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Ulcerative colitis life insurance

Great news, ulcerative colitis life insurance is more available than ever before. As experts in medical conditions life insurance we’ve spoken to hundreds of people with ulcerative colitis, so we understand the concerns and questions you might have better than most.

We know life insurance can seem intimidating or confusing, especially if you’ve never bought it. This can be twice as true for people with medical conditions who may be put off applying, thinking it’s too hard or too expensive to get.

We’re going to give you as much useful information as possible to help you decide on the right policy to protect your family or mortgage. Ulcerative colitis shouldn’t prevent you from getting the cover you need at a fair price, and we’ll work hard to find the insurer that works best for you.

Why are we ulcerative colitis life insurance experts?

We are proud to have helped thousands of customers with inflammatory bowel diseases like UC and Crohn’s disease find the cover they need to protect their families.

Life insurance can make a huge difference to your loved one’s lives after you are gone, so it’s important to think carefully about the policy you choose.

Our experts can answer all your questions about:

  • How ulcerative colitis life insurance works
  • Which insurers will offer the best prices to someone with colitis
  • How to lower the cost of your cover quickly and easily

We also speak to lot of people who have unfairly had applications declined in the past, simply because they applied to the wrong company or applied at the wrong time. This isn’t right and we know just how frustrating this can be.

Our mission is to make sure everyone gets fair treatment when looking for life insurance no matter their medical history. Life insurance is important, and we believe it should be easily accessible to everyone.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – Getting life insurance with ulcerative colitis can be simple and affordable, as almost 75% of UC patients will experience mild to moderate symptoms.

Even with more severe symptoms, there can still be options for cover that will work for you.

The main things to think about before you apply are:

  • Mortgage amount (£’s)
  • Outstanding debt (e.g. Loans, second charge, credit cards, and others)
  • Dependents
  • Spouse or Partner
  • Income (after Tax)
  • Assets (e.g. car, house, business, etc.)

How does ulcerative colitis life insurance work?

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated to get the life insurance you need, even if you have ulcerative colitis.

Here’s a bit of information from some of our experts that might help you to understand how the process works.

Applications for life insurance with ulcerative colitis will include several questions about your condition. The most common questions about UC include:

  • When were you diagnosed with ulcerative colitis?
  • Are you currently undergoing or awaiting hospital treatment, tests, or surgery?
  • Have you had surgery for this condition?
  • Has this affected your eyes, joints, liver, bile duct, or stomach?
  • What treatment have you received?
  • How many flare-ups have you had in the past 2 years?

These are just a few examples of the most typical questions that you’ll be asked by insurers. The questions can vary from one insurance company to another, so these are just meant as a guide.

What is the best life insurance for ulcerative colitis?

There are a lot of great options for life insurance and a wide range of insurance providers to choose from. Some of the main types of life insurance include:

One of the best tips we can give you is to look around and check prices across multiple providers. If your symptoms are mild or in some cases moderate, then you could be offered good rates by some insurers. Other insurers might not be the right choice so it’s important to look at all your options.

The prices that are offered to people with ulcerative colitis can be very different depending on which insurance company you apply to. Some of the best insurers for people with medical conditions include:

If you’ve applied for life cover in the past and you’ve been declined, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the road. Lots of people get declined life insurance by companies because of their health, occupation, or an activity that they do.

You can get covered even if you’ve been declined or refused cover by one or several other insurance companies. Not everyone is good at dealing with applications for people with medical conditions like ulcerative colitis. There are loads of people that we speak to every week who have had cover declined in the past.

Some of the main reasons why people get declined life insurance:

  • Medical underwriting
  • Underwriting limits
  • Amount of cover
  • Term of policy

Can I get critical illness cover if I’ve got ulcerative colitis?

Critical illness cover is a great way to protect yourself in case you get diagnosed with a serious illness like:

It’s often possible to get critical illness cover if you’ve got ulcerative colitis. Some insurers will be able to offer better prices though. We’d always suggest you should shop around or get extra advice before choosing your policy.

There will be some main factors that will be taken into consideration when applying for critical illness cover with UC:

  • When did you last have symptoms?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Have you had any hospital treatment or surgery?
  • Do you have any restrictions on daily living?

If your UC is well managed with mild to moderate symptoms, there should be no issues getting the cover you want. Lots of people we speak to don’t even need to submit medical evidence unless their symptoms are more severe.

How does critical illness cover work with ulcerative colitis?

You might not be sure of how critical illness cover works and that’s OK – we will explain it all for you.

Critical illness cover will pay out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is covered by your policy. This could be a full (100%) payment or an additional (partial) payment depending on your condition and the insurer you are with.

Someone with UC will apply in the same way as anyone else, but will have to answer a few extra medical questions such as:

  • Have you recently had surgery or treatment for ulcerative colitis?
  • Does having UC restrict your daily activities/lifestyle?
  • Do your symptoms flare up regularly?
  • How severe are your symptoms?

If you have mild symptoms and minimal medication/treatment, you might find cover is offered quickly and at a good price.

Can I have income protection with ulcerative colitis?

YES – It can be simple to get income protection with ulcerative colitis, if you have mild symptoms and haven’t experienced any flare ups recently. It is even possible to get income protection with more severe symptoms in some cases if you know where to look.

