About iam|INSURED and why we’re different

We're experts in life insurance and health insurance, especially for people with medical conditions, dangerous jobs and hazardous activities. We've helped thousands of families to get the best protection over the past 20 years and make sure that they pay a 'fair price'. Everyone is different and their financial needs are unique to them... which is why we treat everyone as individuals and do our best t help. We're also rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by our customers

Declined Life Insurance – How to move forward

Have you recently been declined life insurance cover? We’re guessing that you’re probably feeling a little lost, unsure where to turn?

Here at iam|INSURED, we have experience in helping those who have been declined life insurance, by working with our number of top life insurance companies, to find you the most suitable policy. We specialise in sourcing affordable policies covering a wide range of medical conditions, along with generic cover such as income protection, critical illness cover and travel insurance. We additionally have policies suitable for business owners, shareholders and associates. To view our life insurance areas, click here .

I have been declined life insurance – What should I do?

If you’ve previously been declined life insurance cover, we can support you through the process to obtain suitable, yet affordable policies, helping you protect your priorities.

When completing your life insurance policy, we ask that you provide details such as your medical history, along with your family history of medical conditions. This will help us gauge whether your circumstances fall on the higher risk spectrum – thus providing a possible reason of why you’ve been declined life insurance previously.

By providing the above details, it will aid our team of experts to decide the best possible route to take when sourcing life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and travel insurance for those who’ve been declined life insurance.

Get a free quote today if you’ve been declined life insurance

If you have been declined life insurance previously, we can offer the above support by also providing you with free quotes on a variety of life insurance policies. This service is complimentary, and a cost will only be necessary if you purchase a policy through our insurance providers.

Contact our team of experts today for advice on how to move forward after being declined life insurance 01244 732 890.

Alternatively, if we believe that life insurance cover isn’t suitable for your requirements, we will point you in the right direction for an alternative appropriate policy. Do not worry if you’ve been declined life insurance previously, we will source a form of protection for you!