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Aviva Health Insurance Review 2024

Aviva is one of the most well-known and biggest brands in private medical insurance, with Aviva health insurance being bought by millions of consumers across the UK. In this guide, our independent health insurance experts explain all the top features of Aviva health insurance and how to save money on your cover in 2024.

Health insurance is the best way to protect your health and gain access to the best medical treatment if you are ill or become injured. Aviva health insurance provides high quality private medical care in over 200 private UK hospitals, to ensure you receive faster diagnosis and treatment without being stuck on NHS waiting lists.

You also gain access to some exclusive perks including extensive cancer care options, 24 hour stress counselling and discounted memberships at more than 3,000 UK gyms and fitness centres.

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60-Second Summary – Aviva Health Insurance Review 2024

Aviva UK is one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in the UK, serving millions of customers since its rebranding from Norwich Union in 2009.

Aviva sells a range of insurance products, with their health insurance policies being one of the most popular choices for individuals, families and businesses in the UK.

  • Some of the most popular features of Aviva health insurance include reduced hospital waiting times, access to Aviva Wellbeing Services and £100 payments for every night spent in an NHS hospital.
  • Aviva policies are also very reasonably priced, with the average cost of Aviva health insurance being between £40.87 – £78.87 depending on the type of health insurance (e.g. individual, couples or family cover).
  • Aviva consistently wins industry awards for their insurance policies and services, and are currently rated 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars on independent review site Trustpilot.
  • There are many things that will affect the cost of your Aviva health insurance policy like your age, medical history, and postcode. Some simple ways to save money on your cover include paying more excess, reducing your cover amount, and getting advice from a health insurance specialist.

What is Aviva UK?

Aviva is one of the UK’s biggest (and oldest) insurance companies with millions of customers across the country. Though Aviva is a well-known name now, the company under this name was only formed following a rebrand of Norwich Union back in 2009.

Is Aviva good for health insurance?

Aviva is one of the UK’s most popular insurance companies and they are well liked by their health insurance customers, being rated 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars on Trustpilot. Their policies include a range of top-quality policy features that can appeal to health insurance customers of any age.

Aviva health insurance (also known as Aviva private medical insurance) is a policy that is designed to help you cover the cost of private healthcare. This can give you some peace of mind that you will have access to the best care if anything happens to you.

Aviva policies give you access to treatment in over 200 hospitals across the UK plus the option to shorten this list to make your policy cheaper. This can be helpful if you want access to the best medical treatment but are worried about your budget.

Aviva’s health insurance policies also include some extra benefits such as:

  • Reduced hospital waiting times
  • Access to Aviva wellbeing services
  • Options to boost or reduce your cover (if needed)
  • Enhanced cancer care
  • £100 per night cash pay out for any NHS hospital stays

Aviva consistently wins industry awards for their insurance policies and the high level of service they provide to their customers. This includes awards like:

Money Marketing Awards 2021 – Best Protection Provider

The British Insurance Awards 2021 – The Risk and Resilience Award

FT Adviser Financial Adviser Service Awards 2022 – Most Improved Pensions & Protection Provider Award

Aviva – Our memberships and awards

Aviva has been one of our top insurance partners for many years, so we know how Aviva Health Insurance works and all the great benefits that are available.

Aviva offers some brilliant benefits to their health insurance customers including access to Aviva wellbeing support services and discounts at over 2,000 gyms across the UK.

How does Aviva health insurance work?

Aviva has a range of policies available for health insurance, meaning you can choose the one that is best suited to your own needs and budget.

The three main options for health insurance with Aviva:

1. Core cover: this covers you for various consultations, treatments, hospital stays and more. This also includes full cancer cover and mental health support.

2. Reduced cover: this is a lower cost option that still provides cover for various conditions, hospital fees and more. This can be a good choice if you are more concerned about budget but still want cover for serious health conditions.

3. Enhanced cover: this covers everything that core cover does PLUS includes extra outpatient benefits e.g. physiotherapy and dental/optical cover.

