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Mortgages for NHS staff

Our skilled and qualified mortgage advisors have years of experience in finding the best mortgages for NHS staff. Working for the NHS can be incredibly rewarding but also time consuming, meaning it can be hard to find the time to look for the right mortgage.

Our team can easily compare hundreds of mortgage deals to find the best available mortgage rates for NHS staff. Working for the NHS can even allow you to access specialised rates and our expert brokers know exactly where to look for these deals.

According to government reports, there are record numbers of NHS staff currently working, with over 1.2 million full time staff members. This is over 31,000 more NHS workers than reported in 2021. With numerous benefits to NHS work, this number is likely to continue increasing.

Mortgage advice for NHS staff

There are a wide range of job roles in the NHS including doctors, nurses, dentists and more. You can also work for the NHS via full or part time employment or even contract work. This means the requirements and circumstances for each NHS worker’s mortgage can be completely different.

It is important to seek the right advice, to make sure you are choosing the most suitable lender and deal for your needs.

In this section (mortgages for NHS staff):

How do mortgages for NHS staff work?

Usually, NHS workers should be able to find a great mortgage deal easily, with a wide range of available options.

NHS workers can even benefit from discounts or special rates from some lenders, giving them an advantage over other buyers. Certain job roles can however present complications with a mortgage application such as working on a part time, locum or contract basis.

With income being a main element assessed to determine affordability, more complex income can lead to additional questions from lenders. Further questions are nothing to be concerned about, as they are only used so lenders have a full picture of your finances.

The right mortgage for NHS employees will depend on factors such as:

  • The type of mortgage (new mortgage, remortgage, joint mortgage, buy to let etc)
  • Repayment type (capital and repayment or interest only)
  • Interest rate (fixed rate, variable rate, discount rate or tracker rate)
  • Your income structure and credit history
  • The deposit amount (loan to value)

Each of these factors can influence which lender and deal will be the best choice for your mortgage.

Our team can find brilliant mortgages for NHS staff, with over 50 top UK lenders to choose from.

Which are the best mortgage lenders for NHS staff?

The best lender for any mortgage can vary depending on individual applicants, the mortgage type they need (e.g. first time buyer, buy to let mortgage etc) and their income and financial history. This applies even more so to mortgages for NHS staff, as individual job roles and income types can vary massively.

Getting the right advice can make a big difference to the rates and deals accessible to you. A fully qualified broker with the right experience will be able to ensure you only apply to the best lenders for your job role. This means you don’t waste any time applying to lenders who are unsuitable for your needs.

Certain lenders will be better for specific mortgage products and types, so it is worth considering what you need before applying. It is a good idea to think about whether you want a repayment or interest only mortgage, the property type you are buying and whether you are buying for yourself or as an investment (buy to let).

Some of the top lenders for mortgages for NHS staff include:

  • Accord Mortgages
  • Barclays
  • BM Solutions
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Nationwide
  • Natwest
  • The Nottingham
  • Santander
  • Skipton Building Society
  • And more…

Lender criteria can vary, and some lenders will work better for additional factors such as applying with a poor credit history. Sometimes a specialist lender may be the best choice over a high street bank or building society. An experienced broker will be able to advise you on which lender is most appropriate for your needs and finances.

How to find the best mortgages for NHS staff

There are several common ways borrowers can apply for a mortgage, and each way will affect the rates and deals on offer. This means it is a good idea to choose your approach carefully. The 3 most used ways to apply for a mortgage are:

  • Speak to a mortgage broker or mortgage advisor: this approach is the one most often used by buyers and those seeking a remortgage. This can be the easiest way with help and support as well as access to a wide range of lenders and deals.
  • Apply to your Bank or Building Society: you can apply directly with many banks and building societies, and this can be a good option for some borrowers. This can however limit the rates and deals you can get, as you will only have access to one lender rather than a panel of many.
  • Apply for a mortgage online or via a price comparison site: this is becoming a popular choice for mortgage applications due to convenience and cost effectiveness. It can lead to confusion though without additional support and can easily become time consuming.

The simplest way to find the best mortgage rates for NHS employees will usually be via a specialist broker who can offer advice and support throughout your application.

Mortgage deals for NHS staff

There aren’t any specific mortgages for NHS staff, but NHS staff can benefit from various government schemes. NHS staff are also often looked on more favourably by lenders due to increased job security, steady income and potential for promotion. Lenders will view all of these as reassuring and indicative that you are less likely to default on the repayments on your mortgage.

By speaking to a broker who knows the right lenders to approach, you have the potential to save as some lenders will offer NHS workers preferential rates.

Our experienced team can find cheap mortgages for NHS staff, without compromising on quality. There are many deals available with great terms and affordable monthly payments.

Mortgage for key worker NHS

Due to their tireless work during the pandemic, there was pressure on the government to offer support and mortgage help for NHS staff and other key workers.

This led to key worker help to buy schemes being developed to help those in key roles buy their new home. These schemes are no longer available but there are other similar schemes that will benefit many NHS employees if they are eligible.

These buyer support schemes include:

Not every buyer will be eligible for these schemes, so check with a mortgage specialist to see if you can benefit from the savings these will offer.

Mortgage discount for NHS staff

Some lenders have been known to offer discounts to current or ex NHS staff members. Not all advisors will know where to look for these discounts, so it is important to choose a broker who is familiar with NHS mortgage deals.

There are various mortgage schemes that can be beneficial for NHS staff, though not all employees will be eligible for every scheme. The affordable housing scheme for example can reduce the amount needed for your mortgage deposit.

 Speak to a specialist broker to find out if you may be able to save on your mortgage with a buyer support scheme.

Who can have NHS staff mortgages?

With an NHS staff mortgage, these deals are designed to benefit clinical staff with a permanent NHS contract. NHS employees can get this type of mortgage when working in areas such as:

  • NHS dental practices
  • GP surgeries
  • Ambulance trust
  • The health protection agency
  • Social care and mental healthcare trusts
  • Primary care trusts
  • National blood transfusion services
  • And other NHS trusts

Mortgage broker for NHS staff

Our team of highly skilled specialists mortgage brokers can offer support and free mortgage advice for NHS staff. We know how busy your life and job role will be and aim to make life easier, by getting your mortgage sorted as simply and easily as possible.

With a carefully chosen panel of over 50 top UK lenders, we can compare hundreds of mortgage deals to find the right one for each buyer.

We specialise in helping find excellent rates and deals for mortgages for NHS staff. Whether a doctor, nurse, other medical professional, admin staff member or in another job role entirely, we can find you the best available mortgage rates and deals.

Useful resources

Citizen’s Advice – Buying a home

Own Your Home (Gov.uk) – All schemes

NHS – NHS workforce statistics

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