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Why do dads need life insurance?

Everyone is different and everyone’s circumstances are different too. Most dads will feel a sense of responsibility for protecting their families and children. If you’re a Dad, life insurance could offer that valuable protection.

Some of the main events that might prompt us to consider life insurance include: 

  • Marriage 
  • Becoming a Dad 
  • Buying or renting a home 
  • Divorce 
  • Losing a loved one 

We dads need to stick together and as a proud father of two amazing children myself, I know how tough it can be. 

Life insurance to protect your family 

Parents have a difficult job raising kids and managing everything else that life throws at them. It can sometimes seem like an impossible task but the most important thing for all parents is the well-being of our children. 

Dads have historically been seen as the breadwinner in most households and the person needing life cover. Obviously, things have changed dramatically over the past several decades and perceptions have evolved. However, one thing hasn’t changed and that is the urge to protect our families and ensure they are provided for.

Interesting stats:

  • 72.5% of two-parent households have both parents in work*
  • 45.5% of two-parent households have both parents in full-time employment*

What’s the cost of raising a child in the UK?

The current estimated cost of raising a child to age 21 in the UK has increased by 63% since 2003. This is an increase of £2,000 per year which is on average almost double the rate of inflation.

The cost of a child in 2019:

  • £151,000 for two-parent households**
  • £185,000 for single-parent households**

We also need to consider that a child loses a parent in the UK every 22 minutes – which equates to an unbelievable 23,600 per year. So it is important to make sure that they are still provided for in the event that this happens.  

How much does life insurance for a dad cost? 

According to a recent survey, most UK adults felt that the cost of life insurance was roughly four times higher than it actually is. Most dads could protect their families and their children for less than the cost of a couple of pints a week. 

The cost of life insurance as of today’s date (18.06.2020) for a male, non-smoker, age 30 for £150,000 over 30 years is just £7.41 per month (£1.85 per week). 

When you consider that the average mortgage debt in the UK today is £130,000 with a term of 20 years. 

Should dads get life insurance if you’re expecting a baby? 

There’s no bad time to sort life insurance so if you’re due to have a baby in the next few months, or even if you’re planning to have a baby, then get it sorted. 

Becoming a new parent is an incredible time but also will be one of the most stressful and busiest times. It’s easy to forget about things like sorting your life insurance out if you’ve just had a new baby. 

If you can sort out your life cover before your baby arrives then it may give you more time to consider your options properly. Make sure that you budget for this properly so you know that you can afford to maintain your premiums during maternity and paternity periods. 

Life insurance rates for new dads 

There’s no better feeling in the world than the first time you hold your newborn baby. As a dad, it’s the start of a long road of mixed emotions. 

Life insurance sometimes unfortunately can slip to the bottom of the list of priorities which is understandable. Even though it’s a busy time, we should all be thinking about every way possible to protect that newborn child. 

Life insurance can provide them with instant financial protection if anything happens to either parent. But also, it will be cheaper to get life insurance sorted as early as possible while you’re still young. 

Why is life insurance cheaper for younger dads? 

Life insurance premiums and costs are based on your age so you should try to get it sorted as early as possible. 

As we grow older, the risks of becoming ill and lifestyle-related health conditions grow, so premiums for life insurance can be far higher. 

In our experience, we see many young fathers requiring cover to protect their children which is fantastic. However, we also see many fathers who have not thought about life cover until later in life, who have then developed conditions like Type 2 Diabetes or worse things like Cancer or Heart Disease. 

“Sort it now… pay less and get your kids protected” 

What about if I’m a dad already and have life insurance? 

Firstly, if you’ve already got children and have life cover in place already, or if you were clever enough to get it sorted in the past then that’s fantastic.

It’s always advisable to review that cover to make sure that it’s appropriate or suitable for your new situation. You’ve got plenty of options with life cover because it’s pretty flexible so worth speaking to an adviser to find out more.

Some of the most common misconceptions about life insurance:

  • It’s a contract and you can’t cancel it or change it
  • There are charges for cancelling life insurance
  • You lose the benefits that you’ve already got
  • Insurers don’t allow you to have multiple policies

The good news is that you’ve got lots of options and the fact is that you ‘should’ review your life cover regularly. Especially at major events in your life such as having a child.

How much is life cover for older dads? 

It’s true that as you get older and every time you pass another birthday, life insurance premiums will go up. The cost of cover is based on your age so will increase every year, which is why it’s better to sort it earlier in life. 

