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What extra benefits could I get with my life insurance?

At iam|INSURED, we are proud to be different and we are always looking for the best policies with the best rewards to help our customers to get more back. Some of the benefits that we offer include:

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Life insurance

Getting the best life insurance to protect your family can be the most important financial decision you will ever make.

Life insurance will provide your family with financial protection and security if you die during the policy term. It gives you peace of mind that your family won’t suffer financially if we’re no longer around.

Let’s get started and answer some of the most common questions that people ask about getting life insurance to protect their family.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between you (the insured) and a life insurance provider that provides a lump sum payout to your family if you die.

If you were to pass away then you can decide to leave a lump sum to your loved ones that can be used to pay off your mortgage or any other debts. You can also leave some money behind for your family to give them a lifestyle and to ensure that they don’t suffer financially.

Life insurance also has one of the highest payout rates of any insurance policy so you can be certain that claims are paid. According to figures published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), insurers paid out 98% of claims in 2020 at a rate of £17million per day.

How do I get a life insurance quote?

We have made getting your life insurance quote easier and quicker than ever before. Our insurance partners now give you a LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE ONLINE when you follow these simple steps:

1. Your age and occupation – how old are you currently (premiums are lower for younger people) and is your job dangerous

2. Cover amount and term – how much cover do you need to protect your loved ones and over what period (how many years)

3. Partners information – if your application is for joint cover (you and your partner) then provide your partners’ details

4. Health and lifestyle – do you have any pre-existing medical conditions and do you have any lifestyle disclosures (e.g. smoking, alcohol, and activities)

You can get an INSTANT QUOTE in minutes

Our life insurance partners include:

  • Aegon
  • AIG
  • Beagle Street
  • Budget
  • Canada Life
  • HSBC
  • Royal London
  • Vitality

You can get a life insurance quote in minutes to protect your family and we promise to keep our online rates low.

Can I have life insurance?

Many people are put off applying for life insurance because they don’t think that they will be able to get it. The 2 main criteria for getting life insurance are:

  • Are you over the age of 18
  • Are you a UK resident

As long as you live in the UK with a UK bank account and you are over the age of 18 years then you can apply for life insurance.

Need advice about life insurance?

If you need more help or information about life insurance then you can speak to one of our FRIENDLY team of EXPERTS by calling 0800 009 6559.

Our normal office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm
  • Friday 8am to 3pm
  • Saturday 10am to 2pm

Why should I take out life insurance with iam|INSURED?

We’re extremely proud to be the UK’s #1 rated life insurance EXPERTS thanks to our AMAZING customer rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Feefo.

You can contact us to speak to one of our SUPER FRIENDLY specialists and get the BEST cover to protect your family for less. We are constantly reviewing our insurance partners to make sure that we give you the most competitive premiums.

  • Price Match Promise
  • FREE expert advice
  • No obligation
  • FREE policy Trust service
  • 100% customer rating

Getting life insurance with iam|INSURED is quick and easy, and we also have over 20 years of expertise in helping people with:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Dangerous occupations
  • Hazardous activities and extreme sports

Best life insurance

The best life insurance for you will depend on your circumstances and what you need life insurance for. There are two main types of life insurance that are designed to protect a mortgage (your home) or your family.

Family life insurance (Level Term)

Level term life insurance is also known as ‘Family life insurance’ because it is specifically designed to pay out a lump sum to your loved ones.

If you die during the term of the policy then your family will receive a cash lump sum which is guaranteed to stay the same throughout the term of the policy (hence the name ‘Level’).


  • Always stays the same so you can budget for your payout
  • Simple financial protection for your family
  • The best way for you to have peace of mind that your family is protected


  • Can be more expensive than reducing cover premiums
  • Inflation is not considered unless added to cover
  • Once the policy has ended then cover will cease

Mortgage life insurance (Decreasing Term)

A mortgage life insurance policy is specifically designed to protect a ‘Capital and Repayment’ mortgage and should only ever be used for this purpose.