You will likely be asked to provide a medical report from your GP, but this isn’t anything to worry about. Insurers just want a clear picture of your overall health before making any decisions.

How much does ulcerative colitis life insurance cost?

As people with our own families to take of, we understand the need to stick to a budget. It is important to remember though that life insurance is a small cost now that can be a real help to your family further down the line.

You’re paying for the value of the cover you want, so you may have to pay more if you want a higher level of protection. There are a few other factors that can affect how much you pay including:

  • The type of inflammatory bowel disease and severity of symptoms
  • Your medication/treatment (e.g. are you on strong medication?)
  • Any other medical conditions you have (related or unrelated)
  • The type of life insurance policy
  • Your policy term (how long you are covered for)
  • Your cover amount (£s)
  • Family medical history

Cheaper life insurance with ulcerative colitis

If you have colitis and want to save money on your life insurance, here is what you need to do:

  1. Apply at the right time: We would advise against applying right after changing medication or after a recent hospitalisation. This can limit your options, so it can be worth waiting a while to get the best price.
  2. Speak to the right insurers: Some providers are far better options for people with medical conditions like UC. Certain insurers are more likely to approve your cover and offer a fair price.
  3. Review your policy: If you already have life cover, you could save significantly by making a few simple changes such as reducing your length of cover or cover amount (£s).
  4. Talk to a life insurance specialist: Our experts can point you in the right direction for the type of policy and level of cover you need. If you’re a bit stuck, we are always here to offer support and guidance.

NO – Having ulcerative colitis won’t affect your policy and you will normally receive the same level of cover as anyone else. The only difference is you will be asked a few additional medical questions when you apply.

Don’t worry, these questions are just to help the insurers get a clearer picture of your health before making any decisions. Make sure to answer any questions you are asked honestly, or you risk there being problems when your loved ones come to claim.

Common issues with getting ulcerative colitis life insurance

We don’t like to focus on negatives but it’s important to make sure that we give you the full picture. Some of the things that can cause either a need for further underwriting or potentially some restrictions are:

  • Recent surgery or outstanding investigations can make it slightly more complicated and may mean a delay (postponement) to your insurance offer. You’ll need to disclose this information (e.g. colectomy or ileostomy) on your application but it’s not the end of the road.
  • Liver disease can also be a bit of an issue when combined with ulcerative colitis and especially where there has been recent hospitalisation or surgery.
  • Medication or treatment such as immunosuppressants can be a problem if symptoms are moderate or severe so insurers might take this into consideration.

Most of the time you should be able to get the same level of cover as anyone else. There can sometimes be ‘exclusions’ attached to your policy though, which won’t allow claims for anything related to colitis.

Medical conditions linked to ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease. There are several conditions that have a close link to ulcerative colitis. Some are caused by the condition and some such as Crohn’s disease can be confused with it due to similar symptoms.

Can I get life insurance with IBD?YES – Inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis shouldn’t stop you from getting life insurance in most cases.
Is colitis a critical illness?NO – Generally, critical illness cover doesn’t pay out for colitis, but every insurer is different.   We would recommend checking your policy documents, so you know exactly what you are covered for.
Is ulcerative colitis a terminal illness?NO – It is a serious illness and lifelong, but not classed as terminal. You would not be able to claim on terminal illness benefit for ulcerative colitis alone.
Do I need to declare ulcerative colitis when applying for life insurance?YES – You will need to share your diagnosis with the insurer when you apply.   If you fail to disclose relevant medical information, you risk your policy being invalid and not paying out when it should.

Here we have some interesting facts and figures related to ulcerative colitis – PLUS some useful resources that you might find helpful.

Celebrities with ulcerative colitis

There are probably more people than you would think living with ulcerative colitis. In fact, there are several high profile public figures who have been diagnosed with UC including:

Ulcerative colitis charities and support UK

There are a few great charities in the UK working hard to support people with inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis, such as:

Ulcerative colitis statistics UK

According to leading charity Crohn’s & Colitis UK:

  • 1 in 123 people in the UK are living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis (almost double previous estimates)
  • 1 in 167 people in the UK over age 70 are living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • The UK has the 2nd largest number of people living with colitis in the world (USA has the most)

Learn more – Crohn’s & Colitis UK – New research shows over 1 in 123 people in UK living with Crohn’s or Colitis

Common questions about ulcerative colitis

What are the warning signs of ulcerative colitis?The most common initial symptoms of ulcerative colitis are diarrhoea and blood in your stool.
What are the 4 stages of ulcerative colitis?The 4 stages of ulcerative colitis are:

Fulminant (sudden, severe symptoms)
Is ulcerative colitis serious?Ulcerative colitis isn’t life threatening but can cause serious symptoms/complications and have a big effect on your health.
What is the life expectancy with ulcerative colitis?Ulcerative colitis won’t usually affect your lifespan.

You should make sure to consult a doctor if you suspect you have ulcerative colitis. This will help to avoid any potentially life threatening complications.

More information – Average life expectancy UK

Other types of insurance for people with ulcerative colitis

These are some other policies that could be useful to someone with ulcerative colitis.

Useful resources

NHS – Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation – What is ulcerative colitis?

Crohn’s & Colitis UK – Ulcerative Colitis

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