Key features of Aviva health insurance include:

  • Unlimited claims each year (you can claim as many times as you need to)
  • Expert Select process which guides you to the best places for treatment in your local area
  • Option to get an ‘open referral’ from your GP which allows Aviva to then provide with a list of approved specialists
  • No claims discount (certain claims will not affect this e.g. using the Stress Counselling helpline)

Other health insurance companies will work slightly differently, so if Aviva doesn’t seem right for you there are a wide range of other options available.

Health Insurance provider reviews

The main thing most people will want to know is what exactly their health insurance covers them for. Aviva have a set list of situations that are covered (as well as some that aren’t).

These will be fully detailed in your policy documents, but here is a quick overview to give you an idea of what you can expect from Aviva private health insurance.

Type of CoverAviva ‘Healthier Solutions’ private medical insurance
Available policiesAviva health insurance (core cover) Aviva health insurance (enhanced cover) Aviva health insurance (reduced cover)
What is covered?Core Aviva health insurance will cover you for:  

In-patient hospital treatment
Cancer treatments and aftercare appointments
Out-patient tests and treatments (diagnostic) and mental health treatment
NHS cash benefit will pay out for NHS hospital stays (£100 per night for 30 nights)
‘Baby bonus’ pay outs when you have a child  

*You are covered for treatment in specific Aviva approved hospitals which will be listed for you
What is not covered?Aviva health insurance will not cover you for:  

Pre-existing medical conditions
Long term/chronic medical conditions
Birth control/infertility treatments
Misuse of drugs or alcohol
Cosmetic surgeries
Self-inflicted injuries
Experimental medical treatments
Treatment from hospitals or healthcare providers that aren’t recommended (recognised) by Aviva
Policy term12 months from the policy start date (cover can be renewed for another year at this point)
Where am I covered?Your health insurance only covers you if you need treatment in the UK (includes Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
Increasing cover option included?YES – you can increase your cover to include extra benefits like:  

Dental and optician benefits
Mental health treatments
No claims discount (protected)
Additional treatments such as physiotherapy or acupuncture (when referred by a GP)
Decreasing cover option included?YES – if you needed to you can decrease your amount of cover, but this will limit what you are covered for (out-patient treatments/appointments). You will usually also have to pay an excess when claiming.  
This includes a ‘6 week’ option where you are expected to use NHS services if they are able to provide the treatment/service needed within 6 weeks of your referral.
Premium options (when do I pay?)You can pay each month for your policy or pay annually – choose the option that is most convenient for you.

*Pregnancy related conditions that can be experienced outside of pregnancy will be covered

Requirements for Aviva health insurance

You may be wondering if there are limits or restrictions for buying Aviva health insurance. Most people will be able to apply for a policy with Aviva, but there are a few rules you should know about.

To be eligible for an Aviva health insurance policy you:

  • Must have legal right to reside in the UK
  • Must live in the UK for the entire duration of the policy (not including holidays where you are away for less than 3 months total over the whole year)
  • Must tell Aviva about any important changes e.g. a change of name or address
  • Payments for your policy must come from a UK bank account
Extensive cancer cover will always be included at no extra chargeYou aren’t covered for any medical treatment you need when you’re not in the UK (this is where travel insurance can be useful)
Cover for you and your whole family is available (and sometimes you pay less when more people are added!)You won’t be covered for any pre-existing medical conditions
No claims discount can reduce the cost of your cover when you renewYou can only claim for treatments in hospitals that Aviva has pre-approved
FREE access to Aviva wellbeing services and gym discountsOther insurance companies might be better suited to the level of cover you need

Aviva also have a policy which is called Aviva diagnostics insurance or ‘Speedy Diagnostics’. This isn’t the same as full health insurance but can be useful in some situations.

Diagnostics insurance covers you for:

  • Fees for specialist consultations and/or diagnostic tests
  • Tests like x-rays, MRI scans, CT scans and ECGs

This insurance doesn’t cover the cost of any treatment following a diagnosis. The cover is designed simply to help you skip long NHS waiting lists.

