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IBD and life insurance

IBD or inflammatory bowel disease is the common term that is used to describe ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. This medical condition affects approximately 300,000 people in the UK which is 1 in every 210 people.

If you’ve been diagnosed with IBD and you need to get your life cover sorted, here’s some information to help.

It’s important to note that IBD is not life-threatening and you should be able to get life insurance from most insurers. You’ll be asked some questions about your health and your medical condition but that’s normal.

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IBD and insurance

Living with an inflammatory bowel disease can be difficult at times and people don’t necessarily understand why. Many people feel that these conditions are not serious, but they can cause very severe discomfort and even pain.

Getting the best life insurance with an inflammatory bowel disease can seem confusing if you don’t where to look.

Here are a few common questions and some useful information about IBD life insurance

Is IBD a pre-existing medical condition for life insurance?

These conditions are classed as chronic with no known cure currently so you will need to tell your insurer. It is common for you to be asked for information about any bowel disorders such as these so that’s normal.

If you’re asked about it, then it’s very important to disclose any information as truthfully and accurately as possible.


Can I get life insurance with IBD?

YES – you should be able to get life cover with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis from most insurers. It may also be possible for you to get life insurance without the need for a medical or GP report, potentially instant cover.

Your application will ask for information about your health and your medical status. Questions will include:

  • In the last 5 years have you had Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, or anything else affecting your stomach bowel, or digestive system?
  • When were you first diagnosed?
  • Are you awaiting any hospital referrals, tests, investigations, or surgery?
  • Have you ever suffered from eye inflammation, joint pain, liver disease, anaemia, or bile duct problems?
  • In the last 12 months have you had Mesalazine, Asacol, Sulfasalazine, Steroids (e.g. Prednisolone), Immunosuppressant (e.g. Azathioprine, Mercaptopurine, or Methotrexate), or had any hospital in-patient treatment

Does life insurance cover IBD?

YES – standard life insurance does not exclude pre-existing medical conditions so you’ll be covered for this and anything related.

If you have failed to disclose your IBD on your application then you might find that your claim could be adjusted, or even declined.

There are also guaranteed life insurance plans that will automatically accept you if you don’t want to discuss your condition. This is however generally considered to be a less comprehensive policy and will exclude your pre-existing medical conditions.

IBD life insurance payout

If you take out a new life insurance policy then you’ll be covered from the day that your policy goes live. From this date, your family will receive a lump-sum payment upon death which is to keep them financially secure in the future.

Life insurance is designed to pay out a cash lump sum to your beneficiaries which will help them financially in the future. This payment can be to clear your mortgage, pay rent, pay for school fees, and continue to live in financial comfort.

Make sure that you allow for sufficient cover to protect your loved ones now but also in the future.

Best IBD insurance

There are a few options when it comes to life cover with IBD, as well as other types of cover that we offer.

Types of cover

  • Life insurance with IBD is generally designed to pay a (tax-free) cash lump sum and can be very flexible in terms of levels of cover. You’ll also be able to change things like the sum assured and term to make the policy more affordable if you need to
  • Mortgage life insurance with IBD is the same as a life insurance policy apart from it decreases in line with your mortgage (capital and repayment mortgage). This is purely designed for one purpose so should not be used to protect your family
  • Critical illness cover with IBD is also usually available as long as your symptoms are not too severe and there are no other medical issues. If you need critical illness cover then you should ask your adviser to see what is available and to check out which options are affordable to you
  • Income protection with IBDis often available from most insurers as long as your symptoms are mild to moderate, and no other medical issues. You might have some exclusions which mean that your current medical condition won’t be covered, but this is fairly normal unfortunately

Other types of cover include:

  • Health insurance with IBD
  • Travel insurance with IBD

If you need more specific information about your medical condition then you can also check out:

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