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Beagle Street Life Insurance

If you’re looking for a simple solution for life insurance, Beagle Street could be a great option to help you protect your family or mortgage. Beagle Street are gaining popularity with UK customers due to their streamlined range of life insurance policies, quick application process and the personal touch they can offer through their customer service.

They may be a smaller insurance provider, but they have more than 120,000 happy customers and a range of attractive benefits for UK consumers. Beagle Street customers can receive useful extras alongside their life cover, including free terminal illness cover, advice about Wills and Trusts and dedicated counselling services

There are many different factors to think about when choosing your life insurance provider and it can be tricky to work out which one will be the best fit for you. This is where it can be helpful to apply with a life insurance expert who can help you compare policies and prices quickly and hassle free.

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60-Second Summary – Beagle Street life insurance

We’re offering a detailed overview covering the strengths, weaknesses, and all the most important details about Beagle Street life insurance to help you work out if they are a good choice to protect your home and family.

  • Beagle Street sells two categories of life insurance: level term life insurance (for family protection) and decreasing term life insurance (for mortgage protection).
  • Beagle Street also provides critical illness cover which provides a lump-sum pay out upon diagnosis of any of the 21 serious medical conditions covered by Beagle Street.
  • Beagle Street can offer some great policies, but their team can only explain the policies available and won’t be able to recommend which policy might be your best option. This is why it can be useful to get help from a life insurance expert instead for free guidance and support.

Established in 1992, Beagle Street is a smaller company in the UK life insurance market but they have steadily expanded their presence over the years. The company emphasises efficient application processes and swift policy decisions, catering to customers who prefer a streamlined approach rather than a lengthy application process.

You may even be able to get an instant decision about if you can receive cover from Beagle Street on our fast online quote tool to make things quick and easy.

Beagle Street provides a range of straightforward life insurance products designed to protect families in the UK, with over 120,000 customers nationwide. These policies are structured to offer financial assistance to your loved ones in the event of your death, helping with key expenses such as funeral costs.

On top of this, they offer critical illness insurance which provides extra financial support if you receive a diagnosis for a serious condition covered by your policy.

Beagle Street life insurance awards

Beagle Street has won various awards over the years for their policies including YourMoney.com Awards Best Life Insurance Provider and The Times Money Mentor Gold Customer Experience Rating. They were also recently shortlisted for the Moneyfacts Group Plc Consumer Awards Life Insurance Provider of the Year 2024.

Beagle Street is Defaqto 4 Star rated which indicates ‘products with a good level of features and benefits’ and indicates the level of quality available for Beagle Street members.

Choosing a smaller life insurance company may be appealing to people looking for a more personal touch from their insurance provider. This is where Beagle Street can often be a great option for UK customers.

In fact, many of Beagle Street’s online reviews note the great customer service and personal touch provided by Beagle Street’s team.

Some of the other main reasons to choose Beagle Street life insurance include:

  • FREE terminal illness benefit included with all life insurance policies
  • FREE companions counselling services and support for Beagle Street customers (in partnership with RedArc) if you are diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Option to pause premium payments for up to 3 months under the Financial Hardship Support scheme
  • Funeral payment pledge will pay out £5,000 of your policy benefit early to help your family cover funeral costs while the life insurance claim is being processed
  • FREE access to Will support included in an ‘Estate Planning Kit’ to help ensure all your affairs are in order in case anything happens to you
  • Option to write your life insurance into Trust at no extra cost to control how your life insurance pays out and who benefits
  • More than 4,000 positive customer reviews on independent reviews site TrustPilot and a customer rating of ‘Excellent’
  • Award winning insurance provider with more than 120,000 UK customers

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Beagle Street life insurance is a policy which will pay out a cash lump sum to your loved ones in the event of your death. This money can be used in any way but many people choose to use it for important expenses such as:

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Funeral bills
  • Repaying debts
  • School fees
  • General cost of living

Beagle Street sells two types of life insurance which are:

As these are both ‘term’ life insurance policies, this means your policy will cover you for a set number of years which you will choose when you apply (e.g. 30 years).

