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Coeliac disease life insurance

Our team have been asked loads of questions about coeliac disease and life insurance over the years. We know it’s not always easy to figure out what your best option is, or which insurer is the right choice. That’s why we want to help you out and make things clear and simple for you.  

We understand that buying life insurance can seem stressful and confusing, especially if you have a medical condition like coeliac disease. But guess what? There’s normally a lot more options available than you think – and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Choosing the right life insurance can be one of the most important financial decisions you make in your life. Our aim is to explain a bit more about how life insurance works to help you find the proper protection to look after your home and family.

Why are we coeliac disease life insurance experts?

We’ve been around for a long time (over 20 years experience!). This means we’ve talked to a lot of people with coeliac disease and know exactly which questions come up all the time.

Our team of experts can answer questions including:

  • Will coeliac disease affect my life insurance?
  • Can I save money on life insurance when I have coeliac disease?
  • Which insurance companies are the best for someone with coeliac disease?

We’ve spoken to so many customers who need life insurance but simply don’t know how it works or how to get it. This is exactly why we’re here to bust all the myths surrounding life cover, to make it more accessible and understandable for everyone.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – coeliac disease isn’t life threatening, so usually there won’t be any issues getting the life cover you need.

If your symptoms are mild or even moderate, you might find your policy costs a lot less than you thought it would. For most people there will be a wide range of options to choose from, which means you can choose the policy that feels right for you.

There are a range of different life insurance policies available including:

How does coeliac disease life insurance work?

Life insurance should be basically for everyone, even if you have coeliac disease. The main thing that will be slightly different is the application. Don’t worry, there aren’t millions of hoops to jump through to get the cover you need.

Most of the time, you will just be asked a few extra questions about your health and coeliac disease specifically. Insurers could ask things like:

  • When were you diagnosed with coeliac disease?
  • How often do your symptoms flare up?
  • Do you follow a strict gluten free diet?
  • Which medications do you take (if any)?
  • Does coeliac disease ever prevent you from working?
  • Do you have any complications or other health issues?

The good news is that usually this will be more than enough medical information and insurers can offer cover easily.

Does life insurance pay out for coeliac disease?

YES –it’s pretty rare these days for someone to pass away due to coeliac disease. Your life insurance should pay out if this happened though, or if you died from a condition linked to it.

Your life insurance will always be based on your health when you apply. This means it will cover you for any condition you had when you applied e.g. coeliac disease.

Does critical illness cover pay out for coeliac disease?

NO – most of the time critical illness cover won’t pay out for a coeliac disease diagnosis. This is because insurers don’t tend to class coeliac disease as serious enough to need a pay out.

This doesn’t mean critical illness cover isn’t worth it for someone with coeliac disease. You might worry about how you or your family would cope financially if you were to become really ill.

You could receive a cash lump sum if you were diagnosed with a serious condition like:

YES income protection will pay out for pretty much any sickness absence, provided you’re signed off work for 4 or more weeks.

If coeliac disease symptoms or complications mean needing time off to recover, income protection can act as a financial safety net. You’d receive a payment every month to cover a percentage of your usual income (normally 60%).

Will I need a medical to get coeliac disease life insurance?

Good news, most of the time you won’t need a medical for coeliac disease life insurance. Insurers will ask some additional medical questions, but shouldn’t require a report from your GP, nurse screening etc.

How much does coeliac disease life insurance cost?

Insurers look at each life insurance application individually which means the price can vary massively from person to person. You could also end up paying more than you need to if you apply to the wrong companies.

When deciding on the cost of your cover, insurance companies will look at:

  • Your age
  • Your height and weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Type of policy
  • Amount of cover (£s)
  • How long you need cover for (policy term)

If you’ve got coeliac disease, other factors that can affect price include:

  • When you were diagnosed
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Treatments/medications

Remember that although no one wants to pay too much, you’re paying for something that can be very valuable for your loved ones.

How to get cheaper life insurance with coeliac disease

Here’s some of our top tips for saving on your life insurance when you have coeliac disease.

  1. Improve your lifestyle: A few small changes can make a BIG difference. Quitting smoking, exercising more, and losing weight can all lead to lower prices.
  2. Shop around: We’d always recommend doing some research and comparing what a few providers have to offer.
  3. Choose the right insurer: Often the main reason people pay too much is because they pick the wrong provider, where another would be more able to offer a good price.
  4. Speak to a life insurance specialist: Anyone with medical conditions can benefit from a little extra advice to find the right price and policy.
Does coeliac disease affect life insurance?You will be asked questions about coeliac disease when you apply, but it shouldn’t affect the policy itself.
Do I need to declare coeliac disease when I apply for life insurance?YES – if you’re living with coeliac disease, you will need to tell the insurer.  
It’s never worth the risk of not telling them, as this can lead to problems with paying out later on.
Can you claim on life insurance for coeliac disease?YES – you will be able to claim on life insurance when you have coeliac disease.  
Coeliac disease is unlikely to lead to a claim, but if it did your policy would pay out a cash lump sum to support your loved ones.

We’ve put together some helpful information about coeliac disease that hopefully you will find useful.

Medical conditions linked to coeliac disease

There are a number of conditions known to be linked with coeliac disease and some conditions that coeliac disease can lead to.

Celebrities with coeliac disease

People with coeliac disease can control their symptoms through diet and can lead happy and successful lives. There are several public figures who have revealed they have coeliac disease including:

Many other celebrities have been diagnosed as gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive, leading them to remove gluten from their diets. This includes celebrities like:

Coeliac disease charities and support UK

There are some brilliant charities working hard to support people with coeliac disease. These organisations provide useful information and resources for anyone learning more about coeliac disease and its impact.

Coeliac disease statistics UK

Leading charity Coeliac UK states:

  • Coeliac disease affects 1 in 100 people in the UK and Europe
  • It is believed only 30% of people with coeliac disease have an official diagnosis (UK)
  • It can take up to 13 years to be diagnosed with coeliac disease from when symptoms begin
  • If you have coeliac disease, there is a 1 in 10 chance a close family member will be diagnosed with coeliac as well
  • 1 in 4 people with coeliac disease have been treated for IBS previously

Common questions about coeliac disease

What is coeliac disease?Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition which causes your body to attack itself when you eat gluten.
What are the first signs of being coeliac?Some common first symptoms of coeliac disease include:  
Losing weight (unintentional)
Stomach aches
What can trigger coeliac disease?The body mistakes gluten for a threat and then ends up attacking healthy tissue.  
Things that can trigger developing coeliac disease include genetics (family history) and your environment.
Can you suddenly develop coeliac disease?YES – Coeliac disease can develop at any age and symptoms may come on suddenly.

Useful resources

NHS – Coeliac disease

NHS Inform – Coeliac disease

Guts UK – Coeliac disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Support

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