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Kidney cancer life insurance

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life changing event and one that will involve challenges and stress for you and your loved ones.

According to Macmillan Cancer Support, 12,500 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer every year. This will generally only affect one kidney but on rare occasions can affect both.

If you have found out you have kidney cancer, you may worry that this means you now will not be able to receive life insurance cover.

This shouldn’t be the case and as the UK’s #1 rated cancer life insurance experts we can help you find great insurance providers and policies– and even better prices.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – if you were to pass away due to kidney cancer your family or other beneficiaries should receive a lump sum payment from your current life cover.

Cancer is a common reason for life insurance claims in the UK, as well as claims for other policy types like income protection and critical illness cover. This means it can be a good idea to have this cover in place, in the event of a diagnosis.

If you were to pass away due to cancer, your loved ones can use the pay out to:

  • Pay for funeral expenses
  • Pay off some of your mortgage or the entire mortgage
  • Pay for other bills such as school fees


Can I get kidney cancer life insurance?

It will be more difficult to get life insurance if you have had a recent kidney cancer diagnosis. You may be able to get cover with some specialist providers, but your options will be more limited. 

A lot of these policies may exclude cancer as a reason for pay outs but will cover you for other medical conditions. This will at least allow you some level of cover.

Can I get life insurance after kidney cancer?

When it comes to getting life cover following cancer, you should have more options the longer ago your diagnosis was.

There are key stages when it comes to life insurance after kidney cancer:

  • Cover during treatment: the available policies will be more limited at this point. You may be able to access cover via specialist products, but it will likely exclude cancer as a reason to claim.
  • After treatment (chemotherapy or radiotherapy): following treatment there will usually be a period of between 12 to 24 months where your insurance options will be limited. You will still be able to access cover but not the full range of policies usually available.
  • When in remission: when you have been in remission for two or more years, you will be able to access a wider range of policies and through standard insurers in many cases. The policy will be easier to get and lower priced the longer you have been in remission.

All life insurance policies will vary in price depending on the provider, policy type and level of cover needed.

Providers will also ask questions about your medical history and general health and lifestyle during the application which can affect the policy cost.

With kidney cancer life insurance, there will usually be additional medical questions such as:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Have you had treatment? (Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc)
  • How long ago was your treatment?
  • Did the cancer affect one or both kidneys?
  • Was your kidney removed?
  • What grade and stage was your cancer?
  • Are you in remission? How long for?
  • If your lymph nodes are affected (has the cancer spread?)

All these factors can affect the pricing of your policy and which policies are available to you.

Will I need a medical for kidney cancer life insurance?

If you have had kidney cancer, it is common for an insurer to request medical evidence before approving your application. This will be to assess the risk of kidney cancer’s impact on your overall health, so the underwriters have all the relevant information they need.

This evidence could be in the form of a medical report from your GP or a nurse screening.

These are standard processes that often happen when it comes to life insurance with pre-existing conditions. It is not a reason to be concerned and is simply part of the application process.

Cheaper kidney cancer life insurance

There are several ways you can reduce the cost of your life insurance after having kidney cancer.

Important areas for you to consider to lower pricing would be:

  • The type of cover you want (family life insurance, mortgage life insurance etc)
  • The term of cover (level or decreasing term)
  • How much cover is needed
  • Lifestyle changes e.g., weight loss or increase in exercise
  • Do you smoke? If so quitting or cutting down can reduce costs

It can also be very helpful to speak to a life insurance specialist who will know which providers are best for covering people who have had cancer.

Symptoms of kidney cancer

Kidney cancer (also known as renal cancer) can take a while to show noticeable symptoms when in its early stages. Cancerous cells in the kidneys are most often found during testing for other conditions e.g. during CT scans.

The 3 main symptoms that could indicate kidney cancer are:

  • Blood in your urine (the most common symptom)
  • Persistent lower back or side pain below your ribs
  • A lump in your side

There are also several types of cancer when it comes to kidneys:

  • Renal cell cancers or RCC (this will be 80% of cases)
  • Clear cell renal cancer (the most common type of RCC)
  • Papillary renal cell cancer
  • Chromophobe renal cell cancer
  • Collecting duct cancer (CDC)

There are several conditions that can increase your chances of developing kidney cancer. Conditions that can increase the risk of developing kidney cancer include:

Frequently asked questions about kidney cancer

What are 2 symptoms of kidney cancer?2 common symptom of kidney cancer are blood in your urine and lower back or side pain that is persistent. Another symptom that occurs often is a lump in your side.
Is kidney cancer curable?YES – If kidney cancer is caught at an early stage (it hasn’t spread to other organs) then it can be very treatable.
What is the life expectancy with kidney cancer?According to Cancer.net, around 93% of people diagnosed with early stage kidney cancer will live for 5 or more years following diagnosis.

More information – Average life expectancy UK

Kidney cancer life insurance advice

If you have or have had kidney cancer and need advice about what life cover is available for you, speak to one of our expert advisors.

We are proud to be rated #1 in the UK when it comes to cancer life insurance and understand how frustrating it can be to struggle finding the cover you deserve.

Our team know exactly which insurance companies are best to approach to find you excellent cover at reasonable prices.

Useful resources for kidney cancer

NHS – Kidney cancer

Cancer Research UK – Living with kidney cancer

Kidney Cancer UK – Patient support

Cancer Research UK – Kidney cancer statistics

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