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The facts about life insurance with Cervical Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cervical cancer or had this in the past, then you might think that life insurance isn’t available. Cancer is a serious issue and especially for those who’ve had it or got a family history of it.

Let’s get things straight from the beginning, life insurance is generally available for people like you. Often it’s a lot cheaper and easier to get than you might think as well.

We’ve been helping people just like you, to get life insurance to protect their families and homes. Cervical cancer can be more complicated to get than standard life insurance applications, but this depends on when you had it.

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Life insurance and cervical cancer

If you need more information about this then you can contact any of our team of experts on 0800 009 6559. Here are just a few of the main questions that we get asked…

How does Cervical Cancer affect life insurance?

The common misconception is that it simply isn’t possible to get life insurance if you’ve been diagnosed with any type of cancer. Generally, this isn’t the case, so make sure that you contact a specialist insurance company to find out whether you can get cover and how much it might cost.

As with most types of cancer, your chance of getting life insurance will depend on several main factors:

  • When were you first diagnosed with Cervical Cancer?
  • Which type of treatment did you receive?
  • How long has it been since you stopped primary treatment (e.g. Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy)? *usually 2 years minimum period
  • What was the Grade and Stage of cancer?

You should also note that if you were given abnormal smear results which did not result in any issues then you should simply disclose that on your application but it should not have any impact on your premiums.

The general rule is the longer it has been since you received any treatment for Cervical Cancer or the lower the Grade and Stage then the cheaper life insurance will be.

Most women that we help to get cover who have had this condition are able to get a policy and we would review this annually to try to reduce their premiums.


Can I get life insurance after I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer?

It is very often possible to get life insurance if you were diagnosed with cervical cancer and you received treatment to remove the cells. Generally, there will be a period of time that is required which is usually 2 years from when you last received treatment to when you would be accepted for cover by underwriters. This is to allow the treatment to work and provide a suitable period of remission to show insurers that the risks have reduced significantly.

Most cases that we see where someone is applying for life insurance when they have previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer will be successful. The price can be restrictive in terms of the amount of cover that people can afford particularly soon after diagnosis and after the end of treatment.

You can often find that there will be a period of around 5 to 7 years after diagnosis where life insurance premiums can be higher but this can vary depending on the Grade and Stage of the tumor.

The other main point to consider is that some insurance providers are more lenient and flexible than others when it comes to underwriting cancers. You could save a considerable amount of money on your monthly premiums simply by shopping around or speaking to an expert which ultimately would do that for you.

How long does it take to apply for life insurance with cervical cancer?

The process for applying for life insurance is the same for anyone in terms of the questions that an insurance provider will ask, however, the questions can vary depending on the insurer and any medical disclosures. If you disclose a condition such as cancer then you should be aware that the insurance provider will more than likely want to view your medical records from your GP.

It can take longer to process a life insurance application if the insurer requires to view your medical records, generally 4 to 6 weeks. The reason for this delay is simply that GP surgeries are busy and it can take a few weeks for your surgery to sign-off and return your report to the insurance provider.

How much does life insurance cost with cervical cancer?

Premiums for life insurance can increase depending on several key factors that will determine the levels of increased risk. Generally, premiums can be higher for someone who has been diagnosed and received treatment more recently or if the Grade or Stage of the tumor is higher or more aggressive.

Cancer rates for life insurance as a whole are reducing across the majority of insurers which is due to higher survival rates and increased levels of competition. You might also find that if you have been declined for cover previously then it may now be possible to get cover as time has passed since then and the fact that underwriting rules are generally relaxing.

What if I have been declined life insurance before because I’ve had cervical cancer?

Often people apply for life insurance through the normal channels which include comparison websites, banks, and building societies when they’ve got a pre-existing medical condition. In a large number of cases, it may not be possible to get cover through the standard routes because most of these organisations simply are not equipped to deal with difficult or complex applications.

The reason for this is that most online or automatic underwriting systems are not capable of dealing with non-standard applications. If you have been declined previously because you’ve been diagnosed with cervical cancer then you should speak to an expert or specialist like us.

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Can I get life insurance if I’ve just been diagnosed with cervical cancer?

There are some options available for people who’ve just been diagnosed with cancer. Not every insurance broker has access to these types of products so you’ll need to speak to an expert like us.

Most insurance companies will decline cover for at least 2 years after you receive treatment for cancer. Clearly you still might want cover for other events such as accidental death, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Guaranteed life insurance is a fantastic option for people who’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s difficult to know what’s best in this situation to make sure that your family is protected if anything happens to you.

Can I get critical illness cover with cervical cancer?

It is possible to get critical illness cover if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or have a history of cancer. There are a few things that you’ll need to consider here:

  • Date of diagnosis: you’ll need to be clear for a period of 2 – 5 years depending on the insurer
  • Exclusions: most of these policies will exclude cervical cancer and other cancers

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Can I get income protection with cervical cancer?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, then you might be fully recovered and back to work. If you’re in this situation and you need to get income protection then you should be able to get cover.

Most people in this situation don’t think that income protection is available because of their health or medical history. Once you’ve recovered from cervical cancer and have gone through a period of remission then you’ll be eligible for cover.

Most people who are fully recovered will no doubt want to return to work so will need to consider income protection. You’ll need to check to make sure that whatever policy you’re looking at gives you the cover that you need. Some policies might come with certain exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, such as cervical cancer.

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