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Does critical illness cover diabetes?

One of the very common questions that we get asked by people with diabetes, is ‘what about critical illness cover?’. It’s a very valuable policy that can provide cover if you get diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

Some people also want to know, if they get diagnosed with diabetes will it be covered? If you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes and just want to know if the condition is covered then we’ll explain more in this article.

Let’s look at these questions and explain how this works…

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

You’ve not been diagnosed with diabetes and you want to know if a critical illness cover policy will payout. It’s a very common question because diabetes is one of the top pre-existing medical conditions in the UK currently, with approximately 4 million diabetics.

If you take out a new critical illness cover policy, then you’ll receive a payout if you get diagnosed with a condition defined on the list with your policy.

Some critical illness cover policies will provide cover for:

These policies will often pay a percentage of the overall cover amount as they are not life-threatening and generally do not severely impact lifestyle.

You should always check your policy wording to make sure that your critical illness cover is right for you, or ask your adviser. It is quite rare that these conditions will be covered so you’ll need to choose your insurer carefully.

Can I get critical illness cover with diabetes?

Generally, there are some critical illness cover options for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Here are some of the main things that we’ll consider when we talk about this type of cover:

  • What type of diabetes do you have? – Generally, you can get critical illness cover if you are Type 2
  • Do you smoke? – Smokers will find it more difficult to get a critical illness policy
  • Have you had any complications? – Retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy can also cause issues for getting this cover
  • What is your BMI (height and weight)? – If you are overweight, then you might also find it more difficult

The facts about getting critical illness insurance with Diabetes

Critical illness cover is a fantastic way to protect yourself if you get diagnosed with a serious medical condition, these include things like:

Other conditions include:

  • Organ failures/transplants
  • Disability from an accident, illness, or injury
  • Major burns
  • Head trauma
  • Parkinson’s disease

You’ll get a tax-free lump sum if you get diagnosed with a serious illness that is covered under your policy. The cash can be used for treatment, alterations to your home, pay the mortgage or other debts, and support your family.

Several insurers are now offering Critical Illness Cover for people with type 2 diabetes. In the past, very few insurance companies offered this type of cover for people with diabetes, or it was just too expensive. Thankfully, this is changing, and if you have diabetes, taking out critical illness insurance could be an option.

What does Diabetes critical illness insurance cost?

Critical illness insurance for diabetes is certainly more affordable and reasonably priced now than it has ever been in the past. There are a number of reasons for this, including better mortality rates (as we are generally living healthier lives), greater competition, and cost-cutting measures in the insurance industry.

Learn more – Average cost of critical illness cover UK

How does diabetes critical illness insurance work?

How much critical illness cover do I need with diabetes?

Which insurance companies offer critical illness cover for people with diabetes?

It is also becoming more likely to be able to get critical illness cover for diabetes, as a growing number of insurance providers are offering a policy.

More insurance products for people with diabetes

Useful information for people with diabetes

Here are some useful resources for people with diabetes

Diabetes UK – Charity

NHS Choices – Diabetes overview

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease

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Is it worth getting critical illness insurance?

The main benefit of critical illness insurance is that it pays out a lump sum if you become seriously ill to help support you and your family financially. The benefit payment can be used to pay your mortgage, rent, and other regular household bills.

Critical illness claims include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Usually, you would be unable to work for at least several months or even years, if you became seriously ill. Critical illness cover allows you to recover properly without having to worry about your finances and making sure that your family don’t suffer.

What are the 36 critical illnesses?

People looking for critical illness insurance are often concerned about whether it will pay out for all illnesses. Obviously critical illness insurance won’t pay out for absolutely everything, but it is specifically designed to pay out for the most common conditions. There are several key conditions on the list and then 36 main critical illnesses that are usually covered.

The following are widely considered the main 36 critical illnesses:

1. Cancer19. Hepatitis (Fulminant Viral)
2. Heart Attack20. Coronary Artery Disease
3. Stroke21. Encephalitis
4. Kidney Failure22. Head Trauma
5. Multiple Sclerosis23. Medullary Cystic Disease
6. Parkinson’s Disease24. Brain Surgery
7. Alzheimer’s Disease25. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
8. Brain Tumour (Benign)26. Lung Disease (end-stage)
9. Paralysis (limbs)27. Surgery of the Aorta
10. Muscular Dystrophy28. Terminal Illness
11. Third Degree Burns29. Loss of Independence
12. HIV30. Major Organ Transplant
13. Cardiomyopathy31. Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
14. Loss of Speech32. Severe Coronary Artery Disease
15. Chronic Aplastic Anaemia33. Heart Valve Surgery
16. Blindness (Permanent)34. Angioplasty
17. Bacterial Meningitis35. Coma
18. Liver Failure (end-stage)36. Deafness (Permanent)

Most of the modern critical illness insurance policies will cover somewhere between 40 and 80 different conditions. There are some other policies such as Vitality Serious Illness Cover that offers up to around 180 different conditions.

Is it worth getting critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is specifically designed to protect you and your family against potentially serious financial difficulty due to diagnosis of a critical condition (e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke, MS etc.). Everyone is different and your attitude towards the risks of serious illness is entirely up to your own personal preference.

Some consumers feel that life insurance and critical illness cover are absolutely essential because they want to protect their family or property. Usually, this might be based on either personal experience or something that has affected a family member or even a friend.

If you’ve seen the impacts of financial loss through a loved one then you might be more inclined to take out critical illness cover. This type of policy is always cheaper for younger people and for those who are in good health, so it’s advisable to try to get some cover in place sooner than later.

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Is critical illness insurance worth it? - iam|INSURED

How much does critical illness cover cost UK?

The cost of critical illness cover is based on the amount of cover that you want and your individual circumstances (e.g. age, health, smoker status etc.). You will also find that the prices and quality of cover will vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another.

Below we have examples of critical illness cover premiums based on age, to show how much premiums can change if you take a policy out when you’re older.

Critical illness cover - £50,000 over 25 years (non-smoker)

Age  Level term critical illness cover (family protection)Decreasing term critical illness cover (mortgage protection)

As you can see from the table above, the cost of critical illness cover changes as you get older, and it’s often far cheaper than people think.

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Average cost of critical illness cover UK - iam|INSURED

Can I get critical illness cover on its own?

The simple answer is ‘YES’ you can absolutely get critical illness cover on its own, and this is becoming more popular as policies become more flexible. This is also known as ‘standalone critical illness cover’ and basically means that you haven’t got life insurance attached to it.

Standalone critical illness cover will only pay out for serious or critical illnesses and won’t pay out on death. Some common reasons why people opt for taking critical illness cover without life insurance are:

  • Already have life insurance either personally or through work
  • Don’t need life insurance (e.g. no children or dependents)
  • Want to take out extra critical illness cover
  • Personal preference

There are many reasons why you might want standalone critical illness cover and ultimately it’s completely your decision.

What does Martin Lewis say about critical illness cover?

Martin Lewis’s advice for critical illness cover on MoneySavingExpert suggests that they don’t particularly believe in this type of cover. While this might seem reasonable to some consumers, if you accept this advice and then have a serious illness yourself, you might not be quite as grateful for his insight.

We understand that Martin Lewis is entitled to his opinion and you should remember that this is the opinion of a financial journalist and not financial advice. Having personally seen hundreds, if not thousands of claims for critical illness, I find it difficult to understand how this opinion can be so broad.

It is up to you to decide which cover is best for you and for your family, so we strongly suggest that you consider all angles before you make your final decision.

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Martin Lewis Critical Illness Cover - iam|INSURED

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