Your cover amount will reduce roughly (not exactly) at the same rate as your mortgage, so your mortgage will be paid off if you die. This means that your family home will be left with no mortgage debt for your family to worry about paying.


  • Premiums will be lower than Level Term cover
  • Protect your mortgage and your family home
  • You can cover more than one mortgage (multiple properties)


  • Cover amount reduces over the term of cover
  • No additional cover for your family (just mortgage)
  • Needs to be reviewed if you remortgage

Why do I need life insurance?

Some people get confused about what life insurance actually is and why they should have it because it’s not always clear.

Two of the biggest and most common reasons for taking out a life insurance policy are:

Protect your family – give them a lump sum if you die to make sure that they don’t suffer financially if you’re not around.

Protect your home – you can use a life insurance policy to pay off your mortgage or any other debts secured on a property that you own.

Most people will consider taking out a new life insurance policy when they take out a new mortgage or have a baby. These are two of the most common points in your life when you might think about reviewing life cover or looking for a new policy.

Some of the other common reasons for taking out life insurance are:

Business protection – you can take out life insurance to protect a business or for protecting people in your business.

Tax liabilities – most people don’t think about life insurance for tax reasons, but a tax bill is like any other debt and can be protected against.

Funeral cover – the ever-increasing costs of funerals are leaving some families with a difficult decision, but life insurance can cover this and take the pain away.

How does life insurance work?

One of the most confusing parts about life insurance is understanding how it actually works and what it does.

Ultimately, life insurance will pay out a cash lump sum to your family if you die, or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. You just need to think about how much cover you would like to leave and how long you need to take cover.

Some of the most important things to consider are:

How much life insurance do I need?

Think about what you would want to leave to your family if you were to pass away and how they would be impacted financially. For example, do you provide an income to your family or are you responsible for caring for your children?

Things to consider when you take out life insurance

  • School fees and children’s future needs
  • Mortgage amount
  • Your income
  • Debts and other outgoings

How long do I want life insurance for?

Most life insurance policies have what’s known as a ‘term’, which is a period of time that cover will last for. How long would you want this policy to last for, such as up to when you retire, or when your children are no longer financially dependent.

Some of the most common terms will be based on:

  • Mortgage term (how long is left on your mortgage)
  • Retirement age
  • Dependent children (when will they no longer be dependent)

There’s no right or wrong answer to this and you just need to think about what’s comfortable for you and your family.

Is cover just for me or is it for my partner as well?

You can also take out life insurance on a single-life or a joint-life basis, which simply means that you cover 1 or both parents. Not everyone’s situation is the same so there are other possible circumstances, but this is the most common.

Compare life insurance

You can now get a life insurance comparison online with our FREE QUOTE TOOL so you can quickly and easily figure out what coverage is best for you.

Getting the best life insurance to protect you and your family is now only a few steps away and can be extremely easy. You can get a life insurance comparison to help you to see what you can get and how affordable it can be.

Affordable life insurance

The beauty about life insurance is that it’s extremely flexible, so you can get life insurance to suit your needs and your budget.

Some of the main things that you’ll need to consider before you apply for life insurance:

Buy cover while you’re young – premiums for life insurance are always lower for younger and healthier people, so don’t put it off

Healthy lifestyles – people who are active and have healthier lifestyles will generally pay less for life insurance

Smoking and drinking – two of the things that can have a significant impact on your premiums are nicotine and alcohol

Find the best deals – you can shop around to find the best life insurance deals and compare premiums from different insurers

Term life insurance – it is generally much cheaper to take out a term life insurance policy compared to a whole of life policy

Medical history – be as open and as honest as you can be about your medical history so you can get an accurate premium

Regularly review cover – people often forget to review their life insurance at major points in their lives, such as moving home, having a baby, marriage, or divorce


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