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Getting the best life insurance rates with Crohn’s Disease

You might be thinking “why do I need specialist life cover?”.

Crohn’s disease is not life-threatening and therefore does not mean that you’ll have any issues getting life insurance. You’ll often find that most of the top insurance companies offer cover so you just need to find which is cheapest and best for you.

Let’s help you to get affordable life cover to protect your family quickly and hassle-free.

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Crohn’s disease and life insurance

Here are a few of the main questions that we get asked by our customers looking for life cover to protect their loved ones. If you need any more information or have any other questions, then give us a call on 0800 009 6559.

Does Crohn’s affect life insurance?

If you are currently suffering from Crohn’s Disease and you need life insurance, then you’ll need to answer questions like:

  • When were you diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease?
  • What medication are you taking to manage your condition?
  • Have received or are waiting to receive any surgery on your digestive system?
  • Are you currently able to work?
  • When was your last attack and how often do you experience symptoms?

If you are currently awaiting any surgery, you might have to wait for a short period of time until the full cover is available. This is standard practice so don’t worry.

Your premiums for Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance will also depend on:

  • Amount of cover (£’s)
  • Term of policy (years)
  • Type of cover (e.g. Family, Mortgage, Whole of Life, etc.)

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Can someone with Crohn’s disease get life insurance?

There’s a variety of different levels of symptoms for people living with Crohn’s disease so life insurance terms can be simple in most cases.

The majority of people that we help who have been diagnosed with this condition have minor to moderate symptoms. As a result, we generally find it easy to get cover for them. We’ve spoken to thousands of different clients with Crohn’s disease over the past 20 years so we’ve seen lots of different scenarios.

When we complete an application for life insurance for people with Crohn’s disease, we’ll have to ask normal health and lifestyle questions, plus specific questions about this condition. Some of the questions that you’ll be asked about Crohn’s will include:

  • When were you first diagnosed with this condition?
  • Are you awaiting results or referrals for any scans, tests, investigations, or surgery?
  • Have you suffered any symptoms such as eye problems, joint pain, Liver disease, Anaemia, or Bile Duct problems?
  • What treatment are you on (e.g. Steroids, Immunosuppressants, or hospital treatment)?
  • Have you had any hospital treatment or treated with medication?
  • When did you last experience any symptoms or flare-ups?

These are some of the types of questions that you’ll be asked by some of our team of advisers which gives underwriters information about your medical history. More and more we’re able to get decisions immediately without the need for further medical underwriting (GP Reports) for people with Crohn’s disease.

Has Coronavirus (COVID-19) changed Life Insurance for people with Crohn’s disease?

The recent pandemic which has swept the globe has had a major impact on life insurance underwriting as a whole, but especially for autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s disease. The life insurance market had to react at the time with certain restrictions being placed on several main areas such as:

  • Amount of cover (sum assured)
  • Certain medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions, and autoimmune diseases)
  • Length of policies (Term)
  • Medical underwriting limits

Most applications that our iam|INSURED experts dealt with through Coronavirus was either accepted with some restrictions or were postponed until after the main period of risk had ended. The majority of people with Crohn’s disease were still able to get life insurance through the COVID-19 pandemic however you may need to review your cover once things relax back to normal again.

Some of the additional questions that were being asked by life insurance providers through Coronavirus included:

  • Are you currently self-isolating?
  • Have you experienced symptoms of Coronavirus?
  • Have you been exposed to the risk of contracting the virus?
  • Do you know anyone with COVID-19?

There is a short term impact on the life insurance market, especially for people with certain medical conditions, which could have a long term effect on life insurance terms as well.

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Which are the best life insurance companies for people with Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease has a wide range of severity levels so the best life insurance provider will vary depending on how bad your symptoms are. Most of the more common high street insurance companies offer life insurance for people with Crohn’s so you should be able to get cover fairly easily.

Some insurance underwriters are better than others when it comes to auto-immune conditions like Crohn’s disease. It can be difficult to know which one is best for you, which is where we can help you.

Our many years of experience and close connections with top specialist underwriters means that we’re here to help. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of people with Crohn’s disease and other conditions to get the best cover.

We’ll complete a very quick medical questionnaire and then speak to insurance underwriters for you. Our mission is to make sure that our customers get the best cover to protect their families and save money.

Is Critical Illness Cover available with Crohn’s disease?

This type of cover can be essential to make sure that you and your family are protected if you get diagnosed with a serious illness. In most cases, it is possible to get critical illness cover with Crohn’s disease. There are several major insurance providers who would offer this type of cover to you.

Some of the main things that will be considered on an application for critical illness cover for someone with Crohn’s are:

  • When was your last flare-up/attack?
  • What treatment or medication do you take?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Does your condition affect your ability to work or your daily life?
  • Have you had any hospitalisation or surgery?