If you haven’t sorted your life insurance earlier, or you need more cover, then it’s not a problem. You should just expect that you won’t pay the same as you did or would have done in your 20s or 30s. 

There’s also health and lifestyle to consider, so if you’ve had a medical issue then that will be taken into account. An expert like iam|INSURED will be able to help you to get fairer rates based on our many years of expertise.

Medical conditions that may affect insurance in later life 

Here are some of the main medical conditions that may become a factor in later life: 

Obesity (high BMI) High cholesterol Heart disease Mental health conditions 
Type 2 diabetes High blood pressure Kidney disease Cancer 

Most medical conditions and other risk factors like occupations and activities can be covered, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Again, you just need to consider this in your calculations for the premiums you might pay. 

What about life insurance for working dads? 

As mentioned above, most families will have both parents working either full or part-time. So, it’s important to make sure that if either income is lost then you replace that to make sure your lifestyle isn’t affected. 

Life insurance is designed to replace the income of a family member if they become ill or even worse. In the event of the unfortunate loss of a parent, then you would want to make sure that your family doesn’t suffer financially. 

The main life insurance options for working dads 

You could look at several options for replacing your income if you weren’t able to work or were no longer around.

Some of the main life insurance options for working dads are:

  • Term life insurance (family protection)
  • Decreasing life insurance (mortgage protection)
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Health Insurance

All of these products are designed to help you and your family in different ways if something happens to you.

It’s best to think about what’s most important to you and what would you want to protect.

What about self-employed dads?

In many ways, it’s even more important for self-employed dads to get cover sorted, especially if you just work for yourself. If your business would suffer if you weren’t able to work, then you should seriously consider protecting yourself. 

There are also several tax-efficient products that are available to self-employed people and can be paid for through the business. You should speak to a business life insurance expert like iam|INSURED to find out more. 

There are an estimated 4.95 million*** self-employed workers in the UK, of which 920,000 work in the construction industry. 

Life insurance for stay at home dads 

Stay at home parents really are heroic. They take on every role you can think of and more. From chef to cleaner – not to mention chauffeur when those kids of yours need to head out! If you are a stay at home dad, you may be wondering about how life insurance policies will work for you.  

Often the thought process behind a life insurance policy may be geared towards protecting the working parent of the home to protect any loss of their income. This can lead to the stay at home parent being overlooked. We want to assure you that it is just as valuable to insure your life.  

Even if you are not bringing in a pay cheque, the support you provide to your family is substantial and hard to replace. It is worth insuring to cover the potential increase in costs of childcare alone, if anything unfortunately did happen to you. This should leave you with peace of mind knowing there is reduced strain on your partner and one less cost to worry about. 

Life insurance for single dads 

If you’re a single parent or a single dad, then you’ve got a different responsibility to two-parent households. You might share childcare with your ex-partner, or you may, unfortunately, be a widowed parent. 

Life insurance can be set up easily on a single life basis which is common in this industry, as not everyone is part of a two-parent household. 

Also, you might want to set your policy up under a trust so that you know that only your children will benefit. We see this happening commonly where 2 parents have separated, and the parents simply want to protect their children. 

It’s often advisable to speak to your ex-partner to make sure that they’re aware of what cover you have in place. 

Also, if you’re solely responsible for the financial security and well-being of your children then life cover is very important. 

What if I’ve separated from my partner? 

We often get asked by parents who have separated, to sort out cover for their kids which, could be from the old or a new relationship. It can become difficult to know what to do for the best and what your options are in the event of a separation. 

Some of the main things to consider: 

  • Ex-partner: you might not want your ex-partner to benefit from a life insurance pay-out if you die. In these circumstances, you can write your policy into Trust which can express your wishes to pay the benefit directly to your children 
  • Joint policies: many people take out life insurance with a partner to protect their children which is normal. It might be that you continue to pay for this policy jointly or individually, or you could take out a new policy on a single life basis 
  • Children from 2 different Mums: It’s possible that you could have children from different relationships with different mothers. In this situation, there are several options for how to protect children in this instance and usually, a Trust can cover this 

The important thing to consider is that you’ve got lots of options so have a conversation with an adviser to see what you can do.  

Getting life insurance as a dad with a pre-existing condition 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, then applying for life insurance might not be instant. In some cases, we have seen applications last for several months while we obtain medical evidence from a GP. It is worth getting in there as soon as possible if you are wanting protection in place to ensure your families well-being. 

