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Brain injury and life insurance

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can have short term and long term effects on you. If you’ve suffered a brain injury in the past then here’s our guide to how life insurance works for you.

Often people with medical issues such as brain injuries don’t consider life cover, usually because they don’t think that they can get it.

Access to life insurance to protect your loved ones can be quicker, easier, and cheaper than you might think. Don’t let a medical condition or previous health issue put you off getting your family protected.

According to statistics from the charity Headway.org, there were nearly 350,000 hospital admissions in the UK due to brain injury in 2016-17. This means that out of every 100,000 of the UK population there were 531 admissions.

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Can I get life insurance after a brain injury?

YES – you should be able to get life cover to protect your family after suffering a brain injury or head trauma.

What are the most common brain injuries?

There are several common reasons why people suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

  • Fall or trip (most common in adults over 65)
  • Road traffic accidents (RTA’s)
  • Sports (e.g. Rugby, football, boxing, etc.)
  • The impact from an object
  • Abuse (most common in children under 4 years)
  • Explosions or blast injuries

YES – you’ll be asked questions about any damage or surgery to your brain when you apply for life insurance. Most commonly this will be in the same group of questions as stroke, TIA, and brain haemorrhage.

Common life insurance questions about brain injuries

  • Have you ever had a brain haemorrhage, brain damage, or surgery on your brain?
  • Are you fully recovered?
  • Have you suffered from epilepsy or seizures since the head injury?
  • Did you suffer a skull fracture, brain haemorrhage, or have surgery?
  • Was it a subdural or subarachnoid brain haemorrhage?
  • When did you last have any symptoms?

Will I need a medical for life insurance after a brain injury?

You might need a medical or to provide evidence from your GP, which is normal so don’t worry. Generally, a medical report will be requested if the insurer needs to clarify some information.

If you are asked to provide consent to view your medical records because of a brain injury, then the insurer will obtain the report. In this case, the insurer will be charged a fee to view your medical records.

There are some advantages to insurers viewing your medical records

  • Guaranteed cover: there won’t be any questions about any future claims or premiums
  • Non-disclosure: any information you provide will be referenced against your medical records

Conditions connected to traumatic brain injury

There are some medical conditions that are very closely linked to brain injuries for various reasons.

Best life insurance for brain injuries

There are several different types of life insurance policies that you can get to protect yourself and your family. Each policy will provide cover for different events such as death, sickness, injury, or disability.

Brain injury term life insurance (family protection) is the most popular and common type of life cover because of how much it costs and what it does. If you’ve suffered from a brain injury in the past and you’re concerned about protecting your family then this could be for you.

Brain injury mortgage life insurance (decreasing term) is the best way to protect your mortgage for your family if you die. This type of cover is exactly the same as a family life insurance policy except that the cover reduces over the term, so premiums are lower.

Brain injury critical illness cover is also sometimes available in some circumstances, depending on your circumstances. The choice may be slightly more limited for critical illness cover if you’ve had a brain injury in the past, and especially for those with more severe symptoms.

How much is life insurance with a brain injury?

The main question that people we speak to want answering is, how much is it? Obviously, this is the most important thing because it needs to be a fair, affordable price.

We’ll search the UK’s top insurers to find you the best cover to protect your family, and make sure that the cost is fair!

The price you’ll pay for life insurance with a brain injury will be based on:

  • When you have your brain injury?
  • What did it cause (e.g. skull fracture, brain haemorrhage etc.)?
  • Did you have any surgery?

Common questions about brain injury

Some of the most common questions that people ask about traumatic brain injuries include:

What are the 2 main types of brain injury?The two main types of brain injury are caused by different things, that affect the brain’s ability to function.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the most common which is caused by an impact (a blow to the head), where the brain moves inside the skull.

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is usually linked to pressure on the brain, that can occur from a tumour or a neurological illness such as a stroke.
Can you recover from a brain injury?Most people recover from a mild brain injury (concussion) within weeks or up to 3 months in some cases.

Moderate brain injuries can cause longer-lasting damage, and severe brain injuries are also often long-term.
Does brain injury shorten life expectancy?According to the CDC, the 5-year outcomes for people suffering a traumatic brain injury is:

22% died within 5 years, 30% became worse, 22% maintained their condition levels, and 26% improved their condition.

Useful resources

Mayo Clinic – Traumatic brain injury

Headway (Charity) – Types of brain injury

Headway (Charity) – Supporting you

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