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Life insurance with leukaemia

An event such as being diagnosed with leukaemia will have a huge impact on the lives of you and your loved ones.

Currently in the UK, there are 9,907 new cases of leukaemia diagnosed every year – equalling 27 new cases every day*.

This is a staggering amount of people who are affected by this illness whether they directly have it or are supporting a loved one going through treatment. An experience like this is life changing and challenging in many ways.

We are the UK’s #1 experts in CANCER LIFE INSURANCE cover. We strive to do the work to make sure that you can put all your focus into your treatment and recovery – rather than worrying about whether you have the right cover to protect yourself and your family.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – if you have an existing policy in place, the possibility of being diagnosed with leukaemia is most likely already covered.

You can directly contact your provider if you are unsure on the specifics of your policy, or you can contact us, and we are more than happy to advise you on how to get the information you need.  

If you have been diagnosed with leukaemia in the past or are currently in treatment your options for cover may be more limited. Your options will increase the further in the past your treatment was.

We want to assure you that even with a history of leukaemia, there will be a provider out there able to offer you cover to protect your family – while still at a fair price.

Does life insurance pay out for leukaemia?

If you have been completely honest about your medical conditions/medical history, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. In most cases, your life insurance should pay out even with leukaemia.

If you have any concerns, be sure to double check the specifics of your policy, whether a new one or an existing one that pre-dates your diagnosis.

How does life insurance work with leukaemia?

There will be a few questions that will be likely to come up when applying for life insurance with leukaemia. These can include:

  • When were you diagnosed with leukaemia?
  • What type of treatment did you receive?
  • When did you last receive Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy?
  • What was the last grade and stage of cancer that you had?

Do not panic that being asked further questions is a bad sign or indicative of being likely to be declined for cover.

It is normal for insurance providers to request further medical information from people with pre-existing medical conditions.

How common is leukaemia in the UK?

  • 9,907 new cases are diagnosed each year
  • Around 3% of cancer diagnoses are leukaemia
  • 41% of leukaemia patienst survive for 10 or more years

Can I get life insurance if I have leukaemia?

If you have leukaemia, your options for cover will be more limited compared to having the full range of insurance options available to you. This doesn’t mean cover will completely out of reach and our expert insurance advisors can help you review your available options.

Guaranteed life insurance for example can be very useful in this situation. You can take out a policy with no medical underwriting needed that is certain to pay out, though the cost per month can be slightly higher. It could be worth considering guaranteed cover, if finding it difficult to get cover due to a recent diagnosis.

The longer since you have had treatment or been in remission, the more your options will open up in terms of the types of policy you can have. You should then be able to access a wider range of life insurance policies and other types of insurance such as income protection, health insurance and more.

It is worth speaking to a specialist if worried that your leukaemia will stop you getting the cover you need.

Does leukaemia affect life insurance?

If you have or have had leukaemia it can make the process of finding life insurance slightly more difficult.

This is why we work tirelessly to ensure we can find you the best policies quickly and hassle free, so as to not add any additional stress onto you.

When it comes to finding a great policy, some of the main areas we can advise you about are:

  • How family history of types of cancer can affect insurance applications
  • Critical illness cover for leukaemia
  • Previous diagnosis of leukaemia – how this affects life insurance
  • What options are available for someone with a recent diagnosis

Our team of life insurance experts are always on hand to advise you on any of these areas and more. We can answer any questions you may have and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Life insurance for leukemia patients

Being diagnosed with cancer such as leukaemia is an upsetting and difficult event for anyone.

Understandably, at this time life insurance may be the last thing you want to try and organise, especially if you believe it will be hard to access.

Our advice would be to try and get some form of cover in place as soon as possible after an initial diagnosis with leukaemia. This can be more difficult, meaning the right advice and support will be crucial to finding a policy without massively higher premiums.

Our expert advisors can help and support you in finding cover, which is helpful at a time when your options will be more limited.

Ideally, you would be best having cover in place before any diagnosis of a serious illness, but we understand these things are hard to predict.

There are some insurance companies that are better than others with approving policies for people with a history of cancers such as leukaemia.

The main advice we can give you is to speak to an insurance expert, so you can compare providers and find one that will offer you the best protection with insurance premiums that are a reasonable price.

Medical conditions linked to leukaemia

These conditions are linked to or known to increase the risk of developing leukaemia.

What are the first signs of having leukaemia?Common symptoms of leukaemia are:

Frequent infections
Severe infections
Losing weight
Swollen lymph nodes
Enlarged liver
Enlarged spleen
Frequent nosebleeds
Petechiae (red spots on skin)
What are the 5 stages of leukaemia?Stage 0 – High levels of white blood cells but no symptoms

Stage 1 – High levels of white blood cells and enlarged lymph nodes

Stage 2 – High levels of white blood cells, anaemia and enlarged lymph nodes

Stage 3 – High levels of white blood cells, anaemia, enlarged lymph nodes and in some cases an enlarged spleen or liver

Stage 4 – High levels of white blood cells anaemia, enlarged lymph nodes and an enlarged spleen or liver
Is leukaemia curable?There is no ‘cure’ for leukaemia and other forms of cancer.

It is possible though to treat leukaemia to the point it doesn’t reoccur (remission).

Be safe in the knowledge that no matter what form of leukaemia you have had, we will be able to find the best cover to suit you – at an even better price.

We are life insurance experts with over 20 years’ worth of experience in helping those with pre-existing health conditions, such as leukaemia, receive an excellent level of cover from some of the UK’s biggest providers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are still unsure of which policy is right for you – our experts are always on hand to give you FREE advice and answer all possible questions you may have about any type of life insurance.

 *statistics taken from Cancer Research UK

Useful resources

Below we have linked some useful resources related to leukaemia:

Blood Cancer UK – Leukaemia

Cancer Research UK – Leukaemia

Macmillan Cancer Support –  Cancer information and support – Types of insurance

Luekaemia Care – Support for you

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