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Coronary angioplasty life insurance

If you have had medical issues causing decreased blood flow to the heart, you may have had a coronary angioplasty to help resolve this. Often you will also have had a stent inserted to improve blood flow to the heart long term.

There are several reasons someone may need a coronary angioplasty. These are:

  • To treat severe symptoms of angina or coronary heart disease
  • As an emergency treatment for someone having a heart attack
  • To treat narrowed or blocked valves and increase blood flow to the heart muscle

We understand that having a significant procedure on your medical record may cause concern as to whether life insurance is accessible for you.

We want to assure you our expert team will be able to help and support you. We can find you an excellent policy with an insurer best suited to your needs.

Will life insurance cover angioplasty?

Yes, you should still be able to get life insurance after angioplasty. This is especially true if it has improved your overall health and symptoms of other conditions.

Coronary angioplasty (sometimes known as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty or coronary balloon angioplasty) is a common procedure in the UK.

Usually an inserted balloon is inflated to move any blockages and widen the artery. This can cause some chest pain temporarily before the balloon is deflated and removed. This surgery is used to treat angina, heart disease and heart attacks.

This means insurers will be familiar with coronary angioplasty procedures and will have spoken to applicants in your position before.

Our team have access to a great panel of insurance companies and have helped many people with issues with their heart and blood vessels find brilliant policies. We can find you great cover that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Learn more about how our experts can help you find great life insurance or check out some of our FAQs.

How does life insurance work with coronary angioplasty?

Coronary angioplasty surgery is a serious procedure and is usually linked to other medical conditions. This can mean an insurer may require a medical report from your GP. This is to assess your overall health before determining if they can offer the cover you need.

This is nothing to worry about and a standard process for many policies if the applicant has a pre-existing medical condition.

An angioplasty will generally improve symptoms of conditions such as heart disease. This means you may even be in a better place to receive cover than if you had serious untreated symptoms.

Can I get life insurance for coronary angioplasty?

According to the British Heart Foundation, more than half of UK residents will develop heart or circulatory conditions in our lifetime. This means chances are anyone could be the recipient of an angioplasty at some point in their life.

Because of this, insurers will most likely have encountered other applicants in your position before. Many providers should be able to offer a suitable level of cover for you.

If you have struggled to find cover with one insurer, it is worth checking with others. You could also consult one of our insurance experts for further advice to find the best deal.

Cheaper life insurance for coronary angioplasty

You can often find cheaper coronary angioplasty life insurance policies by consulting an expert. Speaking to someone familiar with how heart problems can affect your application, can help you avoid potential issues and setbacks.

Our specialists have access to a range of great insurance products and providers. We understand heart issues and the best cover needed in this situation.

We can compare policies across providers to find you the most competitive pricing possible. This ensures you can protect your loved ones without worrying about expensive monthly costs.

Life insurance after stent

Often, an angioplasty will also involve inserting a wire mesh tube known as a “stent” into the heart valve which works to permanently improve blood flow. The bare metal stents will work to keep the artery open long term.

This combination of treatment is commonly known as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). You may worry that having this surgery in your medical records will affect your chances of taking out life insurance.

We want to assure you that you can find excellent life cover even with a stent in most cases. If you go directly to providers, heart conditions and procedures can sometimes complicate the life insurance application process.

Through our provider partnerships, our team has access to specialised deals and policies. We will work tirelessly to find you great cover that you may not otherwise be able to find.

Medical conditions linked to coronary angioplasty

There are several conditions for which coronary angioplasty can be used to treat severe symptoms. These are:

There are also other conditions that can be related to angioplasties or can be coronary angioplasty complications which are:

  • Hypotension after coronary angioplasty (low blood pressure)
  • Stroke
  • Blood transfusion (if bleeding is excessive)
  • Damage to the artery wall
  • Blood clots

Even with an angioplasty or any of the above conditions, do not assume life insurance is out of reach for you.

Our team are specialists when it comes to life insurance after a coronary artery angioplasty. Not to mention we are also the UK’s top rated pre-existing medical conditions life insurance experts.

If you have ever struggled to get life cover due to your health, get in touch with our team. We can offer 5 star service, help and support through every step of your application.

Useful resources for coronary angioplasty

Below we have linked to some useful resources about coronary angioplasties and related issues:

NHS – Coronary angioplasty and stent insertion

British Heart Foundation – Coronary angioplasty and stents

British Heart Foundation – UK Factsheet August 2022

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