Here is a simple breakdown of what Beagle Street life insurance covers and what you could expect to see from a Beagle Street life insurance policy.

Policy typeBeagle Street life insurance
What are the premium options with Beagle Street?Guaranteed (fixed) premiums (you pay the same amount for the entire policy term)
What type of  life insurance policies are available?Beagle Street level term life insurance (family protection)
Beagle Street decreasing term life insurance (mortgage protection)
Can I get a joint life insurance policy?YES – There are options for both single and joint life insurance with Beagle Street if you wanted protection for you and your partner
Is terminal illness benefit included with my policy?YES – Terminal illness benefit is included at no extra cost for Beagle Street life insurance customers.  
This will pay out if you are diagnosed with an illness that leaves you with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.
Can I have waiver of premium benefit?NO – Typical waiver of premium benefit isn’t available with Beagle Street.  
They do have a Financial Hardship Support scheme which allows you to pause your monthly payments for up to 3 months
Is increasing cover available?NO – Currently there is no option for increasing life insurance cover through Beagle Street.
Are there age limits for cover?Minimum age at start of policy is 18 years old
Maximum age at start of policy is 64 years old  
You can only be covered up to age 79
The maximum policy term available is 40 years
Are there exclusions included with Beagle Street life insurance?The only exclusion attached to Beagle Street life insurance is that you wouldn’t be able to claim for suicide within the first 12 month of the policy

YES – Beagle Street sells critical illness insurance as an add on to their life insurance policies. These policies can be useful in supporting you financially if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

These policies are only available for Beagle Street life insurance customers and can be bought when you buy your life insurance policy or applied for at a later date. You will also be able to cancel your critical illness cover at any point and this won’t affect your life insurance policy.

Critical illness cover works by paying out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed by a serious medical condition that is covered in your policy terms and conditions. Beagle Street will pay out for one of 21 specified medical conditions.

This payment can be a lifeline and a massive help to you and your family whilst you are recovering from or adapting to your condition. You can use the money from a critical illness claim in any way you see fit but many people choose to use the funds for:

  • Adjustments to your home
  • Private medical treatments or second opinions
  • Cost of medication
  • Cost of living
  • Covering rent/mortgage, utility bills etc for a time if you cannot work

You also have the option to add your child(ren) to your critical illness cover policy for a small extra cost to protect your whole family. The most important facts about children’s critical illness cover are:

  • Your child must be aged between 30 days old to 18 years old
  • You can’t claim for any conditions that were present at birth
  • You can only claim once per child
  • Your child is covered for all of the conditions covered by the adult policy
  • The child benefit will pay out either 25% of the amount covered in the adult policy or £25,000 (whichever is lowest)

Beagle Street critical illness insurance will pay out if you are diagnosed with one of 21 specific medical conditions. The conditions covered by Beagle Street critical illness cover are:

Alzheimer’s disease (if diagnosed before age 65)Deafness (if this is permanent and irreversible)Motor neurone disease (permanent symptoms)
Aorta graft surgery (if this is due to disease or trauma)Heart attack (of a specified severity)Multiple sclerosis
Benign brain tumours (with permanent symptoms)Heart valve replacement or repair (which includes surgery)Total paralysis of limbs (irreversible)
Blindness (if this is permanent and irreversible)Kidney failure (which requires regular dialysis)Parkinson’s disease (permanent symptoms)
Cancer (doesn’t pay out for less advanced cases)Permanent loss of hands or feetStroke (of a specified severity)
Coma (with permanent symptoms)Permanent loss of speech (irreversible)Third degree burns (must cover 20% of either the face or body)
Coronary artery bypass grafts (with surgery)Major organ transplantTraumatic head injury (permanent symptoms)

Beagle Street critical illness cover policies are a simple solution that protect you against the main reasons for critical illness claims like cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

Five Stars

Rated "Excellent" 5 out of 5

"This company went above & beyond to get me cover even though I have MS, I am very happy I managed to get cover, Amazing staff, Dean went above & beyond, I highly rate this company."

by Elizabeth Turner-Long - 9th August 2023

Quick and easy application process (and the option to apply online)Doesn’t include standard life insurance benefits like access to online GP services
FREE benefits including bereavement counselling, free Will and Trust servicesMay not be able to cover customers with pre-existing medical conditions
High claims pay out rate (99.4% of life insurance claims paid in 2022)Lower number of conditions covered in critical illness cover (can still be a good option for those wanting simple cover)

The cost of Beagle Street life insurance will vary from person to person based on standard factors used by most life insurance providers.

