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Life Insurance for Mums

Mums all over the UK constantly search for the best life insurance deals and policies to protect their children. Protecting your children is a natural instinct for any mum and life insurance for mums provides financial protection if anything happens to you.

In this expert guide we look at how life insurance for mums works and answer some of the most important questions. Our life insurance specialists are also parents and mums, so we understand just how important it is to get the best and cheapest financial protection for your children.

According to official figures in 2021, over 75% of mums were employed in the UK which is the highest level on record. Financial and emotional pressures of being a mum mean that it’s more important than ever to find affordable and suitable life insurance.

Life insurance for mums has never been more important than it is now, especially given the financial pressures on families. A recent report from Legal & General suggests that more that nearly half of mums in the UK (46%) doesn’t have life insurance.

Martin Lewis himself strongly recommends life insurance for mums and parents in general, following the tragic loss of his own mother at just 11 years of age. In an interview with Martin Lewis on Good Morning TV with Holly Willoughby, he says “this isn’t a nice subject but we just need to get over it”.

A picture of a stopwatch

60-Second Summary – Life Insurance for Mums Guide 2024

Life insurance is important for any Mums, including working mums, stay at home mums, single mums and mums in relationships or partnerships. Our life insurance experts are constantly reviewing the market to find out which insurers are best for mums, and currently the top life insurance providers in the UK are Aviva, LV=, The Exeter, Royal London, Vitality and Zurich.

  • Life insurance for mums can be extremely flexible and affordable, so it can easily be tailored to suit your needs and your budget.
  • Common reasons for life insurance for mums is to protect your mortgage, cover rent payments, pay debts, school fees and other costs for raising children.
  • Some life insurance providers offer specific benefits and options for parents, such as free parent cover and critical illness insurance for children.
  • Other life insurance policies for mums that you should consider are critical illness insurance and income protection insurance to provide full coverage for your family.

Mums are generally considered to be the core of their families, and the loss of a parent can have a significant impact on a child’s life, both emotionally and financially.

According to bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, on average a parent dies every 20 minutes in the UK. This means that 46,300 children will lose a parent before the age of 18 which is a shocking figure.

In such a devastating event, the very last thing any parent wants their children to have to worry about, is financial stress. If you pass away, life insurance provides financial support for your family and help maintain their current standard of living.

Many mums choose to buy life insurance to cover key expenses such as:

  • Outstanding debts: Your policy can help to pay for outstanding debt such as a mortgage, credit card debt, finance payments for a car etc.
  • Cost of childcare: Childcare expenses can be costly, and life insurance provides some peace of mind that your partner or family members won’t struggle with this.
  • Cost of your funeral: Funerals can be extremely expensive, and your loved ones may not be able to cover the cost easily without the help of a life insurance payout.

As little as 20 or 30 years ago, life insurance for mums wasn’t something that was widely advertised or thought about in the UK. Historically, there was a view that it was dads who were the main breadwinners of the household. This meant that often life insurance was only targeted at dads, and mums weren’t a big part of the conversation.

Now many life insurance adverts are specifically targeted towards women, with mums and children heavily featured in the imagery and videos. This can be seen easily by simply looking at insurance provider websites, with the Royal London website being a great example of this.

A screenshot of the life insurance product page on the Royal London website

Things have evolved a lot over the last 20 years, with UK insurance providers becoming more aware of how important it is for mums to have life insurance too. In modern societies, mums can be the main earner and of course in some households there may not be a dad (e.g. single mums, widowed mums, same-sex couples).

Even if a household has both a mum and a dad, it’s best to consider having life insurance for both parents. This is regardless of whether a mum works or stays at home, as ultimately her death would still have a massive impact on her family.

One main question that many mums have is ‘What type of life insurance is best for mums?’. There isn’t one ‘best’ type of life insurance, as everyone’s situation is different. You should look at each available type of life cover, to decide which feels most appropriate for you and your family.

The main types of life insurance that you can buy in the UK are:

  • Term life insurance
  • One of the most popular types of life insurance available in the UK is term life insurance. These policies will protect you for a certain number of years or ‘policy term’ and you will pay the same amount each month.

