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Compare Anorexia Life Insurance

We get that searching for life insurance with anorexia can feel overwhelming or confusing. You might fear that it’ll cost way too much or even worse you won’t be able to get it at all. Luckily, this isn’t true and we’re here to lend a helping hand in any way we can.

It’s not fair but sometimes people with anorexia get turned down for life insurance simply because they speak to the wrong companies or apply at the wrong time. The good news is that we know exactly where to look and that not all insurers will treat anorexia in the same way.

Life insurance can make a massive difference to your loved ones and give them much needed financial support if anything happens to you. We’re going to answer all the top questions about life insurance and anorexia to make things easier and simpler for you.

Why are we anorexia life insurance experts?

We’ve spoken to many people who have faced anorexia and mental health challenges, and we understand that life insurance can be a concern.

Here are some of the key areas that our experts can help with:

  • Life insurance after recent anorexia diagnosis
  • Life insurance and low BMI
  • Life insurance with family history of mental health conditions
  • Life insurance with multiple mental health conditions
  • Cover against risks associated with anorexia (e.g. critical illness cover or income protection)

Our team work hard to support our customers with mental health conditions like anorexia. It used to be far more difficult to get life insurance with conditions like anorexia and we’re happy to say things are getting easier.

We’re always on your side. We will continue to fight for fair treatment for people with medical conditions, who simply want the cover they deserve to protect their home and family.

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Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Over the last 20 years, we have been there for thousands of families, helping them get the right protection with all types of medical conditions.

Can I get life insurance with anorexia?

YES – it is definitely possible to get anorexia life insurance, and it’s often very affordable. Some companies are far better than others with this type of medical condition and so you can save a decent amount of money if you know where to look.

Several points will be considered when you apply for life insurance with anorexia. When applying for life insurance with any medical condition, insurers will look at:

  • Lifestyle
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Health
  • Age

Does life insurance cover anorexia?

YES – if you were to die due to any reason related to anorexia, your existing policy will cover this. New policies will be able to cover anorexia and it’s worth comparing policies across a few providers to assess your options.

Insurers are becoming more and more understanding of mental health conditions and some of the UK’s top insurance providers may be able to offer cover.

How does anorexia life insurance work?

Every person with anorexia is different and the severity of symptoms can vary massively from one person to another. The insurer will want to know more about you and your health so they might ask questions like:

  • When were you diagnosed with anorexia?
  • What is your current BMI?
  • What was your lowest weight and how long ago was this?
  • What treatments have you had to help with anorexia? E.g. counselling, CBT
  • Do you have any other mental health conditions?
  • Have you ever been hospitalised due to anorexia?

Does life insurance pay out for anorexia?

YES – if you were to pass away from anorexia or a related illness, then a life insurance policy would pay out to look after your loved ones.

Life insurance policies are based on your personal health at the time you take out the cover. This means it will include cover for any pre-existing medical conditions such as anorexia.

Does critical illness cover pay out for anorexia?

If you already have critical illness cover and are then diagnosed with anorexia, this wouldn’t generally qualify for a pay out. Anorexia isn’t considered a critical illness by most insurers.

You might however be able to claim for complications caused by anorexia such as:

Critical illness cover will provide you with a cash lump sum to support you if diagnosed with a serious condition. You can use the money in any way you like, and it can replace lost income, pay for important bills and more.

Will income protection pay out for anorexia?

YES – as long as your policy doesn’t prevent (exclude) claims for anorexia, income protection will pay out if you can’t work due to anorexia related issues.

Possible reasons you may need to claim on income protection due to anorexia:

  • Heart failure
  • Weakened immune system
  • Concentration and memory difficulties
  • Brain and nerve issues e.g. seizures

Will I need a medical to get anorexia life insurance?

You will need to tell the insurer that you have anorexia when you apply. Normally, they will ask to view a report from your GP.

You shouldn’t worry too much about being asked for medical information. This is normal and doesn’t mean you’re less likely to be covered. In fact, it can be a good thing to do this as it guarantees your policy is valid.

How much does life insurance for anorexia cost?

