Defaqto 5 Star Rating Home Insurance

Defaqto 5 Star Rating Home Insurance
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Why is a Defaqto 5 Star Rating important?

Buying home insurance can be a bit of a minefield, whilst its easy to compare products on price alone, its not always easy to understand what you’re getting for your money until its too late.

Defaqto Star Ratings help you to make informed decisions about getting the cover to suit your needs. A Defaqto 5 Star Rating gives you the reassurance that you’re buying quality cover that will deliver when you need it most.

Buildings Accidental Damage

Included as standard within buildings insurance is accidental breakage to fixed glass and ceramic hobs built into cookers that are permanent fixtures in your home, sanitary fixtures and fittings in your home; and solar panels.

Available as an optional extra is Accidental damage cover. This covers unexpected and unintended damage caused by something sudden and external. Accidental damage would be required in order to claim for events that are not covered under the accidental breakage benefit. An example of this would be putting your foot through a ceiling whilst in the loft where purchasing accidental damage would be required to make a claim.

Contents Accidental Damage

When taking contents insurance you are automatically covered for breakage to televisions (and their aerials) video and audio installations, satellite dishes, receivers or decoders, games consoles or desktop. Accidents caused by children are also included, so if your toddler manages to push over the TV and cracks the screen they will be covered under this section.

For an additional premium though, you can add the accidental damage optional cover to your policy. Accidental damage cover is designed to insure your contents against damage caused by unintended mishaps, such as spilling wine on a carpet, knocking over an ornament or burning a sofa with a cigarette.

Personal Possessions

Items your clients take outside your home are not covered automatically for loss, theft or damage by our contents insurance.

If you want to insure everyday items your clients take outside like mobile phones, watches, jewellery, laptops or pedal cycles they’d need to add personal belongings cover.

Their personal belongings will be protected anywhere in Europe, and for up to 60 days worldwide during any period of cover, so they’d be insured if they went on holiday.

There is a single article limit of £2,500 but individual limits apply for mobile phones (£500), personal money (£750), credit cards (£1,000) and pedal cycles (max any one cycle £1,000).

Items worth over £2,500 (or pedal cycles over £1,000) need to be individually listed via the quotation system. Cover for specified personal belongings is available up to £15,000.

Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover provides immediate assistance from professional tradesman to deal with a range of emergency incidents around the home that need resolving as soon as possible.

The policy provides cover up to £1500 (inc VAT) per claim with no annual maximum limit on claims and costs just £4 per month.

Emergencies covered include:

  • Boiler or heating system breakdown
  • In the event that the Boiler cannot be repaired, this policy will also pay a £500 (inc VAT) contribution towards the cost of a replacement
  • Failure of electrical power, water or gas supply
  • Leaking roofs
  • Burst water pipes or a blocked toilet
  • Lost or stolen house keys
  • Overnight accommodation if your home is uninhabitable

What is not covered:

  • Where you have not serviced the boiler in line with manufacturers recommendations within 12 months prior to the emergency
  • External toilets, taps, overflows and pipes which do not risk internal damage
  • Roof damage where no internal damage is caused and flat roofs over 10 years of age
  • Keys for doors and locks on garages or outbuildings

By adding Home Emergency cover to a policy, your clients can rest assured that they will not be left to deal with a Home Emergency and find tradesman by themselves.

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