    A term life insurance policy can be useful as you will decide exactly how long you want your protection to last. You can choose to protect yourself for many years or until your children become financially independent.

    There are two main options for term life insurance, which are level term life insurance or decreasing term life insurance.

    Having a level-term policy means that your cover amount remains the same or ‘level’ throughout the policy term. The cover amount for a decreasing life insurance policy reduces over time, as it is meant to cover a repayment mortgage.

    Another option is to buy increasing life insurance, where your cover amount increases in line with UK inflation rates. This protects your policy’s value and ensures full coverage despite rising costs.

  • Whole life insurance
  • A policy like whole-of-life insurance can be reassuring for those who want long-term financial security. A whole-life policy doesn’t have a set term and will protect your family until you either die or cancel your policy. These policies are extremely comprehensive and provide top-quality protection for the people you care about most.

    Buying comprehensive cover may cost slightly more, but it’s worth considering the benefits it provides before making any decisions. Whole-life policies are guaranteed to pay out, so there is no risk of your loved ones being unprotected.

  • Over 50s life insurance
  • Life insurance is just as beneficial for older mums who want to leave an inheritance for their children or grandchildren. Over-50s life insurance policies have been designed to help older parents continue to provide financial support to their families long after they’re gone.

    There are also additional benefits to choosing an over-50s policy including guaranteed pay-outs, so you never need to worry that your family won’t receive the money they deserve.

    Another main reason that many people over 50 buy this type of policy is for inheritance tax purposes. As the payout is lower, it is less likely to push your estate over the inheritance tax threshold. Some people buy these policies intending to use the payout to cover inheritance tax costs for their loved ones.

  • Family income benefit
  • Family income benefit is an attractive option for mums who have a lower budget for their life insurance policy. It still offers great financial protection for your family, with the main difference being that it pays out several smaller cash lump sums rather than one large sum.

    These payments are intended to replace your usual income and cover necessary expenses that may otherwise be unaffordable for your family.

  • Business life insurance
  • Many of the brilliant mums in the UK are also business owners, so they may want to use their life insurance to protect their business too. Business life insurance policies (relevant life insurance and key person insurance) help businesses to continue running smoothly after losing a key member.

    You may want to buy a business life insurance policy alongside traditional life cover for maximum financial protection.

    It’s possible to have multiple life insurance policies to protect yourself and your loved ones in different situations. We cover this in full detail in our guide Can you have more than one life insurance policy?’.

    Lots of life insurance providers in the UK claim to offer free gifts to appeal to new and current life insurance customers. The top life insurance provider that will give free gifts to mums is Vitality. Vitality provides a range of free items and discounts to customers who engage with their reward scheme.

    You can get cheap smart watches from Apple and Garmin, Expedia holiday discounts and big savings on the cost of your gym membership with brands like Nuffield Health.

    It can be complicated to understand how Vitality’s reward scheme works, which is why we have explained it in detail in our full Vitality Rewards Guide.

    You can also benefit from a free £100 gift card if you buy a policy through iam|INSURED. The full terms and conditions for this offer will be explained in full in your new customer email or you can ask your life insurance advisor for more information.

    Current iam|INSURED customers also have the option to refer a friend to iam|INSURED to receive a £50 Amazon voucher. This voucher will be sent out after your friend or family member has paid their third monthly premium.

    Note: You must be aged 18 or older to be eligible for any iam|INSURED offers. We may change or remove offers over time, so make sure to confirm this offer is still available when you contact us.

    It’s hard to say how much life insurance you might need, as every person will have different views on this. The amount of cover you need will be based on your circumstances and attitude to risk.

    There are several factors that it can be helpful to think about when deciding how much life insurance you might need. You should consider any outstanding debts, the age of your children, the number of children you have, and the estimated cost of your funeral.

    To get a rough idea of how much life cover you need, you can use our completely free Life Insurance Calculator.

    Note: Our life insurance calculator is intended as a guide only and you may still want to speak to a life insurance specialist before applying for your policy.

