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About Marfan Syndrome life insurance

It is understandable that some people may be put off applying for Marfan syndrome life insurance or assume that it is not available, is too expensive, or won’t pay out. In some cases it is still possible to get cover, but it will depend upon individual circumstances.

Marfan syndrome is a disorder that you inherit from a parent which affects the body’s connective tissues. Consequently, your bodily structure becomes altered, and your internal organs are not supported like usual. It predominantly affects the:

  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Blood vessels
  • Skeleton

According to statistics in the UK, Marfan syndrome affects around 1 in 5,000 people. Whilst this alone would place Marfan syndrome as a rare condition overall, it is one of the more common connective tissue disorders.

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Marfan syndrome life insurance can be available in some cases and but it is almost always subject to further underwriting.

The insurer will most likely request records of your medical history in order to gain a bigger picture of your health and make a decision based on this. You will also need to go through a specialist insurer for the most accessible and suitable cover.

Even if you’ve already been declined for Marfan syndrome life insurance in the past, it’s still worth speaking to our experts. They have decades of experience and will be able to point you in the direction of a specialist insurer.

Our insurance experts will be able to answer any questions you may have in relation to life insurance with Marfan Syndrome.

Guaranteed life insurance with Marfan Syndrome

If you are struggling to access life cover through mainstream providers, you will usually still be able to access what is referred to as a ‘guaranteed’ life insurance policy.

For a guaranteed policy, you will need to speak to a specialist insurance provider who are more equipped to cover those with more complex needs. These policies are normally a better option as they can be cheaper because they don’t ask medical questions during the application process.

The main thing to remember with this policy type is that pre-existing medical conditions will be classed as exclusions. This means if you have Marfan Syndrome you will not be able to claim for it or anything related to the condition.

You will be covered for anything not connected to your pre-existing condition including things such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, accidental death and more.

The premiums are often very affordable and can start at around £10 a month.

Accidental death insurance for Marfan Syndrome

Accidental death insurance is an additional insurance product, that can usually be bought alongside a life insurance policy. This policy will pay out in the event of accidental death or other severe, life changing injuries such as blindness or loss of limbs.

There are several options for accidental death cover which are:

  • Basic accidental death and dismemberment cover: Paid by your employer. Equal to the benefits of the employees’s basic term life insurance policy.
  • Supplemental accidental death and dismemberment cover: Paid by you. Includes additional cover for non fatal loss such as loss of limbs, hearing or sight.
  • Dependent accidental death and dismemberment cover: Paid by you. Provides your spouse and children or other dependents with equal accidental death benefits, if they are included in under your life cover policy.
  • Voluntary accidental death and dismemberment cover: Paid by you. Can be taken out separately to a life insurance policy.
  • Business travel accident (BTA): Paid by your employer. Provides you with additional cover for if you have a fatal accident while travelling for business purposes. Covering travel in both the UK and internationally.

Medical conditions linked to Marfan Syndrome

There are numerous conditions that can be linked to Marfan Syndrome as well as several conditions that it can lead to.

Here are a few of the most common questions about Marfan Syndrome and living with the condition.

What are the symptoms of Marfan syndrome?Some symptoms of Marfan Syndrome may include:

Being very tall and slim
Having unusually long arms, legs, and fingers
Heart murmurs
Being very near-sighted
Having a curved spine (scoliosis)
Flat feet
A high, arched palate in your mouth
Crowded teeth
A breastbone that sticks out or dents inward
What is the life expectancy of a person with Marfan Syndrome?If left untreated, the average life expectancy for someone with Marfan syndrome is around 32 years. This is due to the associated risks surrounding your heart.
What does a person with Marfan syndrome look like?Usually, Marfan syndrome causes people to be very tall and thin. Their limbs such as their arms, legs, fingers, and toes appear out of proportion to the rest of the body, and they may have a curved spine (scoliosis) and a breastbone that sticks out or dips inward.

Useful resources

Here are a few useful links for people living with Marfan Syndrome or looking for more information about it:

NHS Choices – Marfan Syndrome

Marfan Trust – Charity

Pain UK – Charity

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