Policy featuresDiagnostics insurancePrivate health insurance
Will cover the cost of diagnostic tests e.g. MRI scansYES (only until you are diagnosed)YES
Includes no claims discountYESYES
Covers hospital/specialist charges for diagnostic tests (in-patient and day patient)YES (only until you are diagnosed)YES
Includes cancer care and treatmentsNOYES
Access to further medical treatmentNOYES
Option to boost or reduce coverNOYES
Access to Aviva wellbeing services and discountsYES (selected services)YES (all services)
Out-patient mental health careNOYES

What is Aviva business health insurance?

Aviva is well known for their Aviva personal health insurance policies. Another product sold by Aviva is business health insurance (also known as Aviva corporate health insurance). These policies are designed to help businesses (either big or small) to protect their employee’s health and wellbeing.

They offer two options, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

1.  Aviva Solutions private medical insurance (1-249 employees)

2.  Aviva Optimum private medical insurance (250+ employees)

With both policies you can adjust how much cover you have depending on how much you want to spend. Health insurance can be an attractive perk to offer to employees to help keep them or to attract new talent to the business.

More information – Aviva – Business health protection

Other types of business insurance:

Aviva has a range of other policies available that businesses of any size can use to help support their employees and directors.

With all types of insurance there will be a few key factors that insurers will look at when deciding how much you pay. When you apply for health insurance, Aviva will consider:

  • Your age
  • Your height and weight (BMI)
  • The type of cover (e.g. core, enhanced or reduced)
  • The amount of excess
  • Any extra benefits you want to add to your cover

The easiest way to make sure you get a fair price for your health insurance is to speak to an insurance specialist. An expert health insurance advisor will be able to easily compare prices and policies across the market. This allows them to look at what Aviva are offering compared to other health insurance comapnies to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

There are also a few really simple ways to lower the cost of your health insurance with Aviva. The main was is by opting for reduced cover. You will pay less because:

  • You will have access to less hospitals and specialists
  • You can choose a ‘6 week’ option, which means you are expected to use NHS services if they can treat you within 6 weeks of being referred
  • You can pay a higher excess amount (the amount you pay towards your treatment costs)
Five Stars

Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

It is definitely possible to buy Aviva health insurance with pre-existing conditions, but the level of cover that you have will depend on the type of underwriting you choose when you apply. Aviva gives you two options:

1. ‘Moratorium’ underwriting: You don’t need to mention pre-existing conditions when you apply. However, you will only be covered for conditions if you’ve not received medication or treatment for them for two full years after the cover starts.

Aviva health insurance contact numbers

There are a few ways that you can contact Aviva health insurance about a new or existing policy.          

Here, we have the main Aviva health insurance UK contact numbers and details.

Aviva health insurance contact number (UK)

Tel. 0800 068 3827

Opening hours: 8.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday

How to claim on Aviva health insurance

Aviva’s claims process for health insurance is simple and straightforward. Whether you submit an Aviva health insurance claim using Aviva Expert Select or Aviva Networks, the process is similar.

1. Ask your GP for an open referral (this specifies what type of specialist you need to see)

2. Contact Aviva’s claims team who will give you a list of local approved hospitals, medical centres, and consultants

3. Book your first appointment (Aviva can transfer you straight through to do this)

4. Aviva pays all bills so you don’t need to arrange anything yourself

Below we have the main phone number for Aviva health insurance claims.

Aviva health insurance claims contact number

Tel. 0800 068 3827

How many Aviva hospital lists can I choose from?

Aviva only allows you to claim when being treated by hospitals and specialists they have pre-approved. Usually with core cover, they recommend Expert Select. This is where they listen to what type of treatment you need and select a list of 4-5 local hospitals that they think will work best for you.

