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Labyrinthitis life insurance

If you have children or a mortgage, then it is important to have the right cover to protect them if something was to happen. Life insurance is the best and most cost-effective way to provide your loved ones with financial security.

If you have a medical condition like labyrinthitis, you may be put off applying for life insurance. We’re happy to tell you that people with pre-existing conditions can generally get cover and often at a great price.

As the UK’s #1 medical conditions life insurance experts, we have helped find the right protection for thousands of families just like yours. Whether you need life insurance, critical illness insurance, or income protection, our team are here to help.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – life insurance policies will be medically underwritten and so will be able to cover pre-existing conditions like labyrinthitis.

If you are diagnosed with labyrinthitis and have life insurance already, this wont impact your existing policy. If you already have labyrinthitis before you apply, you just need to make sure to disclose this in your application.

Though labyrinthitis is not a severe or life-threatening condition, it is still important to tell the insurer all relevant medical information. If you don’t you risk your cover being invalid and your family missing out on a payment right when they need it most.

Does life insurance pay out for labyrinthitis?

YES – labyrinthitis should not prevent your loved ones from receiving a payment from your policy.

The money from a life insurance policy can be a lifeline at a very difficult time, helping to pay for key expenses such as:

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Funeral costs
  • Repaying debts
  • Household bills
  • And more…

How does labyrinthitis life insurance work?

When you apply for life insurance, you will be asked a few questions initially. These will be about basic details such as your age, height and weight, smoker status etc.

If you have a medical condition like labyrinthitis, you might be asked a few extra questions specific to your conditions. For someone with labyrinthitis, this could include questions like:

  • Do you know what caused your labyrinthitis?
  • How long did you experience symptoms for?
  • Have you had labyrinthitis multiple times?
  • Have you experienced longer term symptoms or complications?
  • Do you need medication or other treatments for labyrinthitis? (e.g. physiotherapy)

Can I get life insurance with labyrinthitis?

YES – you will be able to get life insurance to protect your home and family if you have previously had labyrinthitis. Labyrinthitis is an infection of the inner ear usually caused by an infection or virus, causing symptoms like ear pain, nausea and loss of balance.

This is in most cases a temporary condition and is unlikely to cause major issues with getting the cover you need. Some people may experience longer term symptoms such as balance issues and in extreme cases permanent hearing loss.

Can I get critical illness cover with labyrinthitis?

YES – you should be able to get critical illness cover if you have had labyrinthitis in the past, especially if your symptoms were mild. It can be trickier if you are currently experiencing symptoms and it is always best to speak to an expert advisor for advice in this situation.

You will likely be asked some medical questions, just as you would be when applying for life insurance. Don’t worry that means a higher chance of being declined as this is a standard practice for most life insurance products.

Critical illness insurance will provide a cash lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness covered by your policy. This can be useful as financial support in a difficult time to cover costs such as:

  • Paying mortgage or rent payments

  • Cost of living for a period of time

  • Adjustments to the home

  • Treatment to help your condition

How much does labyrinthitis life insurance cost?

There are many things that can affect how much you will pay for your life cover. It is best to keep all of these in mind when working out your budget.

Factors that can impact the cost of your policy include:

  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Occupation
  • High risk hobbies
  • Weight
  • Smoker status

How to save on labyrinthitis life insurance

There a few things you can do if you want to save on your labyrinthitis life insurance policy. The best and easiest way is to compare what is available from multiple insurance providers. This allows you to assess which insurer has everything you need for the fairest price.

Other ways to reduce costs include:

  • Reduce the amount of £s you are covered for
  • Reduce the policy term (how long you are covered for)
  • Change the type of policy (e.g. swap from a whole life to a term policy)

Conditions that are known to be linked to labyrinthitis:

What triggers labyrinthitis?In most cases, labyrinthitis is caused by a virus. Sometimes it can be caused by things such as bacteria, ear infections or allergies.
What are the signs of labyrinthitis?Labyrinthitis is inflammation in your ear (inner ear infection) which can dramatically affect your balance and hearing.

Common labyrinthitis symptoms include:

Hearing loss (mild to severe)
Ear pain
Blurred vision
High temperature
Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
How serious is labyrinthitis?Generally, labyrinthitis is not serious or life threatening.

In some severe cases, labyrinthitis can lead to permanent damage and hearing loss (if untreated).

Though labyrinthitis isn’t life threatening the symptoms can be unsettling and make you feel very unwell. If you are worried that having labyrinthitis will affect your life insurance application, our experts can put your mind at ease.

Life insurance is definitely possible after labyrinthitis, especially if your symptoms were mild. We are proud to be the UK’s #1 rated pre-existing medical conditions life insurance experts. If you have found it hard to get the right cover or simply want a better deal, our specialist advisors can help.

Useful resources

NHS – Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis

NHS Inform – Labyrinthitis

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