    The cost of life insurance for mums will vary based on several factors like your age and medical history. When you apply for life insurance, the provider will ask questions about your health and lifestyle such as:

    All these factors can affect the cost of your coverage, but there are a few simple ways to save money on your policy. This includes things like reducing your cover amount or policy term or even buying a different type of life insurance (e.g. term cover instead of whole life).

    The simplest way to find affordable life insurance to protect your family is to speak to a life insurance expert. A life insurance specialist can quickly compare the best available policies to save you time and money.

    Note: It may be worth sitting down and going through your monthly income and expenses to decide how much coverage you think is the appropriate amount for you. 

    Each UK life insurance provider has its pros and cons, so the best choice for another mum might not be the best choice for you. Before making any decisions, it’s worth checking all available options as some providers can offer additional benefits for parents.

    Based on our most recent market research, we have found that the top UK life insurance providers for mums are:

    Aviva logo

    1) Aviva

    Aviva score: 9.6/10

    Aviva is one of the largest providers of general insurance in the UK, so you’ve likely heard of them before. A lot of mothers prefer to choose well-established life insurance providers like Aviva for their reliability and trustworthiness.

    Aviva offers some great benefits for parents who are looking to find the right life cover. One of the main benefits that is popular amongst mums is Aviva’s free parent cover offer. This offer provides £15,000 of free cover for parents with children under age 4 for the first 12 months of their policy.

    It’s important to note that the offer isn’t only available for new Aviva customers. Current Aviva customers can also benefit from free parent life cover by reviewing their policies. This may be useful if you were thinking of having another child in the future, as a quick and easy way to increase your cover temporarily.

    Zurich logo

    2) Zurich

    LV score: 9.5/10

    Zurich is another brilliant life insurance provider that offers attractive benefits for parents in the UK. One of the main benefits that has been designed to appeals to mums is Zurich’s Pregnancy and Early Childhood Cover. Within this, mums will receive a £5,000 payout if their child is diagnosed with specified birth defects or they experience specific pregnancy complications (e.g. pre-eclampsia).

    Another helpful benefit is the £50 per night hospital stay benefit, which pays out if your child needs to stay in hospital for 7 or more days after a premature birth. While it is an awful situation to think about, Zurich’s enhanced child death benefit will pay out £5,000 if your child dies after the 24th week of pregnancy. This benefit can help to cover funeral expenses and support you if need time off work.

    Zurich’s children’s critical illness cover option is also extremely comprehensive, covering the same conditions as in the adult policy. Your child would also be covered for 10 additional child specific conditions including Down’s Syndrome and Spina Bifida.

    LV logo

    3) LV (Liverpool Victoria)

    LV score: 9.2/10

    LV (also known as LV= or Liverpool Victoria) is another mainstream insurance provider in the UK, known for its bright green branding. LV is a popular choice for UK parents, as they offer benefits that work very well for families.

    LV life insurance customers receive terminal illness benefit free of charge plus 24/7 remote GP access for you and your family. One of the best benefits for children that we’ve seen is LV’s ‘junior option’. This is where a child covered under an LV policy (e.g. child critical illness insurance) can easily take out an adult LV policy without medical underwriting within 6 months of their 23rd birthday.

    The Exeter logo

    4) The Exeter

    The Exeter score: 9.0/10

    The Exeter is a life insurance provider in the UK that specialises in covering individuals with medical conditions or high-risk jobs. If you are a mum with medical conditions or a risky occupation, The Exeter could be your best option for fairly priced cover.

    There are also several additional benefits to choosing the Exeter for your cover such as their HealthWise Support app which was recently upgraded. You can now access top features like virtual GP consultations and private prescriptions quickly and easily via The Exeter.

    Royal London logo

    5) Royal London

    Royal London score: 8.8/10

    Royal London also offers several great benefits that may be appealing to mums. Their ‘Personal Menu Plans’ allow you to mix and match multiple types of cover within one policy (e.g. life and critical illness), so it is easier to manage with one monthly premium.

