for overweight people?

There isn’t one set price for travel insurance as everyone is different, and the cost will be based on things such as your age when you apply. The price will also be affected by the type of holiday and how long you will be away for.

Some of the main factors that insurers will look at are:

  • The type of travel insurance (single trip vs annual cover)
  • Destination (Europe or Worldwide)
  • Trip duration

If you are overweight, the insurer is likely to also think about your health and any other medical conditions you have. The good news is there are specialist providers who can be a great fit as they are experts in helping people in the same situation as you.

How to get cheaper obesity travel insurance

It’s understandable to worry about the cost of cover, especially if you’ve just spent hundreds of £s on your dream holiday.

If you need budget-friendly travel insurance and happen to be overweight, this doesn’t need to be a problem. The key is to talk to a travel insurance specialist. Speaking to someone who knows their stuff can guarantee you find the perfect cover at a lower cost.

What is the best travel insurance for overweight people?

There isn’t one ‘best’ travel insurance policy. Everyone’s needs are different so the main thing to think about is what will work well for you.

There’s two main options when you want to buy travel insurance:

  1. Single trip travel insurance: This can be useful for one specific trip and is usually cheaper.
  2. Annual travel cover: These policies can be appealing for people who travel often, as they cover you for multiple trips within 12 months.

Are there age limits on travel insurance for overweight people?

Our specialist travel insurance partners have loads of experience and are pleased to offer top quality cover with NO AGE LIMITS. This means whether you’re 20 or 90 there will be a great policy for you.

Compare overweight travel insurance

Travel insurance premiums can vary massively so it’s important to get the right advice. Here is how to find out more about overweight travel insurance and compare prices quickly and easily.

1. Speak to an overweight travel insurance expert (or get a quote online)

Our expert travel partners have been carefully selected and can tell you everything you need to know to get the right policy. They can also save you the hassle of searching multiple providers for quotes, comparing policies for you quickly and easily.


Call 0800 954 0178 (Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm | Saturday: 9am to 1pm)

2. Answer a few easy questions about your trip and your health

You’ll be asked some simple questions about your holiday and a bit more about     your overall health (medical screening).

3. Receive your personalised travel insurance quotes

Other insurance products for overweight people

There are a range of different policies that can be useful for people who are overweight such as:

According to the House of Commons Library:

  • 37.9% of UK adults are classed as overweight (BMI over 25)
  • 25.9% of UK adults are classed as obese (BMI over 30)
  • People over 45 are more likely to be overweight (almost 3 in 4 adults in England)
What is obesity?The NHS defines obesity as ‘a person who has excess body fat’.  
The most commonly used way to check if your weight is healthy compared to your height is to work out your Body Mass Index (BMI).  
A BMI of 25 or over is classed as overweight.  
A BMI of 30 or over is classed as obese.
Is there a BMI limit for travel insurance?Some insurers will have a limit of   If your BMI is higher than this, it is worth speaking to a travel insurance expert to find out your best options for cover.
Will being overweight prevent me from going on holiday?NO – You should still be able to go on holiday if you want to.  
It can be helpful to plan ahead though and check with your doctor that it safe for you to fly for example.

Useful resources

Travel Health Pro – Supporting travellers with obesity

World Health Organisation (WHO) – Obesity and overweight

NHS – Obesity: Overview

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