This approach can help remove the stress and hassle of trying to work out your best options from a longer list. If you’d prefer to see your full range of options, there are 4 hospital lists that Aviva can provide you with:

1. Key list – this is a list of more than 200 Aviva approved hospitals across the UK

2. Extended list – the extended hospital list is available with enhanced cover and gives you access to more hospitals (mostly London based)

3. Signature list – this is a cost-effective option (reduced cover) as this list includes less hospitals. Most useful for people in Scotland and Northern Ireland as the list doesn’t include English/Welsh hospitals.

How to cancel Aviva health insurance

If you decide Aviva health insurance isn’t right for you, you are able to cancel your policy at any point.

You just need to call Aviva health insurance or write to them to let them know that you want to cancel your health insurance policy.

Aviva has a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period for their health insurance policies. This means that if you decide to cancel within this time, you will receive a full refund of any money paid. If you cancel after this, you may be entitled to some money back (if you have paid annually). It is best to check this in your policy documents or contact Aviva to check.

You can contact Aviva’s health insurance team at: 0800 092 4590.

or write to them at:


Aviva Health UK Limited,
Chilworth House,
Hampshire Corporate Park,
Templars Way,
SO53 3RY

If you aren’t happy with the health insurance or service received from Aviva, you are always within your rights to submit a complaint.

You can contact Aviva directly to complain, and their complaints team will do their best to resolve any issues as quickly as they can. They will need the following details from you:

  • Your name and other personal details
  • Details of your policy or claim
  • Why you are complaining and how you would like your complaint to be resolved
Financial Ombudsman Service Logo

Making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an impartial and free service for financial services customers in the UK. This service can be used to settle any disputes between life insurance companies and their customers in the United Kingdom. If they feel that you have suffered any financial loss as a result of your life insurance policy, then they may rule for compensation to be awarded.

Telephone – 0800 023 4567 (or 0300 123 9123)

Telephone (outside the UK) – 0207 964 0500


Access to Aviva wellbeing services – You can access extra support like 24 hour stress counselling and mental health support.

Aviva ‘Get Active’ discounts – Aviva’s ‘Get Active scheme offers Aviva health insurance gym discounts with more than 3,000 UK health and fitness clubs

Aviva Digital GP app – Aviva and Square Health have partnered to give their customers a comprehensive digital GP app. This gives members access to 5 virtual GP consultations each year and the option to re-order repeat prescriptions with FREE delivery.

Option to reduce or enhance your cover – You can opt for enhanced or reduced cover to best tailor your policy to the level of cover you need and your budget.

Cancer care cover – Every policy includes extensive cancer care as standard to support you in the event you are diagnosed with cancer.

Optional benefits of Aviva health insurance

Aviva customers can add additional benefits to their policies if they want a higher level of cover. This includes some brilliant benefits such as:

Protected no claims discount – You receive a no claims discount every year when you renew your cover (if you haven’t claimed). This protects any previous no claims discount you had if you need to claim within the next year.

You pay LESS if you add your partner or child to your plan – as a bonus you actually pay less for your cover by adding on your loved ones to your policy (this option may not always be available)

Access to more hospitals and specialists – Enhancing your cover means you have access to even more hospitals when you need treatment (mostly London based)

Up to 10 sessions with specialists per year – You can add ‘other treatments and therapies’ when you apply and this means Aviva will pay specialist fees to cover sessions with chiropractors, physiotherapists or acupuncturists.

Up to £100 per each minor GP surgery – If you need a minor medical procedure, Aviva will pay out up to £100 to help support you financially.

Dental and optical cover – Aviva will pay for routine dental treatment or optician appointments (£50 excess will apply). Aviva will pay for costs of up to £600 for accidental dental injuries.

Should I read Aviva health insurance reviews?

It can be reassuring to see what other people think about an insurance product or company before deciding to buy or renew your policy. TrustPilot is one of the UK’s most trusted sources for independent customer reviews, and this is where most UK consumers will look for reliable and honest feedback about an insurance company.

Trustpilot logo

Trustpilot review score (Aviva Health Insurance)

Customer rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars (as of 15/02/2024)

As you can see, Aviva is highly recommended by their customers with over 33,000 independent reviews as of March 2024. Almost 24,000 of Aviva customers (73%) rated Aviva as ‘Excellent’ with a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars.

