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Income protection insurance for teachers

A teachers income protection insurance policy will provide you with tax free monthly payments to replace your salary if you can’t work.

One of the common questions that teachers ask us is, “do I need income protection insurance because I get sick pay (usually for 6 months)?”. The role of a teacher is stressful and it’s important to make sure that you’re properly covered if anything happens to you

The most common causes of long-term sickness amongst teachers are:

An income protection for teachers policy can provide you with long term protection if you can’t work due to injury from an accident or sickness.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

You can usually get an income protection insurance policy as a teacher and it is definitely advisable to look at this type of cover.

Most teachers will assume that their ‘sick pay’ will protect them if they are unable to work for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the case that your sick pay will cover the full period of absence.

Does income protection insurance payout for teachers?

YES – an income protection insurance policy will provide you with a monthly tax-free payment to replace your teachers salary. This is similar to critical illness cover except that will pay out one lump sum if diagnosed with a serious illness during the policy term.

There are many reasons why you might need to claim on your income protection policy if you were unfit to work. Most of these policies will pay out for 12 or 24 months months from when you submit your claim.

Some of the most common teachers income protection insurance absence claims:

  • Mental health (e.g. stress, depression, or anxiety)
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Serious injury (accidental)

Your income protection insurance policy will usually start to pay out towards the end of your sick pay period, if it has been set up properly.

Compare income protection insurance for teachers

You can easily compare the best income protection insurance rates for teachers by speaking to one of our experts.

We will search the whole market to find the best products and the best rates for you based on your needs or circumstances. Most insurance companies will only have access to a handful of insurers so you won’t necessarily get the full picture.

There are lots of options for cover for income protection insurance for teachers so you it is worth getting advice from an expert.

YES – there are some excellent options when considering income protection insurance for teachers.

Most people with extensive sick pay policies from employers don’t necessarily think it’s worth getting this type of cover. The reality is that it can be extremely important and cover for teachers is often much cheaper because of the sick pay waiting periods.

How much is income protection insurance for teachers?

Income protection insurance for teachers is actually cheaper generally than others might pay for this type of cover.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of cover for income protection is by choosing a longer ‘deferred period’. This basically means that you’ll be able to choose how quickly your policy will payout from the point when you can’t work.

Because teachers have a longer sick pay period, it means that you will be able to select a 6 month or even 12 month deferred period.

Often income protection insurance policies with these deferred period will be significantly cheaper than standard cover. You can also choose other options such as ‘Age rated’ which can keep your premiums low in the early years.

Cheaper income protection insurance for teachers

There are a few ways for you to influence the cost of your cover and you can get cheaper income protection insurance for teachers.

Your age – many people put off getting cover until later in life when premiums are much higher because of your age and potential health problems

Shop around – you can reduce your premiums by comparing some of the top insurance brands and some specialists

Get advice – an income protection insurance expert will be able to tell you which insurers are cheaper and how to manage the cost properly

Smoking – if you smoke or have previously smoked then you will pay more for cover so you can reduce premiums when you quit (after 12 months)

Health and lifestyle – it is also possible to make certain lifestyle choices that can reduce your premiums, such as weight-loss and exercise

Pre-existing medical conditions – speak to a specialist if you have any medical problems that might affect your premiums

Income protection insurance premiums will vary dramatically from one insurer to another so you can save money every month.

Income protection insurance can be great because it’s so flexible but it can also be confusing with so many options.

The best income protection insurance options for teachers are:

  • Short-term income protection insurance which pays out for up to 12 or 24 months from the point of claim. This is a lower cost option and can be extremely useful for periods of longer term sickness for teachers, that are not permanent
  • Long-term income protection insurance is designed to pay out up to the end of the policy term which means that you can claim for very long periods of absence. This type of cover is the most comprehensive which is why premiums are higher
  • Guaranteed Sick Pay can be useful as it is usually cheaper than full income protection because it excludes any pre-existing conditions. This policy will usually pay out for up to 6 months from the point that you make a claim
  • Personal accident insurance is usually the cheapest type of income protection insurance but can also be the most useful. One of the main benefits of this cover is that it will pay out for any hospitalisation over 24 hours, injuries, and accidental death

NO – you shouldn’t have to pay more for income protection insurance because you are a teacher.

In fact, one of the main benefits of being a teacher is the level of sick pay support that is usually provided. This means that you are able to select a longer deferred period (6 or 12 months) which will reduce the cost of cover.

Why do I need income protection insurance for teachers?

Most teachers will feel that the support that is provided by the government and their employers will be sufficient.

The reality is that in many or even most cases this is correct and you probably won’t need income protection insurance. Unfortunately, there are also many instances where the support provided is not sufficient to cover more serious issues.

It is always advisable to have the right cover in place just in case something happens to you in the future.

Some of the most common claims that won’t be covered by your employer:

  • Cancer (pay during diagnosis and treatment)
  • Serious injury
  • Mental illness (e.g. stress, depression, or anxiety)
  • Acute medical conditions
  • Chronic medical conditions

It’s true to say that employers sick pay for teachers will cover many things, however, longer term sickness or absence can be a serious problem.

There are some products that offer guaranteed income protection insurance terms for teachers.

This means that you will be guaranteed to be able to get this type of cover regardless of your medical history, health, or any other potential risks. One of the main things to remember with this type of cover is that it will exclude anything pre-existing.

How do I claim on income protection insurance for teachers?

Making a claim on your income protection insurance is often very simple and a lot easier than you might think.

If you are unable to work in your role as a teacher for a long period of time then you can submit your claim. The claims process is often quick and includes several simple steps.

  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Complete a claim form (usually online)
  • Submit medical evidence (if needed)
  • Submit financial evidence (if needed)

Medical conditions linked to teaching

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Useful resources

NASUWT (Teacher’s Union) – Sick Leave and Sick Pay Entitlement for Teachers (England, Wales)

NEU (National Education Union) – Teachers’ sick pay and sick leave entitlement

Gov.uk – Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Citizen’s Advice – Check if you’re entitled to sick pay

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