With anorexia life insurance, sometimes you can get unfairly stuck with a high price if you don’t speak to the right people. Some insurers will offer much better pricing compared to others. Our best tip would be to always compare a few life insurance quotes before making any decisions.

Insurers will look at a few factors when deciding how much you will pay such as:

  • Your age
  • Height and weight
  • Your overall health and lifestyle
  • The type of life insurance
  • The amount of cover you need (£s)
  • The policy term (how long you want the cover for)

For someone with anorexia, they would also consider:

  • When you were diagnosed
  • Your current BMI and lowest BMI
  • Any complications related to anorexia
  • Any hospitalisations
  • Other medical conditions

How to get cheaper anorexia life insurance

It can be simple to save money on your life insurance. The first and most important thing to remember is that not all companies will be suitable and able to offer a fair price for someone with anorexia.

Other things to think about:

  1. Improve your lifestyle: Making some lifestyle changes (e.g. diet and exercise) can make a big difference in how much you pay.
  2. Apply at the right time: Our best advice is try to apply when your health is good. It’s better to avoid applying during periods of severe symptoms if you can.
  3. Check prices across insurers: Some insurers have a better understanding of mental health conditions and will offer lower prices.
  4. Speak to a life insurance specialist: If you’re not sure what your best options are, our platinum rated experts can guide you and answer any of your questions.
Will all insurers be able to cover anorexia?Some insurers will be a better option for you than others if you have anorexia.  
It is worth talking to a life insurance expert, to make sure you don’t waste any time applying to the wrong companies.
Can you get life insurance if you have an eating disorder?YES – it’s still possible to get life insurance with anorexia.  
If your BMI is in the normal range with no recent symptoms, getting life cover can be simple and affordable.
Do I need to tell life insurance about anorexia?YES – the insurer will want to know all relevant health information when you apply.  
It’s not worth trying to hide anorexia from your insurer, as this could lead to problems with your policy paying out later.
Is an eating disorder a pre-existing condition for life insurance?YES – any health condition you had before applying for life insurance will be classed as ‘pre-existing’.

Below we have more information about anorexia and useful resources to support anyone living with this condition.

Medical conditions linked to anorexia

There are several conditions that are known to be caused by or linked to anorexia.

Celebrities with anorexia

Many people with anorexia go on to make a full recovery. This includes various famous faces in the UK and across the world such as:

Anorexia support UK

There are several great UK charities that work hard to support people with anorexia and other eating disorders.

Anorexia and eating disorder statistics UK

Leading charity Beat Eating Disorders, has released the following statistics:

  • Around 1.25 million people in the UK are living with an eating disorder
  • Around 25% of people with eating disorders are male
  • Anorexia accounts for 8% of eating disorders in the UK
  • About 46% of anorexia patients go on to make a full recovery

Common questions about anorexia

What is anorexia?Anorexia or ‘Anorexia Nervosa’ is a serious eating disorder. A person with anorexia will take drastic measures to lose weight or avoid gaining weight.
What causes anorexia?There isn’t one known cause of anorexia but there are many factors that can increase the risk of it developing, such as:  

Family history of eating disorders
Being criticised for your weight or looks
Societal pressure to be thinner
Anxiety or low self esteem
You have been abused in the past
What are the symptoms of anorexia?Common symptoms of anorexia include:  

Having a very low BMI
Body dysmorphia (believing you are overweight)
Taking medicine to suppress your appetite
Over exercising
Missing meals/avoiding food
Making yourself sick (bulimia)
Loss of periods
Hair loss
Dry skin
Is anorexia nervosa a life-threatening disorder?YES – Anorexia can be fatal if left untreated.  

Medical complications caused by anorexia (e.g. heart attacks) can cause a higher risk of death and shorten life expectancy.  
More information – Average life expectancy UK
What is the most likely cause of death for anorexia?Around 1/3 of deaths from anorexia happen due to cardiac issues, due to increased strain on the heart.

Other types of insurance for people with anorexia

Useful resources

Beat Eating Disorders – Helplines

NHS – Anorexia: Overview

Eating Disorder Hope – What is anorexia?: Symptoms, complications and causes

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