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Right bundle branch block life insurance

It can be simpler than you may think to get life insurance with a heart condition like right bundle branch block (RBBB). The key is to do your research and speak to a specialist who knows which insurance providers will be best and cheapest in this situation.

Life insurance is the #1 way to protect your family’s future. These policies can provide much needed financial support in the event of your death. Our life insurance specialists are proud to be top rated in the UK for heart conditions life insurance.


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"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Right bundle branch block causes electrical impulses in the heart muscle to be interrupted or ‘blocked’. This means the impulses travel more slowly than usual through the bottom chambers of the heart. This problem with electrical signalling often causes minimal or even no symptoms.

You are most often diagnosed with a heart block when having tests run to diagnose another medical condition. The interruption in the heart’s electrical pathway gets picked up on an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine.

Left bundle branch block can very often be linked to conditions like heart disease. Right bundle branch block on the other hand can occur naturally, with no other medical conditions linked.

How does right bundle branch block life insurance work?

In most cases, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get life insurance with right bundle branch block. Without the right advice, you can end up paying more than you should though.

Some insurers have a better understanding of heart conditions than others. These insurers will be able to offer the cover you need at a better price. Our experts can help you compare policies and prices across the market to help you get the most competitive pricing possible.

When applying for right bundle branch block life insurance, you may be asked questions like:

  • When you were diagnosed
  • If you have other related health conditions e.g. heart disease
  • If you have been prescribed any medications or have a pacemaker (to control heart rhythms)
  • Have you ever had surgery on your heart?

You will also be asked general health and lifestyle questions, as well as questions about your occupation and any high-risk hobbies.

It is also possible to be asked for further medical information, in the form of a GP report. This isn’t something to worry about and simply allows insurers to get a better overall picture of your health. Being asked for further medical evidence doesn’t mean you are more likely to be declined cover.

Can I get life insurance with right bundle branch block?

YES – it is possible to get life insurance with right bundle branch block. Life insurance can even be more affordable than you might expect. In many cases, right bundle branch block isn’t linked to other heart conditions and so has minimal effect on your health.

If you have a related heart condition or other medical condition, it is important to let the life insurance company know. If you don’t mention relevant medical information on your application, you risk your cover being invalid.

Life insurance can be incredibly useful for your family, paying out a cash lump sum at a difficult time. The funds from your life insurance pay out can be used to cover expenses such as:

  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Household bills (Utilities)
  • Funeral costs
  • Cost of living
  • And more…

YES – but it can be difficult for someone with right bundle branch block to find this cover without the help of a qualified expert. We would always recommend getting proper advice before applying for a new critical illness policy.

There are often some great options available if you know where to look. Our skilled experts have more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise in heart conditions and critical illness cover.

Critical illness cover can provide a tax-free cash lump sum on diagnosis of a serious medical condition. This can help support you and your family through any financial difficulty caused during your illness. The pay out from a critical illness policy can help with costs such as:

  • Paying mortgage or rent payments

  • Cost of living for a period of time

  • Adjustments to the home

  • Treatment to help your condition

How much does right bundle branch block life insurance cost?

When buying life insurance, there are a few factors that will affect how much you pay. When budgeting for your policy, you will need to think about things like:

  • The amount of cover needed (£s)
  • How long you are covered for (policy term)
  • Policy type (e.g. term vs whole life cover)
  • Your age, height, and weight
  • Smoker status
  • Other medical conditions/medications taken

How to save on right bundle branch block life insurance

Pricing can vary depending on the insurer you apply to. It is always best to do some research before buying a policy. Comparing available policies across multiple providers is the best way to make sure you are getting the most affordable life insurance.

You can also save money on your policy by:

  • Reducing your cover amount (£s)
  • Reducing your policy term (how long you are covered for)
  • Switching the policy type (e.g. changing from whole life to term cover)

Most people with right bundle branch block experience no symptoms or in rare cases minimal symptoms. Possible symptoms of right bundle branch block include:

  • Fainting due to impact on blood pressure (syncope)
  • Feeling like you are going to faint but not fainting (presyncope)

People can live for years with right bundle branch block before being diagnosed and often have no other medical conditions. In some cases though, right bundle branch block can be linked to conditions such as:

If you have a family or a mortgage, life insurance is definitely worth considering. A life insurance policy can provide peace of mind that your loved ones won’t struggle financially when you are no longer there to support them yourself.

It is always best for people with heart conditions to speak to an expert when applying for life insurance. You will then have access to a wider range of options and qualified advice, so you get the right cover without paying more than you should.

Useful resources

Mayo Clinic – Bundle branch block

British Heart Foundation – Heart block types

Healthline – Right bundle branch block

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