Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – “end inequalities”

Life insurance and Ovarian Cancer… before, during, and after diagnosis

March is ovarian cancer awareness month to help raise awareness for women with this condition. This year is about shining a light on the inequalities that thousands of women face when receiving treatment and care for ovarian cancer.

According to Ovarian Cancer Action, nearly a quarter of women (24%) are in their 70’s when they’re diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

It’s apparent that these women aren’t receiving the same level of care as others.

Currently, ovarian cancer accounts for approximately 4% of all cancers in women and is the 6th most common cancer, with over 7,000 new cases each year.

Here we look at how life insurance can work for women before diagnosis, when diagnosed, and after diagnosis.

We think that it’s important for women to understand how a life insurance policy can help to support them and their families. This should help to explain what life cover can do through, and after a cancer diagnosis.

Life insurance before ovarian cancer

They say that “prevention is better than cure” which is hopefully the way that people look at life cover.

If you’re concerned about what might happen in the future and you want to protect your family, then you should definitely think about getting protected. Life insurance and critical illness cover can be the difference between financial security and financial hardship.

If you were to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the future, then you could be paid out a cash lump sum.

Life insurance will pay out a cash lump sum to your family if you die from ovarian cancer. This payment can be used to pay off your mortgage, clear debts, and pay for the cost of living.

Critical illness cover can also pay out a cash lump sum to you and your family to help support you through serious illnesses, like ovarian cancer. Any diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer can be incredibly stressful so this can relieve any financial problems.

Life insurance during ovarian cancer

For women who are recently diagnosed or receiving treatment for ovarian cancer, there are limited life cover options.

Most insurance companies won’t accept new applications for life insurance through this stage. Obviously, there are many unknown risks through treatment stages which standard insurers will not consider, unfortunately.

There is however an option for alternative life cover called ‘guaranteed acceptance life cover’. This type of policy will accept you through this period to at least provide some protection.

Guaranteed life insurance provides you with cover against other conditions or situations not linked to cancer. You’ll be protected for things like accidental death, heart attack, and stroke which are still important to have.

These policies can be extremely useful and affordable for you.

Life insurance after ovarian cancer

Once you’ve been treated for ovarian cancer, then you should find that your options will begin to open.

Many women who have been treated for ovarian cancer recover to live a long and healthy life. According to Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance:

  • Following Stage 1 cancer treatments – recurrence rates 10%
  • Following Stage 2 cancer treatments – recurrence rates 30%
  • Following Stage 3 cancer treatments – recurrence rates 70 to 90%
  • Following Stage 4 cancer treatments – recurrence rates 90 to 95%

If you’ve been treated for ovarian cancer and you need to take out life cover, there are plenty of options.

You can also find more information about life insurance after ovarian cancer HERE

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