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Bradycardia life insurance

Bradycardia is a form of irregular heartbeat (arrythmia) that means your heart beats more slowly than usual. How slowly this is can vary from person to person, with some people having a heartbeat only minimally slower than most.

People like athletes often have a lower heart rate and it can cause no issues with their everyday life. However, a very slow heart rate (less than 60 beats per minute) can cause other unpleasant symptoms such as fainting, chest pain and fatigue.

People with heart problems are often put off applying for life insurance, assuming it will be too difficult or complicated. You may even worry you will not be able to get cover at all. Bradycardia does not have to stop you getting the cover you need, and our experts can help you find a great policy at an even better price.

We have helped hundreds of people with heart conditions like bradycardia find the life cover they deserve to protect their homes and families. If you need support to find the right insurance cover, our skilled experts are ready to offer over 20 years’ worth of advice and expertise.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – if you told your insurer you had bradycardia when applying for life insurance or it developed after you already had your policy, you will be covered.

Having a lower heart rate isn’t always a bad thing and often a lower resting heart rate can actually be a sign of being physically fit and exercising regularly. If this is the case and you have no other symptoms, it will be simpler to find the life cover you need.

If your heart rate is significantly low and causes other symptoms or issues, your application can be slightly more complicated. Do not be discouraged though, you just need to make sure you are speaking to the right insurance provider for your needs and medical history.

Does life insurance pay out for bradycardia?

YES – your life insurance policy will pay out a lump sum to your loved ones if you have bradycardia and were to pass away from heart related symptoms.

The only way this would not be the case is if you had bradycardia when you applied and did not disclose this to the provider. If you are worried your bradycardia will affect your cover, it is understandable you may be tempted not to mention it.

How does bradycardia life insurance work?

Life insurance applications will include various questions, to help providers get a better picture of your overall health and lifestyle. There are many factors that can affect your policy and insurers will ask questions about basic things such as your age, height and weight.

If you have a medical condition, you will likely face additional questions related to this. If you are applying for bradycardia life insurance, you might be asked questions about:

  • What your resting heart rate is (lower than 60 beats per minute or ‘bpm’ is classed as bradycardia and lower than 40bpm can cause more serious symptoms)
  • When you were diagnosed with bradycardia
  • Are you on any medications to treat bradycardia?
  • Have you got a pacemaker to stabilise your heart rate?
  • Is your bradycardia caused by a medication or another medical condition? E.g. sleep apnoea or thyroid issues

The insurer might want to also see a medical report from your GP to further assess your health. This can help them make sure you have the right policy in place and improve the validity of your cover.

Medical reports are a common occurrence for life insurance applications and aren’t something you should worry about. The insurer can even get access to this report on your behalf, saving you the hassle of finding the information yourself.

YES – it can be possible to get life insurance with bradycardia and if you are otherwise healthy you may be able to get cover for a lot less than you thought.

An unusually slow heart rate can be a side effect of other medical conditions such as sleep apnoea. If this is the case for you, the insurance provider will assess both conditions as a part of the application process.

You may feel that will be too hard to get cover without ridiculously higher premiums than usual, if you have more than one medical condition. While it isn’t always as straightforward to find the right cover, an insurance expert will be able to help you.

Can I get critical illness cover with bradycardia?

YES – but the insurer may request a medical report from your GP and could even prevent you from claiming for heart related conditions. This is known as a policy ‘exclusion’.

Even if one insurer would place a heart related exclusion on your cover, it doesn’t mean they all will so it can be worth comparing policies across providers. If you do accept cover with an exclusion, you will still be covered for a wide range of other conditions.

Critical illness cover is a worthwhile policy to consider putting in place. It will provide you with a tax-free cash lump sum, to help you support yourself if diagnosed with a serious illness. You can use the funds you receive from a critical illness claim to cover expenses such as:

  • Paying mortgage or rent payments

  • Cost of living for a period of time

  • Adjustments to the home

  • Treatment to help your condition

You can claim for various illnesses and conditions including but not limited to:

How much does bradycardia life insurance cost?

It is a good idea to have any idea of how much you want to pay for your life insurance policy before you apply. This can help you assess your options and see which insurers are offering the cover you need for the price that best suits your budget.

There are several factors that will affect the price you will pay each month for your policy. Basic details such as your age, weight, whether you smoke etc can have an impact on policy cost. Other things that can affect how much you pay are:

With bradycardia life insurance, the insurance provider will also assess things such as the severity of any symptoms you have or if you have any other medical conditions as well. Some providers will offer lower rates than others, so it is a good idea to check pricing with a few before making any decisions.

If you are on a tighter budget or want to lower the cost of the cover you have in place, you may wonder if it is possible to find great life insurance for less. It is absolutely possible to do this, and the key is most often comparison.

Our team of expert insurance advisors can help you compare policies across both mainstream and more specialist providers, to make sure you get the most competitive pricing. There is nothing more frustrating than realising you are paying more than you should to protect your family.

Medical conditions linked to bradycardia

Bradycardia is a heart condition, causing a lower than average resting heart rate. Some people will experience minimal or no symptoms, but some may experience symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Fainting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blockages in the heart

In serious cases, bradycardia could lead to cardiac arrest due to your heart not working properly and effectively enough to pump blood around your entire body. Bradycardia can happen due to medications or various long term health conditions including:

Frequently asked questions about bradycardia

What is the main reason for bradycardia?There are various factors that can cause bradycardia but common reasons include:

Heart attack
Heart disease
Tissue damage
Congenital heart defects
Is bradycardia serious?Bradycardia can cause serious issues if your heart rate is low enough to stop blood pumping around your body sufficiently.
What is the lowest heart rate you can safely have?What is safe will depend on each person. Some people (e.g. athletes) naturally have a lower heart rate and can have no issues or symptoms.

A heart rate lower than 40 bpm (beats per minute) can cause serious symptoms and should be checked/monitored by a doctor.
Is it OK to live with bradycardia?Many people can live a full, healthy life with bradycardia. In people who are very physically fit, it is common to experience a low heart rate with no symptoms.

Life insurance is the best possible way to secure your family’s future. We do understand though, it can seem complicated or difficult to find the right cover. This is especially true if you have a heart condition like bradycardia.

Heart problems are common in the UK, and we have years of expertise in helping people with them find excellent life cover to protect their loved ones. If you don’t know where to start when looking for your cover, our insurance specialists can help.

We are proud to be top-rated in the UK for pre-existing conditions life insurance, as well as being rated 5.0 out of 5.0 stars by our customers with over 1,000 customer reviews!

Useful resources

British Heart Foundation (BHF) – Your heart rate

NHS – Arrythmia

Arrythmia Alliance – Bradycardia

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