This includes factors like:

  • Your age
  • Amount of cover needed (£s)
  • Type of cover (level or decreasing term)
  • Policy term (number of years)
  • Smoker status
  • General health and medical history

It’s usually a good idea to check prices across a few insurance providers before buying a policy, to make sure you are 100% happy with the one you choose. If you don’t want the hassle of comparing prices yourself, you can talk to a life insurance expert who can easily do this for you.

Beagle Street policies tend to work best for customers with no medical conditions, as they aren’t always able to process applications which would require extra medical information to be approved.

The good news is that there are a wide range of brilliant alternatives for life insurance in the UK, if Beagle Street seems unlikely to be a good fit. This includes top quality providers such as:

It’s crucial to carefully consider your specific requirements from a life insurance provider to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with your choice.

There are a few different ways to contact Beagle Street about your life insurance, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

If you have any questions about your policy, you can call, email or write a letter to Beagle Street’s team and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Beagle Street life insurance contact details

Telephone – 0800 048 0480

Email – enquiries@beaglestreet.com

Opening hours – Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm | Saturday and Bank Holidays 9.00am – 5.00pm


Beagle Street,
16 – 17 West Street,

Many people are wary of life insurance as they believe that insurance providers will actively try not to pay out, but this generally isn’t true. The percentage of life insurance claims that pay out on average is around 98% and Beagle Street actually paid out on 99.4% of their life insurance claims during 2022.

If your loved ones needed to claim on your Beagle Street life insurance, they would just need to get in touch with Beagle Street to start the process. All they will need to do call is the Beagle Street claims phone number and then they will be sent a claims form to fill in and send back.

Once the claim has been approved, Beagle Street should pay out a cash lump sum within 2 – 3 working days (once they have completed all their checks).

Beagle Street life insurance contact number (claims) – 0800 072 9831

Opening hours – Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm | Saturday and Bank Holidays 9.00am – 5.00pm

You may also need to claim on the policy yourself, if you are claiming on your terminal illness benefit. The process will be similar and Beagle Street wil be as sympathetic and helpful as they can be.

You can claim if you have been diagnosed with an illness that gives you 12 months or less to live. The only time you would not be able to claim on terminal illness benefit is if you are within the last 12 months of your policy term.

You are always entitled to cancel your life insurance policy at any time and for any reason. Many people assume once you buy life insurance you are locked in for your entire life which isn’t correct.

Beagle Street life insurance contact numbers (cancellations)

Telephone – 0800 247 247

Email – enquiries@beaglestreet.com

Opening hours – Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm


Beagle Street,
16 – 17 West Street,

If you aren’t happy with your Beagle Street life insurance or you feel you have been badly treated, you can always submit a complaint. You can contact Beagle Street directly to submit your complaint and give them details about why you are complaining and how you would like the claim to be resolved.

If you feel that Beagle Street aren’t dealing with your complaint properly or you simply want to take things further, you can speak to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). They are an independent organisation that can help with any issues between financial services businesses and their customers.

Financial Ombudsman Service Logo

Making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an impartial and free service for financial services customers in the UK. This service can be used to settle any disputes between life insurance companies and their customers in the United Kingdom. If they feel that you have suffered any financial loss as a result of your life insurance policy, then they may rule for compensation to be awarded.