    Royal London’s serious illness benefit is another popular choice for parents. This benefit provides payouts of up to £350,000 for you or your child if you are diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer, MS, or stroke. If you have a partner to think about too, Royal London’s ‘Dual Life’ policies allow you to each have different levels of cover within one policy.

    Vitality logo

    6) Vitality

    Vitality score: 8.7/10

    Vitality is a great choice for life insurance for more active mums. They have an innovative reward scheme which allows you to claim discounts and free items from top UK brands based on how much physical activity you’ve completed. Some of the best rewards include heavily discounted Apple watches and free tickets to cinemas like Odeon and Vue.

    Many Vitality members find that they save money over the year due to the high number of discounts they can claim. Some Vitality benefits can be especially helpful for mums including menopause support (in partnership with Peppy) which provides useful advice and emotional support.

    If you’ve been searching online for life insurance for mums, you’ve likely come across Polly life insurance. Polly.co.uk is a newer company that was set up specifically to sell life insurance to mums in the UK.  A lot of their advertising focuses on life insurance for young mums who may not have considered buying life insurance yet.

    Polly uses the power of social media to try and spread awareness of the importance of life insurance for mums, by having famous faces appear in their advertisements. This includes actresses like Patsy Palmer and Denise Welch, as well as reality TV stars like Frankie Essex and Holly Hagan.

    One of their shorter adverts features actress Joanna Page, best known for starring in the popular BBC TV show Gavin and Stacey.

    Polly.co.uk | Joanna Page

    While it may be tempting to seek out a company that ‘specialises’ in life insurance for mums, there are important things that you need to know.

    • Polly.co.uk is primarily a marketing website and they don’t provide life insurance themselves. They instead take your information and pass your details on to a regulated insurance advisor
    • As Polly.co.uk works as an aggregator site, they can’t offer advice about which type of policy will work best for you

    You don’t have a choice in the insurance broker that Polly refers you to, and they may not be the right one for your situation. Mums with medical conditions, hazardous jobs or hobbies may end up paying more because they are not talking to a specialist broker.

    Martin Lewis is a highly trusted UK financial journalist and is frequently consulted for advice on topics such as insurance and finance. He often stresses the importance of having life insurance policies for parents to protect their children on his website MoneySavingExpert.com.

    MoneySavingExpert.com prominently states that Martin Lewis ‘100% recommends life insurance‘ if you have children or other financial dependents. He sadly lost his mum in an accident at age 11, so he fully understands the impact this can have on a child.

    We explain more about Martin Lewis’ views on life insurance in our full Martin Lewis Life Insurance Guide.

    If you’re a single parent, having the right life insurance can be twice as important. As the sole caregiver for your children, it’s highly possible that they would struggle financially if you died.

    The loss of your income could cause significant financial trouble, so life insurance can make a huge difference to your children’s lives. The payout from a life insurance policy can help to look after your children for as many years as needed.

    A general rule of thumb would be to choose a life insurance cover amount that is roughly 10 times your annual salary. If your children are young, this money can help support them financially until a time when they are financially independent (e.g. age 18).

    It’s a very old-fashioned viewpoint that stay-at-home mums don’t need a life insurance policy as they don’t earn a typical wage. Life insurance can be just as vital for stay-at-home mums, as losing them would still have a significant financial impact on the whole family.

    Without a policy like life insurance in place, the surviving parent would have to try and budget for additional costs such as childcare. This may be extremely difficult or totally unaffordable for some families depending on their circumstances.

    Even if your family would have help from friends or relatives, life insurance provides valuable financial support. You can find the most affordable and suitable life insurance for stay-at-home mums by doing some research or by speaking to a life insurance expert for advice.

    With increasing costs in childcare, a lot of mums don’t have the option of working whilst raising young children. There are also some mums with medical conditions that will make it difficult or even impossible to work a standard 9-5 job.

    These scenarios are completely understandable, and benefits can provide much-needed additional support for your family. 

    You might be concerned that being on benefits will affect your ability to take out a life insurance policy. This shouldn’t be the case though, and mums on benefits will still have a wide range of life insurance options.

