Private Health Insurance – FAQ’s

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Private Health Insurance – FAQ’s

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Private Health Insurance – FAQ’s

Private health insurance basics

Having private health insurance will provide you with fast access to high-quality private medical facilities and will include medical treatments when and where it suits you. It also plays a very important role as it will help fund the costs of any early diagnosis and treatment for some acute conditions. This could range from physiotherapy sessions all the way to more complex procedures, like major heart surgery or biological therapy for the treatment of cancers.

What private health insurance covers

Private health insurance is there for you to cover the costs of private medical treatment for acute conditions. An acute condition is a disease, illness or injury that is most likely to respond quickly to treatment so someone can have either a full recovery or have the quality of health they had prior to the condition.

Private health insurance does not normally cover any treatment of long-term, or chronic, conditions where the primary focus is to keep symptoms under control – these are still treated by the NHS. Private health insurance will also not cover any pre-existing conditions you may have when taking out a plan.

How private health insurance works

For the majority of claims, private health insurance medical treatment will begin with a GP referral for specialist treatment. This can be done by either your NHS GP or a private GP. After this, any treatment you need will be managed by working very closely with your private health insurer so they can make sure you are getting quick access to the correct medical treatments you need.

How is private health insurance different from NHS treatment?

Private health insurance was always designed to work with all the services offered by the NHS, not to replace them, by focusing on providing faster access to treatment for acute medical conditions. Private health insurance members are still able to use all services offered by the NHS. But as there are many pressures on the NHS to meet healthcare demands, which grows rapidly and is compounded by increasingly stretched resources – private health insurance plays a complementary role.

Why choose iam|INSURED private health insurance?

iam|INSURED insurance partners simply offers better care, in the form of award-winning private health insurance. They also put a great focus on better health and living, which helps you stay healthy. This combination of bringing the two together makes an integrated offer unique to iam|INSURED. As you benefit from better health, it enables us to share some of the insurance savings that emerge in the form of better product benefits and incentives – fuelling a virtuous cycle.

What is an insurance premium?

This is what you pay to be covered by a plan like private health insurance. You will normally pay for your insurance premium via monthly or annual direct debit. Your premium is reviewed after a year and changes depending on your age, your iam|INSURED status, if you make a claim and any medical inflation.

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