What about life insurance for dads with medical problems? 

Often, we see situations where one or even both parents have pre-existing health issues. These conditions can be mild with no major impact on lifestyle but also can be more severe. 

If you’re a dad with a medical condition or health problem then you should seek the advice of an expert, such as iam|INSURED. In these situations, you should make sure that the premiums you pay are fair. 

Some of the most common medical conditions for dads are: 

Diabetes  Multiple Sclerosis Epilepsy Asthma  Mental illness 
Cancer (e.g. prostate and lung cancer Heart disease Kidney disease Auto-immune diseases (e.g. colitis) Crohn’s disease 

All of these conditions can be covered in most cases so you shouldn’t feel as though it’s just not available for you. 

What about life insurance for dads who smoke? 

Smoker rates for dads will be higher than non-smoker rates which are due to the increased future health risks. 

Recent statistics showed us that in 2018 in the UK, 16.5% of men smoke (3.9 million) and 13% of women (3.2 million)****. 

Some things you didn’t know about life insurance for smokers: 

  • Nicotine replacement products (e.g. patches and gum) are classed as smoking 
  • Vaping (e-cigarettes) is smoking (event with no nicotine) 
  • Ex-smokers can replace the cover at non-smoker rates (after 12 months) 

If you’ve also become a smoker and already have cover in place that was taken out before you started, then any new cover will be based on smoker rates. 

What about life insurance for dads with dangerous jobs? 

Dads working in dangerous jobs such as construction, agriculture, tradesmen, and armed forces, might have other risks to consider. In almost all job types, life cover should be available so don’t let that put you off. 

Often with hazardous occupations, life insurance is readily available at a fair price with no real difference to the standard cover. There may be some additional considerations which could include: 

  • Working at heights
  • Off-shore work
  • Dangerous or hazardous materials
  • Working in dangerous locations
  • Professional sports
  • Aviation

The reasons for needing life insurance could be considered to be higher if you work in any of these areas. Occupational risks are something to consider if you’ve got a family and you want to protect them. 

How much life cover does an average dad need? 

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question and everyone’s circumstances are different. It’s also true to say that everyone’s attitude to risk is very different so what you think is right, might be very different to someone else. 

If you’re solely or partly responsible for taking responsibility for paying your household bills and supporting your family. You should make sure that you’ve got that covered if you’re not around or not able to provide an income. 

Some of the main household costs to consider covering: 

  • Mortgage repayments or rent
  • Bills and utilities
  • Monthly costs of living
  • Childcare costs

Other costs that may be incurred if you pass away: 

  • Legal expenses (especially if the business owner or self-employed)
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of earnings

If you’ve not thought about it then it’s usually pretty simple to look at your monthly income and expenditure to figure out what you need. 

Can I buy life insurance for my dad? 

Whilst thinking about providing for your family, you may be thinking about your own parents – and wondering if it is possible for you to take out life insurance on behalf of your own dad (or mum). This is understandable for you to want to help ensure your parents are happy and settled with planning for their own futures. 

Unfortunately, the straightforward answer to that question is no. The person who is being insured must complete the application themselves.  

The only time there is an exception to this is when you have something called an ‘insurable interest’ in your parent (this requirement being introduced by the Life Assurance Act 1774). This would apply to circumstances such as yourself and your parents being jointly responsible for a mortgage for example. Though even in this case, you would still need your parent’s permission before taking out a policy.  

Should a dad write a life insurance policy into Trust or have a Will? 

A fairly recent development is the ability to write a life insurance policy into trust. This is a legal document that expresses your wishes for what you want to happen with the benefit payment from your policy. 

Some of the main reasons why you’d want to write a policy into the trust are: 

  • Inheritance tax planning: You could avoid having to pay IHT which could be up to 40% of your estate
  • Assign a Trustee: Your chosen trustee will be responsible for making sure that your wishes are actioned
  • Assign beneficiaries: You can select one or several beneficiaries who can receive a % of the benefit amount
  • Fast pay-out: A trust will avoid probate and means that your beneficiaries will receive their payment in weeks rather than months or even years

It is also advisable to have a Will in place which will help to outline your wishes should you pass away. 


* Office for National Statistics (Families and the labor market, England: 2018) 

*** Self-employment Statistics 

**** Office for National Statistics (adults smoking habits in the UK: 2018) 

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