Your Questions: Can you get
LIFE INSURANCE without a medical

Here are some of the answers to your questions about
can you get a life insurance policy without a medical check?

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Your Questions: Can you get<br>LIFE INSURANCE without a medical

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Can you get Life Insurance without a Medical Check?

When you apply for life insurance, you will generally be asked a few questions about your physical health. In some cases, you may be asked to complete a medical check with your GP. Why do insurance companies do this and is it necessary for you to go through a medical check to get life insurance?

We have put together a guide so you know:

– What a medical check consists of

– How it affects the cost of life insurance

– How to get life insurance without a medical check

After this, you should be more informed on why insurers are asking you to undergo a medical check and what options are out there if you do not wish to complete one.

What is a medical check?

If you are aged between 40 and 75, you may already have had a medical check several times as the NHS recommends a health check every five years for this age group. They are invaluable as a way to spot serious health conditions in the early stages.

What does a medical check consist of?

A medical check under the NHS usually lasts 20-30 minutes. It can help spot the early signs of diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and stroke. The GP or nurse will also advise you on how to decrease the risk of contracting any of these conditions by looking at your lifestyle and diet.

You will be asked a few questions about your medical history and daily habits. Your height, weight, and blood pressure will be measured and you may also get a blood test.

Why do you need a medical check for life insurance?

Insurers generally ask for a medical examination so they can accurately calculate the monthly premiums (or yearly premiums) you will pay. The more they know about your health, the more accurate they can be.

A medical check is more likely to be requested if you are a bit older or already have a pre-existing medical condition. It is nothing to worry about and a check-up will even be beneficial to your overall good health in the long run.

Medical checks and the cost of life insurance

There are many reasons why a medical check can be a positive and especially good that it can reduce the cost of your life insurance premiums.

How does the medical check affect the cost?

If the medical exam confirms that you are a high-risk case for a certain condition, it may cause your premiums to be a bit higher than someone who is not as at risk. This can also depend on your diet and lifestyle choices, for example, if you are a smoker then you are more likely to contract an illness like lung disease.

How can I lower the cost?

You have a good chance of lowering the cost of your premiums if you make healthier lifestyle choices at least 12 months before you apply for life insurance. This may involve quitting smoking, exercising three times a week, or eating a healthier diet. You are likely to see much better results from your medical exam than if you go in while still smoking a ten pack a day.

Can you get life insurance with no medical check?

Usually, yes, you will have to answer at least one or two general medical questions when you buy regular life insurance. However, there are options for you if you do not want to go through a medical check at all.

No-medical life insurance

An insurance policy that doesn’t ask you for a full medical exam when you apply is called no-medical life insurance.

There are two situations where you won’t be asked for a medical check:

You are low risk: If you are relatively young, have an uncomplicated medical history, and have a healthy lifestyle (which includes; not smoking, exercising regularly, and having a healthy diet) then your insurer may not need to ask you for a medical check before setting your premiums. This is because they can already predict that you are at low risk of contracting a serious illness during the term agreed.

You buy whole of life insurance: With term insurance, it is not certain whether the insurer will pay out as you may live well after the end of the term. This is why a medical check is important. However, with whole of life insurance, a pay-out is guaranteed as the cover is until the end of your life. Be aware that this also means the premiums will be a little higher.

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