Where the condition is well managed with mild symptoms, you’ll find it pretty straightforward to get cover. If there are some minor complications or if your symptoms are more severe then you could have some restrictions applied.

Critical illness cover terms for people with Crohn’s disease can also vary dramatically between insurers. Let iam|INSURED take the stress and hassle out of searching for the best policies to suit you.

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Is Income Protection available for people with Crohn’s disease?

Income protection or accident and sickness style policies can be a lifeline if you’re unable to work. This type of cover would payout if you’re unable to work because you were ill or involved in an accident. For someone with Crohn’s disease, generally, you can get income protection or accident and sickness cover.

There’s a vast range of different types of income protection and accident & sickness policies to suit all budgets and needs. Obtaining the right cover for you should be possible regardless of whether you have Crohn’s.

Premiums for income protection can vary dramatically between insurers and depending on your symptoms. It’s important to seek valid advice to make sure that you get the correct cover and don’t pay more than necessary.

For people with mild to moderate symptoms, it should be pretty straightforward in most cases. There’s a range of different insurers for us to consider in these cases and lots of options to choose from generally. If your symptoms are more severe then you might consider looking at an Accident & Sickness policy. This can work out very cost-effective and give you the cover you need.

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Crohn’s Disease income protection amounts of cover

An Income Protection policy can provide a strong sense of security for people with Crohn’s Disease should they become unable to work. An Income Protection policy is designed to help policyholders deal with the loss of income due to severe illness and claims can be made as needed during your policy term.

If you are self-employed or have concerns about loss of income, an Income Protection policy can help to provide peace of mind. People who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and have mild symptoms or have not suffered an attack for a substantial period may be able to obtain an Income Protection policy on standard terms.

However, for most people with Crohn’s Disease, Income Protection will require you to agree to the exclusion or pay a higher rated policy. When deciding how much Crohn’s Disease Income Protection you will require, you should closely consider:

  • Monthly income (after tax)
  • Mortgage/rent payments
  • Debts (other)
  • Cost of living

Exclusions for Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection

It is important to remember when applying for any Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance that insurance agents may include an ‘exclusion’ on your policy. An exclusion would make you unable to claim for any symptoms or medical conditions that are believed to be related to your Crohn’s Disease.

This could affect your eligibility for additional benefits such as Total and Permanent Disability, Guaranteed Insurability, or Waiver of Premium. If you chose to accept a Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, or Income Protection policy with an exclusion it’s important that you are fully aware of what will be covered.

How much life cover do I need?

The amount of cover you should apply for is entirely dependent on your financial circumstances. When making any application for Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance you should ensure that you have accounted for all your potential expenses and have a clear idea of the amount you may need. If you are finding this difficult there are some simple rules you can apply to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

During your application for Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, or Income Protection, it’s important you are aware of any loading or exclusions that may be added to your policy. This will often occur after underwriting and could have an effect on how affordable your life insurance policy may be.

Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance amounts of cover

When discussing the amount of cover you may need it is best to consider:

  • The amount left to pay on your mortgage.
  • Any outstanding debt (e.g. Loans, second charge, credit cards, and others)
  • Dependants
  • Spouse or Partner
  • Annual Income (after Tax)
  • Any financial assets (e.g. car, house, business, etc.)

If you feel unsure or require more information to decide how much Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance you will require to secure your family and home, see our iam|INSURED life insurance calculator.

What are the common issues with getting life insurance with Crohn’s disease?

There are some potential complications that can cause some possible problems when looking for life insurance. We don’t like to focus too much on the negative points and in this case, there are only a couple of things, including:

  • Colostomy bags can cause some possible issues when applying for life insurance if the bag was fitted recently. If you’ve had a bag fitted and there are issues or you’re awaiting further treatment then you might need to wait
  • Recent or awaiting surgery can also cause insurance underwriters to ask further questions about your condition or can mean you may need to wait for the cover

Declined cover previously doesn’t have to mean that this is the end of the road so speak to an expert like iam|INSURED you should be able to get at least some coverage in most cases so make sure that you speak to one of our experts before you make any decisions.

Crohn’s Disease Critical Illness cover amounts

Critical Illness Cover works a little differently than a standard life insurance policy. Critical Illness Cover will provide a tax-free lump sum should you be diagnosed with a critical or serious illness. This money can then be used to help recoup the loss of earnings or pay for additional treatment.

Many people with Crohn’s Disease can obtain Critical Illness Cover at standard terms however each application is considered on a case-by-case basis. This means if your medical condition is more severe you may have an exclusion or pay a higher premium. When considering Critical Illness Cover you should account for:

  • Your annual income (after Tax)
  • Mortgage/rental payments (annual)
  • Cost of living (annual)
  • Any other potential costs (e.g. medical treatment or adaptations)

If you need more information about life insurance, critical illness cover, or income protection, try giving us a call. You can contact us FREE on 0800 009 6559.


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