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Fibromyalgia life insurance

The very best way to give yourself peace of mind is that you and your loved ones are protected, no matter what life throws at you. You can take out life cover and critical illness cover to protect your family if you have been or get diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

It’s important to make sure that you get the best deal for life insurance and that your cover is right for you.

It is estimated that 5.5% of the UK population is living with fibromyalgia and approximately 14,000 are diagnosed every year. Even though symptoms can start at any age, the most common ages for diagnosis are between 20 and 60 years of age.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Does life insurance cover fibromyalgia?

YES – in the unlikely event that you die because of the effects of fibromyalgia or anything connected to this condition, your family will be protected.

The main question that most people have about life insurance is ‘will it pay out?’ to your family and loved ones. The fact is that life cover pays out an average of roughly 98% of claims which is one of the highest rates for any insurance policy.

Although fibromyalgia is not considered to be life-threatening, there are many other reasons for taking out life insurance. Some of the most common reasons for people taking out life cover:

  • Mortgage protection
  • To pay for rent
  • School fees
  • Tax liabilities

Life insurance will pay out a tax-free lump sum to your beneficiaries (family or dependents) that can be used for almost any purpose.

Will critical illness cover pay out for fibromyalgia?

A critical illness cover policy is designed to pay out a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

Most policies will not cover fibromyalgia specifically but there are other connected conditions that might be covered. Fibromyalgia. You might also be at risk of developing other health problems that are covered.

Critical illness cover will protect you for medical conditions like:

This type of cover will protect you and your family against the financial impact of a diagnosis of a serious medical problem.

Does income protection cover fibromyalgia?

YES – if you are unable to work for a period of time because of symptoms of fibromyalgia (usually 4 weeks or more) then your income protection will pay out.

Once you have been signed off by your GP or doctor then your policy should kick in after your deferment period. There are many reasons why you might not be able to work if you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the symptoms can be quite severe.

Most policies would pay out from around 4 weeks and should protect you for up to 1 or 2 years, depending on your cover.

The most common reason for people taking out this type of cover is to replace their income during long-term periods of sickness. You should also be able to take out a level of cover that is either 60% or 80% of your gross monthly salary.

You can use your policy to pay for:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Rent (accommodation)
  • Household bills
  • School fees

Most people think that they would be supported by the government with Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if they were unable to work. In reality, you would receive only £90 per week if you were not fit to work for several weeks or more.

In reality, there are many reasons why you might not be able to work because of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and life insurance

You might also have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and want to know how to get life insurance or critical illness coverage.

Can you get life insurance if you have fibromyalgia?

YES – you should have lots of options for life cover if you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Most of the mainstream insurers will consider applications for people with this condition and there should be several options for you. You should also be able to get affordable cover to protect your family and loved ones.

Some insurers are better than others for fibromyalgia so you can save money with the right life insurance company.

An expert in dealing with medical conditions like fibromyalgia will know which insurance providers are best for you. You can get the best cover simply by applying to the right life insurance company and speaking to a specialist advisor.

Does fibromyalgia affect life insurance?

NO – if you apply for life insurance with fibromyalgia then your cover will be the same as a standard policy.

Life insurance offers the same protection for your family regardless of whether or not you have fibromyalgia. Your cover will also include any health risks related to any pre-existing medical condition such as this.

You will need to answer some questions about your medical history and provide some information about your fibromyalgia. You could be asked questions such as:

  • What type of medication are you prescribed? (e.g. anti depressants)
  • Do you need any mobility aids because of fibromyalgia symptoms?
  • How long ago you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia
  • How severe are your symptoms? Can you work or do your symptoms prevent this?

Fibromyalgia life insurance underwriting

If you apply for life insurance then you’ll go through a group of medical questions which is called ‘underwriting’.

When you disclose a medical condition like fibromyalgia, then you will be asked several questions specific to your health. This is to assess your application based on the information that you have provided about your medical history.

There are 3 potential outcomes here which are:

  • Digital underwriting is where you are asked several questions on your online application and offered immediate cover
  • Manual underwriting is where you would be asked to provide information about your fibromyalgia and then the application is reviewed by a manual underwriter
  • Medical underwriting is the same as manual underwriting but you would be asked to give permission to view your medical records from your GP

Can you get critical illness cover with fibromyalgia?

YES – it is possible to get critical illness insurance cover with a history of fibromyalgia and you should have a choice of several insurers in most cases.

We often speak to people with fibromyalgia looking for this type of policy and we recommend getting cover if it’s available. There are many different reasons for taking critical illness cover and especially for those who already have a pre-existing medical condition.

In most of the applications that we deal with for fibromyalgia critical illness cover, there are often several options. If your symptoms are mild and have no major impact on your lifestyle then you should find that premiums are very reasonable.

Can you get income protection with fibromyalgia?

There are usually options for income protection with a history of fibromyalgia, especially where symptoms are mild.

Your options will generally be based on your current health so it’s always advisable to look at this option during your ‘good periods’. If you have remained symptom-free for over 12 months then this is a great time to be looking at this option.

There are many options for income protection that can range from standard cover with the normal insurers, to specialist insurer cover and solutions.

It’s important to consider what you want from income protection and then see what is available for you. There are so many options that it can be confusing and especially for people with fibromyalgia or other pre-existing conditions.

Some other things to consider with income protection for people with fibromyalgia are:

  • Exclusions which is where you are offered a policy with some pre-existing conditions not included so you cannot claim for those
  • Disclose your medical history is important or you might find that your policy is void if you need to claim

Medical conditions linked to fibromyalgia

There are several medical and health conditions that are commonly linked to fibromyalgia, including:

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask when looking for information about fibromyalgia.

What are the first signs of fibromyalgia?There are several early warning signs for someone developing symptoms of fibromyalgia, including:

Fatigue or tiredness
Difficulty concentrating
Memory loss
Low energy levels
Muscle spasm
Toes and fingers numb or tingling
What are the 7 stages of fibromyalgia?If you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia then you would generally go through several stages for this condition that includes:

Muscle pain
TMJ pain
Neuropathic pain
Abdominal and pelvic pain
Is fibromyalgia terminal?NO – There is no impact on life expectancy with fibromyalgia or additional risks of developing other life-threatening diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, dementia, or cancer.

There is also no known cure for fibromyalgia.

Expert advice for life insurance and fibromyalgia UK

Life insurance can provide much needed peace of mind, so you know your family won’t struggle financially after you are gone.

If you are struggling to find the life insurance you need after a fibromyalgia diagnosis, it is important to make sure you are speaking to the right people. An insurance expert with the right background and expertise will be able to compare hundreds of quotes from the UK’s leading insurers quickly and easily.

Useful resources

We have looked to see what resources are available online for people with fibromyalgia or if you just need more information about this condition.

NHS Choices – Fibromyalgia

FMA UK – What does FMA UK do? (Charity)

Fibromyalgia Friends Together – About Fibromyalgia

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