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    Thousands of households in the UK have two mums or two dads, with there being 217,000 of these families in the UK as of 2022. If there are two mums in your household, this shouldn’t affect anything while applying for life insurance and the process will be the same.

    The Equality Act of 2010 means that UK insurance providers aren’t allowed to discriminate against same-sex couples applying for policies like life insurance. A household with two mums will have the same things to worry about as a household with a mum and a dad.

    If you or your partner died, you need to consider the financial impact this would have on your household and your children. A life insurance policy provides an additional financial safety net for your partner and your children which could potentially support them for years.

    You might choose to have two separate policies or a joint life insurance policy to protect both mums. There isn’t a ‘right’ choice here and you should opt for whatever works best for your family.

    Note: These figures have been taken from Statista and are the most current statistics available as of February 2024.

    If you are a mum who has medical conditions, you might be put off from applying for life insurance. People with pre-existing conditions often think it will cost too much or be too difficult to buy life insurance.

    While there may be extra things to consider, it is usually possible to buy life insurance if you have a medical condition. The best way to ensure you have the right level of cover and don’t overpay is to speak to a medical life insurance specialist.

    Certain providers will work better for specific medical conditions and an expert will be able to explain which provider will be best for your situation. The chance of being refused cover will be lower too if you apply through a broker, so you don’t waste any time.

    Becoming pregnant may prompt you to assess the level of financial protection in place for your family, which leads many women to consider buying life insurance. Applying for life insurance while pregnant shouldn’t be any different to applying at another stage in your life.

    Being pregnant shouldn’t affect the cost of your policy, the application process, or the type of cover that you will need. You may however experience medical issues as a result of your pregnancy (e.g. gestational diabetes) that could have an impact.

    In some cases, waiting until after your child is born to apply for life insurance can result in better prices being available for you. If you’re not sure what your best options are, it’s worth speaking to a life insurance specialist for free guidance and support.

    Five Stars

    Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

    "This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

    by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

    As well as life insurance, there are several types of insurance available that can be useful for mums. These policies can protect your loved ones in different scenarios to avoid extra financial strain for you and your family.

    Critical illness insurance for mums

    Critical illness cover (or critical illness insurance) is another policy that many mums in the UK choose to buy. This is because these policies will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition that is covered by your insurance provider.

    These policies are often available as an add-on to life insurance, so you are also protected against serious illness. The payout from a critical illness cover policy can help your family cope with any extra expenses while you recover from or adapt to your medical condition.

    Many critical illness providers also allow you to add children’s cover to your policy. This means that you can claim if your child becomes seriously ill, which can be helpful if you need time off work to take care of them.

    Certain providers will even include children’s cover free of charge for a higher level of protection at no extra cost.

    Income protection insurance for mums

    Income protection insurance is another form of life insurance product. These policies will pay out a regular income to you if you are signed off work by your doctor due to illness or injury.

    If your children rely heavily on your income, needing time off work could cause a lot of strain on household expenses. A policy like income protection insurance can be particularly useful for self-employed mums who may not have access to other forms of support such as statutory sick pay.

    There are several types of income protection insurance to choose from including short-term cover, long-term cover and personal accident insurance.

    Health insurance for mums

    Private health insurance policies can be custom-built to support both you and your whole family if you need access to private medical care. With NHS waiting lists continuing to grow, many mums now view health insurance as the best alternative to protect themselves and their children.

    A basic policy will cover the cost of things like inpatient treatments and consultations and more comprehensive policies will provide cover for areas like mental health or even overseas treatment.

    What is the best life insurance for parents?

    Becoming a parent is a monumental task, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your children are financially secure no matter what.

    The best and most cost-effective way to provide financial protection for your children is by buying a life insurance policy. There are a lot of great options for life insurance for parents, whether this is a single policy or joint life cover to protect you and your partner.

    We explain all the main options for parent life insurance in our comprehensive Life Insurance for Parents guide for 2024.

    Can I get life insurance for my mum?

    If you are thinking about buying life insurance, this might make you curious about what type of protection your parents have. If they don’t have life insurance, you may be tempted to buy this for them to save them the stress and hassle.