Aviva sells a wide range of insurance policies and cover you in a variety of situations. Some of the most popular Aviva policies are:

You have a few options for buying Aviva Insurance health insurance policies, so you should choose the option that you feel most comfortable with.

You can approach Aviva directly if you’re happy to do so and are confident that the policy you have chosen is the right one for you. Some people find it useful to compare prices on comparison websites like Compare the Market, but these websites won’t be able to offer any type of advice about your policy.

If you need some extra help or advice, it can be useful to speak to a health insurance specialist. A specialist can explain all the key features of Aviva health insurance, so you understand exactly what you’re buying. They will also be able to tell you if another insurance company is a better fit for your budget or the type of health insurance that you need.

To speak to our friendly health insurance experts you can call 0800 009 6559 or CLICK HERE to fill in our online quote form.

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What is the average cost of health insurance UK?

One of the top questions that people ask about health insurance is, ‘how much does it cost on average per month?’. According to recent research taken in 2023, the average cost of a health insurance is £86 per month for a standard personal protection policy. Health insurance policies can vary dramatically based on your age and the type of cover that you need, as well as which insurance provider you choose.

Most core health insurance policies will provide a similar level of protection and coverage for private medical treatments. You can tailor your health insurance policy to suit your needs and your budget by changing the benefits and levels of cover that you receive.

Is health insurance worth it?

Health insurance is the same as most other personal protection policies that you can buy, it is down to your own personal preference and attitude to risk. The other major issue is whether you can afford to pay for health insurance every month because it can be expensive.

If you ever need to claim on your health insurance policy then the benefits can be life changing and even lifesaving. The medical treatments and care that is provided by the NHS in the UK is among the best in the world, especially for chronic illness. Unfortunately, it is a well-known fact that the NHS is struggling to meet demand and that the levels of private medical treatment are generally far superior to public health treatments.

Example: If you needed knee surgery then you would have to wait for months or even years on the NHS, whereas private health insurance will give you access to better treatment, leading specialists, and within weeks usually. Rehabilitation and therapies cover that are also provided by most health insurance policies can be invaluable, especially if you are self-employed for example.

Is private health insurance better than the NHS?

Currently, the biggest issue with the NHS is the waiting times for any consultations and access to treatments, because of how stretched its resources are. The NHS provides some of the best care in the world for chronic illnesses and diseases, such as diabetes, MS, epilepsy, and asthma.

Health insurance is designed to complement and support the treatment that you can receive on the National Health Service, as well as giving you access to specialists for other medical issues such as musculoskeletal issues and cancer treatment, which are also the top reasons for claims on health insurance cover.

The main issues with NHS treatment currently and reasons for people taking out health insurance:

  • Long waiting lists for consultations, results and treatment
  • Overcrowded hospitals
  • Lack of beds
  • Shortages of NHS nurses and doctors
  • Some treatments not available (especially cancer treatments)
  • Specialists only available on private health insurance
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Health Insurance vs NHS - iam|INSURED

What is the best health insurance UK?

There are lots of different policy options when considering health insurance as well as your choice of several main insurance providers. The other consideration is whether you don’t take out health insurance and opt for receiving treatment on the NHS or paying for treatment yourself as and when you need it.

We’re constantly reviewing the top health insurance companies in the UK to find out which provide the best service, value, products and treatments. Based on our most recent reviews we suggest the following as the best health insurance UK 2023:

  1. Aviva Healthcare Solutions (Trustpilot score: 4.1 out of 5.0)
  2. BUPA Health Insurance (Trustpilot score: 4.0 out of 5.0)
  3. Vitality Personal Healthcare (Trustpilot score: 3.9 out of 5.0)
  4. Exeter Health+ (Trustpilot score: 4.4 out of 5.0)
  5. AXA PPP (Trustpilot score: 4.1 out of 5.0)
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