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Police income protection

Those working in the police have rewarding job roles, but the job can be extremely physically demanding and can put you at a higher risk of becoming ill or injured.

Between March 2021 and March 2022, there were 11,730 crimes where a police officer was assaulted and injured (including the British Transport Police).*

If this happened to you and your injuries were severe, it could massively impact your ability to perform your job role as normal. You may need to take an extended period of sick leave to fully recover.

In this situation, income protection can offer an extra level of financial security. This insurance policy can provide you with a tax-free monthly payment to replace 50%-70% of your usual pre-tax monthly income.

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by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

YES – you should be able to find excellent income protection policies that can cover police officers.

In fact, it can be a great policy to have in place, offering a safeguard to help you pay your bills if ill or injured and unable to work.

Does income protection insurance pay out for police?

YES – police income protection will be able to provide you with tax-free payments every month to replace your usual monthly income. These will usually cover between 50% and 70% of your usual pre-tax salary.

This is similar to critical illness cover but that will only pay out one lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

While there is a high risk of injury for police officers, there are other common reasons you may need to claim on your policy. These include:

Compare police income protection

Speak to one of our experts to compare the best available rates for police income protection. We can help police officers find great income protection or life insurance cover (including decreasing or level term life insurance).

Comparison will often reveal one or two policies that offer the same terms and level of cover as others – but for a fraction of the price.

We can search the market to find the best policy for your needs with access to great policies and preferential rates with the UK’s top insurance providers. Our team are specialists when it comes to police income protection as well as other policies such as life insurance for police officers.

YES – there are some brilliant options available when it comes to police income protection.

Although the police force can allow you access to statutory sick pay (SSP) plus usually a workplace sickness scheme, both of these will only last for a limited amount of time. SSP for example will only pay out for a maximum of 28 weeks.

How much is police income protection?

Police income protection can be very reasonably priced, particularly compared to some other occupations.

As police have access to sick pay for a set period of time (usually 6 months full pay), you may be able to extend your deferred period. This is the waiting period between starting your sick leave and receiving your first claim payment.

Cheaper police income protection

There are several ways you could lower the cost of your income protection policy to help you cut costs. These include:

Your age – policies will increase in price as you age so it is best to put cover in place as early in life as possible

Shop around – it is a good idea to check what each provider offers and compare to ensure you are paying the best possible price

Get advice – speak to a  income protection insurance expert to find out which insurers are cheaper and how to find the right deal for your budget

Smoking – smoking can increase policy costs so if you smoke it is worth quitting or cutting down if you want to reduce the cost of your cover

Health and lifestyle –weight-loss and exercise are examples of lifestyle changes that can help to lower the cost of your policy

Pre-existing medical conditions – speak to a specialist if you have any medical conditions that could affect your premiums

There are several options when it comes to the level of cover you can receive with income protection. This means you have a range of choice and can put the policy in place that best suits your budget and how much cover you require.

  • Short-term income protection insurance: pays out for up to 12 or 24 months from the point of claim. This is often more cost-effective than longer term policies.
  • Long-term income protection insurance: will pay out up to the end of the policy term so you can claim for very long periods of absence. Premiums will be higher due this cover being so comprehensive.
  • Guaranteed Sick Pay: will be cheaper than full income protection as it excludes any pre-existing conditions and usually pays out for up to 6 months from when you claim
  • Personal accident insurance: the main benefits of this cover include paying out for any hospitalisation over 24 hours, injuries, and accidental death. The lowest priced income protection policy.

Why do I need police income protection?

With access to sick pay, you may think there isn’t any point in also taking out income protection.

You may face a significant injury or medical condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or something else causing you to need a long recovery period

For short term absences sick pay should provide sufficient support, but in cases of longer-term illness or serious injuries you may find your sick pay period expiring.

This then can leave you in a difficult position of having to return to working before fully ready or being reliant on loans or savings to pay your bills. If this were to happen, you could face significant financial strain making an already difficult situation worse.

How do I claim on police income protection?

It is a straightforward process to put in a claim on your police income protection policy, if unable to work due to illness or injury.

The 4 steps to claiming which are:

  • Contact your insurance provider
  • Complete a claim form (usually online)
  • Submit medical evidence (if needed)
  • Submit financial evidence (if needed)

When you have submitted your claim and it has been approved, you will begin receiving payments directly to your bank account. These will continue until your claim period (usually 12 months or 24 months) ends or you return to working again.

What is income protection?

Income protection is designed to pay out a monthly tax-free payment to cover 50%-70% of your pre-tax income. You can claim this if off sick for an extended time period.

How does police income protection work?

You pay your policy premiums every month to ensure cover is in place. If you cannot work due to long term illness or serious injury, you put in a claim and can receive monthly payments of 50%-70% of your usual pre-tax income.

Is income protection insurance worth it for police?

Although sick pay is accessible for police officers, if seriously ill or injured this may run out before you have recovered. In this situation, income protection can offer the vital funds needed to support you until you can return to work.

*according to Gov.uk statistics

Useful resources for police

Gov.uk – Police workforce England and Wales statistics

Local Government Association – Police Staff Council England & Wales handbook

Merseyside Police Federation – Sickness

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