Cineworld and Vue

Cineworld and Vue cinema tickets

We all love going to watch the latest films and the big screen experience of the cinema to help you forget about the daily stresses. That is why at Iam Insured, our insurance partner, Vitality are teamed with Cineworld and Vue who are two of the UK’s top cinema chains.

If you take out a policy from our insurance partners and get yourself active, you could earn a regular cinema ticket at either Cineworld or Vue as part of all Vitality Life and Health insurance cover.

  • Earn 12 activity points each week for tracking your activity
  • Log into our insurance partner’s Member Zone or app the following week so you can generate your reward cinema ticket code
  • Simply enter your reward cinema ticket code on the cinema’s website when you book your tickets
  • Collect your ticket at the cinema and enjoy the film

Every member of your plan that is 18 or over can request codes for cinema tickets on our insurance partner’s website or app, so long as their health review is complete and they have accrued 12 points in the previous week, but cinema ticket codes can only be used by members of your plan.

Yes. You need to book your cinema ticket by the end of the week once you have generated a code. Weeks run from Monday to midnight on Sunday. You will have an expiry date with your code and have a copy in email and text message.

There are plenty of ways you can earn points with our insurance partners. You can:

  • Use an activity tracker
  • Work out at a partnered gym
  • Take part in park runs

Our insurance partners encourage all members to stay healthy, but it is different for everyone. By lowering the points needed for those with a higher BMI, or those aged 70 or over, our partners make it more accessible and easier for them to improve their health. If a member can reduce their BMI to below 35, their weekly target will increase to 12.

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