    This isn’t generally allowed though, as the person who will be the policyholder will normally need to be the one who completes the application. There are some situations in which you may be able to complete this on their behalf, but you would need explicit written consent from them for this to be possible.

    What’s the cost of raising a child in the UK?

    According to The Times, a UK household will spend around £223,256 (£1,030 per month) to raise a child from birth to age 18. This is 10% higher than the cost in 2022 due to factors like inflation and the cost of living crisis.

    If you were to die, this cost would need to be covered solely by your partner or other family members. This is why life insurance is so useful, as it can provide £1,000’s in additional financial support.

    There are a few options when looking for a new life insurance policy for yourself or joint cover for you and your partner. You could check price comparison sites like Compare the Market for a quick estimation of pricing, but they won’t be able to offer proper advice.

    Another option is to apply directly to your chosen insurance provider, though the choice of policies can be more limited, and you may end up with a higher price.

    The simplest and cheapest way to buy life insurance for mums is through an experienced life insurance broker. This approach means you only need to complete one application, which can be especially useful for busy mums. Your advisor can then use the information provided to search the market for the perfect policy at the right price for you.

    For free, friendly advice, you can speak to our experts on 0800 009 6559 or click here.

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    Is it worth paying for life insurance?

    Yes, if you’ve got children or financial dependents then you should have life insurance to protect them if you die. Martin Lewis and the Financial Conduct Authority recommend that you take out life insurance to protect your family and your home. Generally, life insurance premiums start from as little as £5 per month and will be cheaper for younger adults.

    Common myths about life insurance:

    • Life insurance won’t pay out (pays out 98% of claims)
    • People with medical conditions can’t have life insurance
    • Life insurance is expensive
    • Savings can be just as effective as life insurance
    iaminsured logo


    https://www.iaminsured.co.uk » guides

    Is life insurance worth it? - iam|INSURED

    What is the average cost of life insurance per month?

    Based on recent research carried out, the average cost of life insurance is approximately £38 per month and the average level of cover is £152,000. Life insurance premiums also vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another and you can reduce your monthly premiums by shopping around.

    Fundamentally, life insurance premiums vary depending on your age, health and the amount of cover that you need, starting from as little as £5 per month. You can also get life insurance to protect your family and your home against financial loss if you die.

    iaminsured logo


    https://www.iaminsured.co.uk » guides

    Average cost of life insurance - iam|INSURED

    What does life insurance cover you for?

    Life insurance is a monthly renewable ‘term insurance’ contract that pays out a cash lump sum or regular payments on death to your family or beneficiaries. Policies are most commonly used for family protection or mortgage protection for your loved ones if you die and your household income reduces, plus the additional issues of losing a parent or carer.

    Traditional life insurance will not exclude any pre-existing medical conditions and will cover suicide after 12 or 24 months. You can also use life insurance for business protection purposes as well as tax-efficient business life insurance for directors or key people.

    What are the disadvantages of life insurance?

    The biggest and most common problem that consumers have with life insurance is the cost and the monthly premiums. This is the top reason for policy cancellations and why more people don’t take out life insurance to protect their family.

    Another key disadvantage with life insurance is that it holds no investment value, nor can you cash it in. Life insurance works like any other traditional general insurance policy (e.g. car insurance, house insurance, pet insurance etc.), you pay a monthly premium and it will pay out in the event of a claim. Some people decide to use savings instead of taking out life insurance but you need to make sure that you have sufficient savings to cover the costs of death for your family.

    Why do I need life insurance?

    The fact is that nobody actually ‘needs’ life insurance, but it is strongly recommended that families and couples have cover to protect their loved ones in the event of death. Martin Lewis recommends life insurance and says “this is something that every parent, partner, or person with any other type of dependent needs to consider”.

    Life insurance financially protects your loved ones if you die and pays out a cash lump sum to repay your mortgage, pay for school fees, replace lost income, and pay for regular outgoings. Mortgage life insurance is not linked to your mortgage debt so you can use it to pay off some or all of your mortgage.

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