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Diabetes Week 2022

Hosted by diabetes.org.uk, Diabetes Week 2022 runs from 13th – 19th June.

This year, the main aim is to celebrate all of the people living with Diabetes, having to monitor and manage their blood sugar levels by scrutinising food labels and controlling their intake. Every. Single. Day.

After all, 1 in 14 people in the UK currently have Diabetes (that’s around 4.9 MILLION people, by the way). A further 13.6 million people are at increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes – and perhaps even more shocking is that a staggering 850,000 people are estimated to have Type 2 Diabetes and haven’t even been diagnosed.

We could hit you with even more statistics, but that should be enough to make it clear why raising awareness of Diabetes and its risks is hugely important.

At iam|INSURED we get a first-hand view of how prevalent this condition is and how it affects people’s lives in ways you may not have considered.

Many people with Diabetes find themselves either confused or struggling when it comes to getting life insurance. Perhaps they’re buying their first house and need life insurance to cover the mortgage. Maybe they’ve started a new family and want to protect their loved ones in case the worst happens.

Whatever the case, life insurance is a very valuable and important product, and we believe in our mission to make life insurance more accessible for everyone. We’ve got a long history of supporting the best UK charities and helping people with all types of medical conditions to find life insurance.

There are many ways to get involved this year – even just using the hashtag #DiabetesWeek to help spread the word.

If you fancy a slightly more active participation, there’s always the Big Diabetes Week Dog Walk happening for the first time ever, and it’s open to anyone! Walk to raise awareness, raise money, or just for fun.

If you’re not a dog person or don’t fancy walking, there are yet more ways to get involved on the diabetes.org.uk page for Diabetes Awareness Week – these range from signing their petition to ordering materials to celebrate the week yourself.

Here are some resources you may find useful:

Lastly, here’s a useful graphic for recognising the symptoms of Diabetes:

Symptoms of Diabetes
Image credit: diabetes.org.uk

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