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Impaired life insurance

There is a common term that is used in the life insurance industry for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The term ‘impaired life insurance’ is an industry term for people who are classed as non-standard because of their health or medical history. If you have a pre-existing medical condition and you need life insurance to protect your family then you might be classed as an impaired life.

This is purely industry jargon and does not in any way imply that you are in poor health or at higher risk.

According to statistics from 2019, approximately 24.4% of the UK population has at least one underlying health condition.

Age groups and categories% of the population with health conditions
Children of school age8.3% (1 in 12)
Adults of working age19.6% (1 in 5)
Adults over 7066.2% (2 in 3)
People with multimorbidity7.1% (1 in 14)

This clearly shows that there is a relatively high % of the UK’s population is impacted by some medical or health complications.

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Impaired life insurance providers

There are some insurers that are better than others for certain medical conditions as well as specialists for more severe conditions.

It can be confusing to know what to do to get the best cover and the cheapest options when you’ve got a pre-existing medical condition. There are plenty of options generally, depending on your medical history and the severity of your symptoms.

The most common impaired life insurance providers are the ones that offer better terms for the main medical conditions. Some of the best providers depending on your medical circumstances are:


Impaired risk life insurance specialists

There are some companies that have invested time and effort to become specialists in non-standard risks. These organisations are also known as ‘impaired risk life insurance specialists’ based on this expertise.

This means that most of their time is focused on working with and helping people with pre-existing medical conditions to get life insurance.

What is impaired risk life insurance?

The term ‘impaired risk’ is purely an industry-specific term that has become more widely known because of insurers terminology.

An impaired risk life insurance application is simply an application for cover with a medical disclosure. This can range dramatically from one individual to another based on your circumstances and situation.

Impaired life insurance brokers

An insurance broker is a company that people can use to find the best deal for them based on their panel of insurers.

The term broker is used to describe an organisation that has a panel of multiple insurers or who is whole-of-market (all insurers). You can use these companies to help you to find the cheapest and best cover for you from their panel.

What are the most common impaired life insurance conditions?

Some people are put off applying for life insurance to protect their families because of their medical history.

This can particularly apply to people with more severe medical conditions, the most common of which are:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Liver disease

There are also a number of less severe and lifestyle-based conditions that are common for impaired risk life insurance:

  • Diabetes
  • Mental health
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Neurological conditions
  • Obesity (high BMI)

There are literally millions of variables for people with pre-existing medical conditions, so your situation may be unique. The most common questions when assessing impaired life insurance applications are:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • What is your treatment or medication?
  • How severe are your symptoms?
  • Do you have any restrictions on living activities?
  • Are you able to work?

Impaired life insurance UK

Each country will have their own medical profile which may be different to others because of social factors, such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

In the UK there are some different risks to other nations due to our lifestyle and our healthcare system. Some of the other factors to take into consideration are treatments and medical support that is provided.

Survival rates for pre-existing medical conditions in the UK will also be different to other countries, especially due to our NHS and healthcare systems.

We are extremely proud to be the ONLY company in the UK that currently provides online impaired risk life insurance quotes.

Visit iam|INSURED Online to get your quote in minutes and find out how much life insurance might cost. Our unique online system will search our panel of insurers to get the best quote for you based on your health.

Impaired risk life insurance underwriting

You may also be familiar with the term ‘underwriting’ which is a specific term used by insurers to assess risk.

Your application will be processed through manual or automated underwriting, depending on your insurance company and the severity of your symptoms. You might also be asked to provide medical evidence to support your application for life cover depending on your circumstances.

Top medical conditions for life insurance underwriting:

Common questions about impaired life insurance

What is impaired lives?Impaired lives is an industry term for life insurance. This means that your physical condition (health) is below the level required for standard insurance rates.
Can you get life insurance if you are already ill?YES – It is possible for people with a range of different conditions to get life insurance.

It is always useful to get advice from a medical conditions life insurance expert if you have a pre-existing condition. This helps you make sure you are getting the fairest possible price for your cover.
Can you be refused life insurance?YES – In some cases, an insurer might decline to provide you cover due to your health.

This doesn’t mean there are no options available for you though. An insurance expert will know which providers are best to apply to for someone with your medical condition.


Useful resources

Merriam-Webster Dictionary – Impaired life meaning

NHS – Health conditions A-Z

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