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Diabetes and Travel Insurance

The facts about getting travel insurance with Diabetes

If you’ve got diabetes type 1 or 2, you’ll need to disclose it when you take out travel insurance. Diabetes is classed as a pre-existing medical condition, therefore it isn’t something that’s covered under a standard travel insurance policy.

With a Diabetes travel insurance policy, you can claim for lost or stolen medication so you can continue with your holiday with little disruption, receive hospital treatment you may require abroad, or cancel your holiday if you are unfit to travel. Diabetic travel insurance can also cover your flights in the case that you miss them due to your condition.

How much is Travel Insurance for Diabetes?

Anyone who is traveling overseas who has a medical condition such as diabetes should have adequate travel insurance in case anything happens to them whilst abroad. Diabetes travel insurance is no different and as long as you disclose details about your medical condition then you will be fully covered. You should be aware that if you fail to disclose certain information about your medical history then you may not be covered.

The main reason why it is essential to have appropriate levels of cover when traveling abroad is to make sure that you don’t get stuck with expensive medical bills if anything happens to you. It can be extremely difficult and costly to get treatment or medical attention in a foreign country, and especially for those with a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes. If you’ve got diabetes then you’ll know that your health and your symptoms can be unpredictable which is why it’s important to be covered.

You should also be able to get travel insurance which can cover any specific diabetes equipment whilst you are abroad. There are policies that will cover your medications and specialist equipment which include diabetes pumps, insulin injections, tablets, and other related items.

What about Diabetes Complications with Life Insurance and other types of Cover?

There are a number of diabetes-related complications that can have an effect on all types of insurance when making an application. The main types of diabetes complications that can impact your insurance terms include:

  • Retinopathy which is a common form of eye disease in people with diabetes which is most common in people who have had diabetes for longer periods of time
  • Neuropathy is a nerve disorder which comes in three main categories including Sensory Neuropathy, Motor Neuropathy, and Autonomic Neuropathy
  • Nephropathy also known as Kidney Disease which will affect approximately 40% of people with diabetes

Anyone with diabetes who has any of these complications will usually still be able to get cover and may find that there are some limitations such as insurers prepared to offer terms.

Travel Insurance for Diabetes (Type 1)

Type 1 Diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce any insulin, which is used to regulate blood glucose levels. The condition requires regular insulin injections. If you have Type 1 Diabetes, you will need to disclose it with your travel insurance underwriter to ensure you can receive the best cover possible. You may want to take out Diabetes Travel Insurance in case you require medical treatment for your condition while on holiday.

Travel Insurance for Diabetes (Type 2)

Type 2 diabetes is a more common form of diabetes than Type 1. Your body still produces insulin, but not quite enough to meet your body’s needs. It doesn’t typically require daily injections, but if the condition can worsen over time. Tablets are often prescribed, which is why it might be worthwhile taking out Diabetes travel insurance, in case you lose your medication and need to claim.

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