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Heart attack life cover

Every year there are over 100,000 people admitted to the hospital because of a heart attack. That means that someone suffers a heart attack every 5 minutes. If you’ve been through this and you need life cover to protect your family, knowing what to do can be difficult.

Heart attack life insurance is often available through several insurers and is easier than you might think.

Don’t be put off applying for life insurance if you’ve suffered from a heart attack!

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Best life insurance after heart attacks

Here’s a bit about how to get the right cover to protect your family after a heart attack. Buying life insurance after suffering a heart attack can be confusing so here are a few hints and tips to help.


Can you get life insurance after a heart attack?

In most cases, it is possible to get a new life insurance policy after a heart attack. If you’ve applied for life cover in the past then you might know how the process works.

You might also have applied for life insurance in the past and been declined, which isn’t necessarily a problem either.

What insurers ask about heart attacks:

  • When was your heart attack?
  • How many have you had?
  • Did you have any surgery after your heart attack?
  • Do you have any other related medical conditions?

Some of the things that might help with getting life insurance for heart attack survivors include:

  • Did you have any stents fitted?
  • Was your heart attack over 6 months ago?

If you successfully received surgery or treatment after suffering a heart attack then your life cover premiums may be lower. Also, the longer that you have survived after treatment or an attack you should pay less for cover.

Life insurance for heart attack patients

There’s usually a waiting period of time which is a minimum of six months after suffering a heart attack. If you are a heart attack patient and you need life cover then you might want to get life cover sorted.

It’s natural to want to sort out your finances after a major event like this. Protecting your family’s financial future is critical and especially for those who have been through something as big as this.

Guaranteed life insurance after a heart attack

There are also options for getting cover immediately after a heart attack which is available. You could get a guaranteed life insurance policy that will exclude anything linked to heart disease.

While this might not be ideal, it does provide you with some cover for things like accidental death or non-related conditions, like cancer.

This is something that provides an amount of cover until a fully underwritten policy is available after 6 months.

Life insurance for heart attack survivors

It is estimated that there are currently approximately 1.4 million heart attack survivors alive in the UK today. Also, there are over 900,000 people living with heart failure according to recent statistics from the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Treatment for heart attacks is constantly improving and so are life insurance rates. It is becoming increasingly likely that you’ll be accepted for cover after a heart attack thanks to better care and improved underwriting.

If you’ve applied for cover before and been refused then speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Term life insurance after a heart attack

A term life insurance policy is also known as ‘family protection’ or ‘level term life cover’ which is designed to protect your loved ones. This type of cover will pay out a lump sum on death throughout the term of your cover.

Term life insurance is the same underwriting as any other type of life cover (e.g. mortgage life insurance), so will be available after a heart attack generally.

Does life insurance cover heart attack?

Yes – if you’ve got life insurance and you suffer a heart attack then you will be covered. There are a couple of things to consider if you have life cover and you are concerned about heart attacks.

  • Life insurance heart attack payout: your family (beneficiaries) will receive a lump sum if you die after suffering a heart attack
  • Critical illness cover heart attack payout: this is considered to be a core condition for this type of cover so you should be paid a lump sum on diagnosis
  • Income protection heart attack payout: you should be able to claim on your policy if you are unable to work because of a heart attack

Is a heart attack a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes – you’ll be asked whether you have ever suffered from a heart attack when you apply for life cover. Cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and heart disease are a substantial part of any life insurance questionnaire.

There are a number of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) that are also closely linked to heart attacks, including:

These conditions can be closely linked to heart attacks and you will be asked about these on your application.

If you have any of these conditions linked to your heart condition then they will be taken into account as well.

Do you need to tell life insurance about heart attacks?

If you’ve suffered a heart attack then you’ll need to declare it on your application for life cover. You will be asked about this condition by almost all insurance providers and it’s important, to be honest.

Failing to disclose important information about your health may invalidate cover, especially as critical as this.

Common questions about heart attacks

Here are some of the most common questions about heart attacks

How long can you live after a heart attack?

Generally, after suffering from a heart attack, many people will continue to live a long and productive life assuming that they stay healthy. There are however approximately 20% of heart attack victims over the age of 45 that will have another heart attack within 5 years of the first.

Does suffering a heart attack shorten your life?

The quick answer is yes, according to statistics from the United States National Vital Statistics Reports, the life expectancy of a 65-69-year-old is 18.7 years, which is reduced to 8.3 years after a heart attack. A recent study also shows that as many as 65% of heart attack sufferers die within 8 years.

What are the chances of surviving a heart attack?

According to the latest figures, over 90% of individuals who suffer a myocardial infarction will survive. This is a technical term used for heart attack, which means that the area around the heart is damaged and dying due to an interruption of blood flow.

What does a heart attack feel like?

The majority of heart attacks (Myocardial infarction) begin with a feeling of discomfort in the middle of the chest area that lasts for several minutes (or it can stop and then start again). You might feel uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, or pain in areas of the upper body.


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