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Declined Life Insurance – what to do next

Have you recently been declined life insurance cover? We’re guessing that you’re probably feeling a little lost, unsure where to turn

We have over 25 years expertise in helping those who have been declined life insurance, by working with a number of top life insurance companies, to find you the most suitable policy. We specialise in sourcing affordable policies covering a wide range of medical conditions, along with other policies such as:

If you’ve previously been declined life insurance cover, we can support you through the process to obtain suitably, yet affordable policies, helping you protect your priorities.

When completing your life insurance policy, we ask that you provide details such as your medical history, along with your family history of medical conditions. This will help us gauge whether your circumstances fall on the higher risk spectrum – thus providing a possible reason why you’ve been declined life insurance previously.

By providing the above details, it will aid our team of experts to decide the best possible route to take when sourcing life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection, and travel insurance for those who’ve been declined life insurance.

Find out more – Why have I been refused life insurance?

Here, we answer some of the most asked questions we receive from customers who have had cover declined in the past.

Can I be declined for life insurance?YES – It is possible that an insurer will decline to provide cover if they think you have a high risk of claiming.

This can happen for various reasons, but doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to get cover elsewhere.
Why was my life insurance declined?There are a number of reasons an insurer could refuse to offer cover. The most common reasons are:

Pre-existing medical conditions
High risk hobby
Dangerous occupation

All these things could make you more likely to claim on your policy. We are proud to be the UK’s #1 experts for life insurance for medical conditions and dangerous hobbies/occupations.

Usually if your application has been declined the insurer will explain why this has happened.

If you have been declined in the past, speak to one of our experts to find out what your best options for cover are.
Can I get life insurance after being declined?YES – Just because you have previously been declined for cover doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to get a policy.

It is possible you were simply applying to the wrong insurer for your lifestyle or medical history. There are a range of great providers in the UK, with several offering specialist cover for certain conditions or occupations.

To find out more, speak to one of our experts for further information and advice.

If you have been declined life insurance previously, we can offer the above support by also providing you with free quotes on a variety of life insurance policies. This service is complimentary, and a cost will only be necessary if you purchase a policy through our insurance providers.

Contact our team of experts today at 0800 009 6559 for advice on how to move forward after being declined life insurance.

Alternatively, if we believe that life insurance cover isn’t suitable for your requirements, we will point you in the right direction for an alternative appropriate policy. Do not worry if you’ve been declined life insurance previously, we will source a form of protection for you!

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