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New low-cost Guardian Life Insurance range launches

Top UK insurance provider Guardian 1821 has just announced a brand new ‘Life Essentials’ life insurance range will be available in the next few weeks. This product has been designed with affordability in mind and is a helpful low-cost alternative to their standard policies.

Having two distinct policy types available helps Guardian to appeal to a wider range of customers and support the needs of far more people. With an ongoing cost of living crisis, many consumers have considered cancelling or have cancelled their life cover due to rising costs in other areas.

Having a true budget option for life insurance can make a massive difference to families across the UK who may otherwise find getting the cover they need unaffordable. These policies are also aimed at customers who aren’t as worried about specific policy features and simply want good quality and affordable cover to protect their homes and families.

Guardian’s brand new ‘Life Essentials’ range has been developed as a budget version of their usual life insurance products – but still offers high quality cover. Guardian marketing and proposition director Jacqui Gillies states the development of this range is due to their commitment to ‘fair value’ due to many customers now having a tighter budget for cover.

Some of the features and available cover options have been removed in the Essentials range, but Guardian have kept in some of the most popular policy benefits.

This includes their HALO health support service, waiver of premium benefit, Guardian Anytime GP access and the option for individual life insurance or joint life insurance cover.

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A main difference between the new ‘Life Essentials’ range and Guardian’s standard life insurance policies is the definitions of terminal illness for terminal illness benefit pay outs.

In the new life proposition, terminal illness is defined as follows: ‘being terminally ill and, in the medical opinion of your attending UK consultant, your illness has no known cure or has progressed to the point where it can’t be cured and is expected to lead to your death within 12 months’.

While this is very similar to standard policies, Guardian Life Protection policies won’t require a 12-month prognosis for stage 4 cancer (incurable), Parkinson-plus syndromes, motor neurone disease or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Here we have created a table explaining and demonstrating all the other main differences between Guardian Life Essentials and Guardian Life Protection policies.

Policy typePolicy features
Guardian Life EssentialsMaximum cover amount of £300,000
Includes waiver of premium as standard (26 week deferred period)
Option for dual life cover
Will not pay out for suicide within the first 12 months
Policy options – level term (family) life insurance, decreasing (mortgage) life insurance, increasing life insurance
Does not include the option for family income benefit
Guardian Life ProtectionMaximum cover amount of £1million
Includes waiver of premium as standard (4 week deferred period)
Option for dual life cover
Doesn’t include any exclusions automatically
Policy options – level term (family) life insurance, decreasing (mortgage) life insurance, increasing life insurance and family income benefit

Note: Guardian offers temporary life cover during the application process regardless of which type of policy you apply for. This would pay out if anything happened to you before your application has finished being processed.

The life insurance policy that will work best for you will depend on your own circumstances and how much money you would like to spend. It’s an entirely personal decision and one that should be thought about carefully.

You should consider the price of both types of cover and what is most affordable for you. Another thing to think about is how important the additional policy features are to you that are included with standard cover and if they are worth the cost.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Guardian life insurance is growing in popularity in the UK, and they have won several industry awards, most recently the LifeSearch Leading Product Innovation Award 2023.

They also have a simple online process for customer service, and both types of cover give you access to remote GP services and bereavement support. If you wanted to buy any other policies alongside your cover, you can also buy critical illness cover and income protection from Guardian.

There are a wide range of life insurance providers in the UK though, and it can be useful to compare quotes from a few providers to make sure you get the best price. Other providers may also be better for specific types of life cover (e.g. business life insurance), so it’s worth shopping around before making any decisions.

Who took over Guardian life insurance?

ReAssure bought Guardian’s past policies and customers back in 2016 and this included life insurance and pensions.

This won’t affect current or new customers and the policies are still provided by Guardian and underwritten by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society.

Is Guardian a good insurance company?

Guardian is a newer company but with roots dating back more than 200 years. They are generally well trusted, and their customer base has grown rapidly over the last several years.

They aren’t a huge insurer such as LV or Scottish Widows and this can actually be a bonus if you prefer a more personal and one to one approach from your insurer.

What does Guardian life cover do?

Guardian life insurance policies will pay out a cash lump sum to your loved ones or specified beneficiaries to support them in the event of your death.

This money can be used in any way and is often used to cover expenses that would otherwise be unaffordable (e.g. funeral costs or repaying your mortgage). This money is also intended to allow your loved ones to continue living the lifestyle they are used to, without worrying about financial struggles.

Which life insurance is best in the UK?

We recently reviewed the best life insurance products and providers in the UK, to see which offered the best value and service for UK consumers.

The UK’s top 3 life insurance providers are Legal & General, Vitality and Aviva with millions of current customers. Guardian may be a smaller company, but they certainly have benefits to choosing them. You should compare policies from various providers to see which has the best prices and policy features for you.

Guardian doesn’t accept direct applications from consumers, so if you want to compare quotes you will need to talk to an independent life insurance broker.

Our team of experts can compare the best Guardian life insurance quotes quickly and easily – plus all the best quotes from other providers on the market. For free and friendly life insurance advice, you can call 0800 009 6559 or click here.

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