Telephone – 0800 023 4567 (or 0300 123 9123)

Telephone (outside the UK) – 0207 964 0500


FREE Terminal illness benefit – You can claim on terminal illness benefit to receive a pay out from your life insurance policy while you are still alive. Terminal illness benefit will pay out to support you if you are diagnosed with an illness that gives you 12 months or less to live

FREE Accidental death cover – Everyone who applies for Beagle Street life insurance will receive free accidental death cover while their application is being assessed in case anything happens and this would pay out up to £100,000

Joint and single life insurance options – You can buy either single life cover or joint life cover if you wanted to protect both yourself and your partner

FREE Will writing service – This service is free for Beagle Street life insurance customers and helps you with writing a Will for yourself or you and your partner

Option to place life cover into Trust – You can place your life insurance into Trust for free with Beagle Street. This is a cheap alternative to a Will which allows you to specify who receives the pay out from your policy and how it is used

Beagle Street companions counselling service –  This free counselling service is available to help support your loved ones emotionally in the event of your death or if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition

Early funeral pay out – This benefit pays out £5,000 towards the cost of your funeral while your life insurance claim is still being processed

It’s often helpful to look at customer reviews online to give you an idea of what other customers think about a product or service before you commit to anything. The main place to look for Beagle Street life insurance reviews is the independent customer review site TrustPilot.

On TrustPilot, it’s easy to see immediately that Beagle Street is well liked by their customers. They currently have a customer rating of ‘Excellent’ due to the high volume of positive reviews.

Beagle Street (TrustPilot score) – 4.6 out of 5.0 stars (with 4,307 reviews)

85% of Beagle Street’s customers rated them 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, with less than 5% of customers rating them as 3.0 stars or lower.

Note: These figures are accurate as of 04/12/23 and can change over time as Beagle Street receives more customer reviews.

Beagle Street only sells term life insurance policies and critical illness insurance, which is useful if these are the types of policies you are looking for.

These policies are simple and straightforward, which works well for customers who want a good level of cover with a few extra benefits added on.

If you need any other types of policy such as whole life insurance, over 50s life cover or income protection insurance, you will need to look at another of our TOP RATED insurance partners instead.

Is Beagle Street any good?

Beagle Street is a popular life insurance but whether you think they are ‘any good’ will be up to you. Everyone will have different needs for their life insurance policy and provider, so Beagle Street may not be the best option for everyone.

They do have a brilliant range of benefits included for customers including free accidental death and terminal illness cover, dedicated counselling services and free Will and Trust support.

It is sensible to think carefully about what you need from your life insurance to help you work out your best options for cover. If you’re not sure if Beagle Street is right for you, our experts are here to offer free and friendly advice.

Can I cancel Beagle Street life insurance?

YES You always have the option to cancel your policy with Beagle Street if it doesn’t work for you anymore. It’s always a good idea to review your cover from time to time to ensure it’s still offering the right level of protection.

If you wanted to cancel your Beagle Street life cover, you simply call or email the customer service team to let you know you don’t want your policy anymore and they will take care of the rest.

What is the cooling off period for Beagle Street life insurance?

There is a 30 day cooling off period for all Beagle Street policies. This means that if you cancel within 30 days of buying your policy, you can receive a full refund for any money you have paid so far.

You can’t ‘cash in’ Beagle Street policies and if you cancel after the initial 30 days you will lose any money you have paid.

Who are Beagle Street owned by?

Beagle Street are owned by another UK insurance provider called One Family, who are well known for their over 50s life cover.

This isn’t anything to be worried about and it is very common for smaller insurance companies to be owned by another customer. Beagle Street operates completely separately to One Family though and are simply supported by the bigger organisation.

Who is the largest life insurer in the UK?

Currently, Aviva is the largest general insurance provider in the UK and a popular choice for life insurance.

There are pros and cons to this though and many people prefer to choose a smaller provider like Beagle Street due to the better level of personal customer service available.

What does life insurance not cover?

Life insurance is designed to cover you for anything that would result in your death and provides vital financial support to your loved ones.

The only thing that may not be covered is suicide within the first 12 to 24 months (depending on which insurance provider you choose.

Although Beagle Street has some great and straightforward policies, they’re not equipped to provide personalised advice on whether a policy suits you. Their team can only walk you through the policy features and aren’t able to recommend specific policies.

That’s why it’s normally a good idea to apply through a life insurance specialist if you are thinking about buying Beagle Street life insurance. Our experts can figure out which type of policy works best with your needs and can help you explore if there might be a better fit with another provider.

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