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Cystic fibrosis life insurance

People with more complex medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis often don’t think they can get life cover. It’s true that it can be more complicated but in some cases, it is possible to get life insurance with cystic fibrosis.

Thanks to significant medical advancements in recent years, many people with cystic fibrosis can live long and healthy lives.

The current life expectancy for someone with cystic fibrosis is roughly age 44, which has increased significantly over the past two decades. The most common cause of death for people with CF is lung complications.

People are also now being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis much later in life, thanks to DNA testing. The oldest person to be diagnosed with CF currently was in the U.S. at age 82, the UK wasn’t far behind with a person age 79.

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Life insurance with cystic fibrosis

Many people with more severe medical conditions are often put off applying for life cover because of bad experiences, or they don’t think that it’s available. Often people with medical conditions like cystic fibrosis will have families they need to protect and the same need for cover.

Can someone with cystic fibrosis get life insurance?

YES – in many cases it is possible to get some sort of life insurance to protect your family and your home. While it’s true that your options may be more limited, there are still plenty of ways to get life cover.

You may be able to get life insurance through some mainstream insurers with cystic fibrosis, depending on your age and the severity of your symptoms. If your condition is well controlled, especially if you don’t have many restrictions on daily life.

If your symptoms are more severe then you might find that life cover through the standard channels could be limited.


Guaranteed life insurance with cystic fibrosis

If you can’t get life insurance through the normal insurance brands and high-street insurers, then you should be able to get a ‘guaranteed life insurance’ policy.

Guaranteed life insurance is available through some more specialist or expert companies for people with more complex needs. You will often find that these policies are very reasonably priced as they don’t ask any medical questions.

The only major restriction with this type of cover is that any pre-existing medical condition will be excluded. If you have cystic fibrosis then you will be excluded for it and anything linked to your current medical condition.

The things to remember with guaranteed life insurance for cystic fibrosis are:

  • Cover for anything not connected: you will still be covered for conditions not connected to your cystic fibrosis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, HIV, accidental death, and more
  • Affordable premiums: often premiums for this type of cover will start at around £10 per month so can be very reasonable

Will I need a medical for cystic fibrosis life insurance?

Generally, if you are able to apply for life insurance through mainstream insurers with cystic fibrosis, then you’ll need to provide medical evidence. This is normal and you shouldn’t worry that it’s anything specific to you because of your health.

If you are asked to provide permission to view your medical records then you’ll simply need to give verbal or written permission. This simply means that your insurer can request to view a copy of your medical records from your GP.

You don’t need to pay for this and you won’t need to obtain anything yourself, as this should all be done by the insurer.

How much is life insurance with cystic fibrosis?

This is probably the most common question and the most difficult question to answer, simply because of how many elements there are. The cost of life insurance for cystic fibrosis patients will be based on:

  • Your age (at application)
  • Amount of cover
  • Type of cover
  • Length of your policy
  • Your health and severity of symptoms
  • Which insurer you apply to

There are a lot of ways for you to potentially get cheaper life insurance with cystic fibrosis, including reducing your amount of cover and a shorter term.

Common questions about cystic fibrosis

There are several more common questions that people ask about cystic fibrosis or things that people want to know about the condition. These include things like:

Can you live a long life with cystic fibrosis?
Over the past five decades, the average life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis has increased dramatically. Even in the past 15 years, life expectancy for someone with CF has increased from 27 years to 44 years, thanks to better treatment.

What is the main cause of cystic fibrosis?
Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that is inherited from parents caused by the mutation of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CTFR) gene. Someone with CF will have inherited 2 copies of the CTFR gene, which will be one from each parent. For this to happen, both parents must have at least one copy of the defective gene. A carrier has one copy of the gene but does not have the disease.

Useful information for people with cystic fibrosis

NHS Choices – cystic fibrosis overview
Link: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cystic-fibrosis/

CF Trust charity
Link: https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk/

Cystic fibrosis awareness day – 18th June (Wear Yellow Day)

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